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  1. Just a little advance on what this is:
    I dont know if you and the rest of the States have been more or less informed about what has been happening in Mexico for the past month, but Univsersity students from all over Mexico have gotten out to the streets and… yeah, mainly twitter hahaha. (But also the streets, last Thursday there was 10 thousand students marching in México City) Complaining and asking for better Media Coverage on our presidential campaigns cause basically our Fox News is called Televisa and its about the only option we have except a bad copy of the same thing called TV Azteca, and both are rooting for the party that has corruptedly ran Mexico for over 70 years (except last 14 years where the extreme right party won the elections). The movement has been World Wide known because the Hashtags #SomosMasDe131 and #YoSoy132 , actually the movement has been aproved and aknoweldged by the guys in Occupy WallStreet and other youth held movements around the world.
    The thing about this video with Rebecca Black, is that, we are fighting this big machine of money, corruption and dumb iniciative, who actually thought: “Ohh, ok, so, we are being hated by basically everyone on the Internet so, how do we stop that? Yeah, we know, lets search for a Pop Star who has been on the Internet for awhile now, and this, not actually investigating enough, to actually see, that rebecca black, is known in Mexico, as well as in the US for basically doing the most akward, shamefull video in the history of music videos.

    So yeah, if you have a blog or something, please post this video, please let every videogummer out there the big machine of stupidity we are fighting against

      • Oops. Let’s try that again:

        So, it seems Pena Nieto is the leading/corrupt presidential candidate, and the Pena Nieto campaign flailed around for a young YouTube star they could use as their stooge in order to look more popular with young people? But Pena Nieto is so out of step with the kids, he actually picked Rebecca Black? And Rebecca said, “Yes, muy I will be your stooge, if it means you will like me”? And Mexican youth who are not charter members of the Pena Nieto T-Shirt Brigade shown in this video are now tweeting each other saying, “Rebecca Black, srsly? [but in Spanish] If this ass-clown becomes our President, I’m moving to Canada.” Is that approximately the situation?

    • “I dont know if you and the rest of the States have been more or less informed about what has been happening in Mexico for the past month….”

      As an American, I can assured you the answer is almost always less informed, unless its about a Kardassian or family with 8 or more kids.

  2. Of Course Rebecca Black backs Peña Nieto.

  3. Viernes, viernes, viernes.

  4. Some of the things Peña Nieto has done in this campaign:

    Answered “I’m not a housewife” when asked the price of a kilo of tortillas.

    He campaigned in one of Mexico’s most privileged universities, when confronted with protests, he hid in the women’s bathrooms.

    Mixed up most of the authors’ names of the books that marked his life.

    Mexico, this is your Sarah Palin.

  5. That’s fine, I don’t need to click the link. The title of this post is ample.

  6. If she ran for Mexican Congress, which seat would she take?

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