There aren’t any other parodies of Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit song “Call Me Maybe” because there don’t need to be any others. Everyone saw this one and put their cameraphones down. “Wrap party!” This is the only one, and it’s perfect. (Via Interweber.)

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  1. This is the only adaptation I will accept!

    Tumblr, sometimes I love you

  2. All I thought about as I watched that (er, grimaced through 40 seconds of it) was, “SOME POOR UNDERPAID EMPLOYEE IS GOING TO HAVE TO RESTOCK ALL THAT CRAP YOU USELESS CHILD.”
    This is what 31-years-old looks like on me, apparently?

  3. What do you mean, the only parody ever? Have you already forgotten my hit parody, Call Me Macy’s?!

  4. I HAVEN’T watched the VIDEO, BUT I must be out OF THE LOOP because I don’t UNDERSTAND anything about what the fuck THIS IS supposed to BE ABOUT.

  5. oh, that telling, hesitant delivery of the lines through giggles… thanks girls, for fully-realizing a dumb joke you thought up and executed during a sleepover.

    • Is anyone else worried about sleepover hijinks being leaked onto the internet now? Because I for one am very worried about that. Not that there are videos of my and my friends pretending to make a penguin documentary or anything like that. It’s just…..pillow fights. Yes. Pillow fights.

      • I THOUGHT all girl SLEEPOVERS were pillow FIGHTS that led to SOME MAKING out and then LENGTHY, LATE NIGHT discussions about GAYLE RUBIN’S sex-positive blast AGAINST the second-wave feminism anti-pornography MOVEMENT and her specific contrasts with other writers SUCH AS Ellen WILLIS and ANDREA Dworkin, ultimately arriving at some KIND OF contested conclusion AS TO WHERE that places the ROLE OF sexual liberation IN third-wave feminism (eg, HOW the feminist community at large REACTS TO feminist protests such as THE SLUT Walks).

        Have I BEEN wrong this WHOLE FUCKING time?!

      • LBT, I have worried about this for YEARS.

        • When I was 14 we made a video in my friend’s basement called “The French Prince of Bel Air” that is exactly what it sounds like. I was Le DJ Jazzy Geoff and we ended up in a desert because we found an inflatable cactus in my friend’s sister’s room? But in the end it was all Guillaume Smith’s sleeping-pill induced dream on the airplane that never ended up crashing in the desert. We also remade the music video for Peaches by Presidents of the United States and wrote an “adult boy band” song about hanging around the water cooler and striking out with chicks in an accounting office. It was a good year.

          • Well, that sounds pretty amazing. Among my slumber party oeuvre is a soap opera set a day before the apocalypse (I was the coma patient, I had straws for oxygen tubes,) Rent in 5 minutes, and a thrilling re-enactment of Kristin Chenoweth’s song “Taylor, the Latte Boy.”

          • Ok, guys, seriously. Monster Slumber Party. I have a camera and many pillows. My furniture is not really well placed for playing lava floor but we can make do. It would be amazing.

          • I’M THERE. I’m there so hard. We will watch the Darcy lake scene so many times and I will bring my old Dream Phone game (that still works!)

          • We are going to prank call Tom Hanks SO BAD.

    • When I was 13, my friend and I recorded several Buffy the Vampire Slayer movies (“movies”) with a webcam and the magic of Windows Movie Maker. Being able to fade ourselves into a scene by using a blank slate was basically the coolest thing; an effect we certainly didn’t overuse several times per minute.

  6. This sounds like giggly ghosts.

  7. I like this a lot. Oh, girls. If I was 14, I’d want to be best friends with you because you seem like a lot of fun. We would re-write all the lyrics to popular songs and make them about things we like, and then film videos for them in our parents basements. More kids like this, please! (In the world in general, not necessarily on here. I don’t need to see them, just know they exist and are having a fun, age-appropriate good time)

  8. I don’t know who Carly Rae Jepsen is but I youtube’d her song and it’s got 75,667,524 hits.

  9. I don’t think they laughed nearly as much as I did trying to get through a minute of this.

  10. Videos like this aren’t doing anything to help the anti-bullying campaigns in schools.

  11. Needs more auto-tune.

  12. For some reason the slinky on a treadmill video showed up instead of this parody on my page. And for a few seconds I couldn’t decide if it was a mistake or this was some comment on the struggle of the comedic creative process.

