Gerard Butler played a charity match of American Soccer for UNICEF on Sunday long with Woody Harrelson, Mike Meyers, James McAvoy, and Will Ferrell, who got injured and had to be taken off the field on a stretcher. Here’s Gerard Butler “mooning” the camera but with his pants still on, which is such a dad move. This is basically how Gerard Butler ruins every sleepover, right before he asks if anyone wants tomato soup because it’s the only thing he knows how to make and by make I mean heat up. “You suuuure you guys don’t want any tomato soup?” I’m not saying I want him to take his pants off, I’m just saying he could have just as easily not “mooned” the cameras. This is like when a girl at a party tells you that you probably think she’s crazy because all her friends say she’s the craziest person they know, but she’s not crazy, she’s just boring, and Gerard Butler. CAPTION HIS BUTTHOLE!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Take that, UNICEF! (Image via the Gerard Butler Message Board that is Your Favorite Message Board.)

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  1. Yes, Gerard. We ALL have a Katherine Heigl impression, but thanks for playing.

  2. Let’s just get the obvious out of the way: Gerard Buttler

  3. God, even the mooning is boring in soccer.


  5. P.S. I Moon You


  6. I wanted to come up with a better caption, but then I held on to my butt.

    • FLW, this comment is the only think keeping me from the S.S. Sadness (AKA S.S. ObsessivegoogleimagesearchforJamesMcAvoypicturesandwhatareyoutalkingaboutbossesthisistotallyworkrelated)

  7. I don’t have a caption. I just wanted to share how excited I was for that moment when I thought there was a Steven Gerrard post on Videogum.

  8. Wait. Waaaaaait. I see James McAvoy’s name up yonder, but we get a Gerard Butler picture for captioning? Yeah, it’s a butt shot is inherently funny, but still. You’re tearing me apart, Lisa.

    Erm, Gabe, that is.

  9. You know Mike Myers is losing it when Gerard Butler beats him to the easy “drop your pants” joke. Good work out there, No. 11.

  10. Runners up to play Wolverine in X-Men four the phantom menace

  11. Clear eyes, full moon, can’t lose.

  12. consider his butthole captioned.

  13. Jeez, Gabe. Another soup reference? Ok. Ok. We’ll get you some soup. You don’t have to have to keep hitting us over the head with it.

  14. I’m just glad I didn’t have to see Mike Meyers’ butt.

  15. is this what Danzig meant by “less gay”? because it’s not.

  16. Not even Gerard Butler mooning the crowd can change how boring and tedious soccer is.

  17. “That’s no moon” -Obi Wan Kenobi

  18. “What a strange-looking set” — these pranksters

  19. Put some cum here and here.

  20. 300, but the 0′s make a butt.

  21. “Hold on to your butts” – everybody

  22. kind of lame. not particularly funny or eventful. just a lot of people trying way too hard. this whole thing is kind of like a Gerard Butler movie.

  23. Magneto is probably really jealous right now.


    • gaarrgh! I will fix this tomorrow morning… Basically, I saw this on a subway platform three years ago and didn’t have a camera, but I did a google image search for it and found it.

  25. The two moons of Scotland

  26. Is England holding the camera?

  27. Shooting on the gay porno version of ‘Escape to Victory’ commences, starring Michael Myarse, Hams McAvoy and Gerard Buttler.

  28. ‘What, no tightie whities?’

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