Time flies, doesn’t it? About a year ago it seemed like you couldn’t go one day without seeing a new viral video of a public marriage proposal, and then in the bunch of months after that point it’s like public marriage proposal videos didn’t even exist, and now suddenly, without warning, we’re back at the first point again where we have a bunch of new public marriage proposal videos to watch. Oh, great. Sarcastic great. “I knew something was missing in my life but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, just kidding, I knew for sure that it was public marriage proposal videos and now I’m so happy that they’re back in my life.” -YOU? But, so, I guess nobody wants to propose outside in the winter? What’s wrong, lovebirds? Your love isn’t strong enough to perform a choreographed dance at a flea market or whatever unless you DON’T have to wear layers while you do it? Whatever. Enjoy your “love.” Anyway so this is one of those public marriage proposals that is actually kind of great and sweet and makes you think, “Maybe public marriage proposals aren’t so bad?” “Maybe we should just allow people to express their love the way they want to without judging them?” “Hey, what does it harm me if someone wants to plan out an elaborate way to ask someone the most important question of their lives?” But do remember that you are wrong to think that. They are usually the worst!

Really what’s great about this public marriage proposal is that it didn’t interrupt the lives of any bystanders, unless there was someone who needed to drive down that road. If you were someone who needed to drive down that road I’m sure you would’ve been annoyed. “Ugh, WHAT IS GOING ON IN FRONT OF ME?” Hahah. Otherwise, though, no one even had to see this if they didn’t want to! That’s great. More public marriage proposals like this. (But fewer using the song this one uses.) (Ugh, that song.) (“I want to write a song that people can use in their public marriage proposals.” – Bruno Mars’s songwriter.) (Via Rats Off!)

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  1. Oh good, now we know how Dwight will propose to Angela next season on The Office.

  2. I think I would’ve liked this, but I’ve lost all ability to differentiate between real life and viral marketing. :(

    • Yeah, specifying that it’s a Honda CRV is a leeeeeetle bit suspicious.

      • I saw these assholes get interviewed on the local news because this happened in Portland, and they ended the segment with the anchor saying something about how both were obviously heavily involved in community theatre. So on top of this possibly being a viral video… It is absolutely on on 2+ audition reels.

        • Well of COURSE this happened in Portland.

          • And beautifully coordinated to go viral on the week that Grimm reran the murderous flash mob episode.

          • p.s. Everyone watch Grimm. It is a delight. It started out slow, and honestly I really did only watch it bc the Grimm’s house is three blocks from me, but it got super rad super quick. And their Portland jokes (and jokes in general) are 300 million times funnier than Portlandia.

            This has been my weekly promise to get all of you to watch Grimm. Oh and the show runner was a writer on Angel and Buffy. Yay Grimm!!

          • I will concur. Grimm is great! Watch it after Community this fall. Catch up on Hulu. Charming show!

          • YES! GRIMM! Favorite joke? The bear kid’s name was Barry. BARRY!!! Brilliant.

            There’s more where that came from!

    • I’ve got a pair of sunglasses that might be able to help you with that.

  3. If there’s one thing I know for sure about women, it’s that they want to be the last ones to know they’re going to be proposed to.

  4. I’m just surprised that we don’t have public divorce statements yet. It seems like in this era of Youtube fame, some people would publicly announce their intentions to divorce to their stunned spouse and bystanders in similarly elaborate ways. Yet we don’t. C’mon people in failing relationships. Time to catch up to the lovebirds.

  5. Public proposals are so annoying. I plan to make mine whimsical, yet private. Basically, I’m just going to throw a ring at Christina Hendricks and shout “Surprise! There’s a ring here to see you!” Then she and I will be together forever, PRIVATELY.

  6. “I thought I was getting the world’s first Live Lip-Dub Proposal, but what I got instead was the world’s first Live Dub-Step Proposal.” – My wife.

  7. Whoa whoa, let’s all just look at the pure JOY and HAPPINESS on that woman’s face! It is her friends and family and loved ones, all in one place, complete with jokes about Dancing Jews and a proposal from a dude who clearly loves her a bunch. Look how happy they all are! Let’s be happy for them being happy?
    I may have cried at this video. Please don’t mock me.

  8. You are NOT kidding about it being wedding proposal season. I have seen about 20 zillion posts all over my social media thingies about this or that cute marriage proposal. Maaaan.

    I just watched this without sound, which was preeetty great. I especially enjoyed the cast of Fiddler on the Roof. And the spirit fingers at the end.

  9. Ok yeah, I thought this was cute. But oh man I would have laughed SO HARD if it was actually a public breakup. I mean, yeah. That would be a dick thing to do. But so unexpected!

  10. so she wasn’t offended that he considered getting married to her ” something stupid?”

  11. I can’t wait to see what hi-jinks these two get into once they’re married!

  12. It gives me chills to see two people finally get the love they deserve. The contemptible, hollow love they deserve.

  13. Good to know that the guy who voices Big Gay Al is still getting work.

    At the :32 second mark, I was waiting for him to follow up “And basicallyyyy” with “I’m superrr! Thanks for askingggg.”

  14. What I didn’t miss in this video: the dancing jews

    What I did miss in this video: someone interupting the shoot screaming A-O-River

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