  13. Watch out, Lena Dunham! The next generation has already got TWO New Lena Dunhams nipping at your talented heels!

    • Hotspur loves HBO’S Girls but hates Small Wonder. What is his deal?

      • Votebadideajeans2012.

        • I promise the American people no more little-girl robots, ever (though, quite possibly, adult girl robots, soon-ish) and that, if elected to two terms, Girls will go off the air during my Administration, probably.

          hotspur-tennant ’12!

          • Hotspur promises one thing, but his track record shows something quite different. He claims he is running for America, so why is David Tennant — A KNOWN FOREIGNER — on his ticket? Can we really trust this Monster?


          • badidea has made several campaign claims. You know who else used to make campaign claims? Hitler.

            hotspur-tennant: for America, for the Universe.

          • Hotspur seems to know an awful lot about Herr Hitler. Is that the kind of person you want in charge? A Lena Dunham fan who is best friends with Hitler????? Also, shouldn’t Hitler be dead? What is Hotspur hiding? Is it Hitler’s brain in a jar? Is it Hitler’s ghost? Why won’t he answer the real queations?


          • My opponent is right about one thing: I do know a lot about Hitler. That’s because those who don’t know history, like badideajeans, are DOOMED to repeat it. I know about Hitler because I want to STOP all Hitlers. A vote for my opponent is clearly a vote to know nothing about Hitler and to have to fight World War II all over again. Millions will have died in vain in the first one.

            My fellow Americans, my opponent’s message is clear: badideajeans is pro-Holocaust and anti-Veterans.

          • Freedom. Flag. Founding fathers. These words get tossed around a lot during campaign season. Hotspur likes to toss around words like Hitler and Holocaust. Which would YOU rather hear?


          • Now her true colors come out: badideajeans is in the pocket of Big Flag. What she’s not telling us? Big Flag doesn’t just make patriotic, nontoxic American flags. They are a foreign-owned conglomerate poisoning our children’s air and water with runoff full of deadly commie-red and surrender-white dyes. As your leader, I will pass a Constitutional Amendment on day one to guarantee the safety of our children from badideajeans.

          • Fact: Hotspur wants to change the Constitution.
            Fact: Hotspur thinks the Constitution is flawed.
            Fact: Hotspur hates Small Wonder and the AMERICAN FLAG.
            Fact: Hotspur loves foreigners like David Tennant and Hitler.
            Fact: Hotspur wishes there were more Lena Dunhams in this world and hopes that Girls will stay on the air for at least eight years.
            Fact: Hotspur knows *a lot* about Communism.

            The facts don’t lie.

            Vote badideajeans2012.

            Paid for by the Committee To Prevent Flag-Hating Communist Hitlers

          • Friends, have you ever noticed how badideajeans constantly resorts to the desperate ploy of “facts,” instead of talking about what’s truly important? Faith.

            hotspur-tennant ’12: Amen.

          • Hotspur’s use of “faith” in his campaign is a clear-cut example of a last-minute Hail Mary pass by a candidate that is obviously losing.

            – Kirk Cameron

          • I have always admired Mr Cameron’s leadership of the Tribulation Force. But in backing the badideajeans campaign, he has been duped by the nine-headed Beast who rides on a spume of blood when the seventh trumpet blares and slices the world with a scythe called Maleon in the service of The Father of Lies.

          • Just concede, dude.

            Don’t make me announce my running mate…

          • The hotspur-tennant campaign is please to congratulate badidea on the selection of her running mate, Herman Cain, whose namesake is Biblical murderer Cain and who is well known to be in the pocket of Big Anchovy.

      • Oh dear, this was just the most delightful thread. Big thumbs up to both of you!

  14. there were so many times in college i was like “let’s go to hyvee!” but someone else was like “no hyvee is too expensive, let’s go to walmart instead.” this video really brought me back.

  15. hiiii im one of the girls in the videoo..youu guys shouldnt be hating on us. We had four days to do it. We’re only in the eighth grade so it was a big accomplishment. I get it needs more autotune and better singing, but hey, it was just for funn…so CHILL.

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