Hahaha. It’s almost crazy that this topic (what celebrity would have to be on a stamp in order to make you want to buy that stamp) hasn’t been discussed on Videogum before, but it’s probably only because there has never been a piece of news to introduce us into the discussion. But, finally, here’s that piece of HOT HOT HOT US Postal Service news we’ve been waiting for, to get our imaginations going! From SlashFilm:

If you’ve ever really wanted people who handle your mail to know you’re a film fan, the US Postal Service has the answer. They’ve just created four new stamps featuring four of the greatest directors of all time: John Ford, John Huston, Frank Capra and Billy Wilder. Designed by Derry Noyes and Gary Kelley, each stamp portrays one of the director’s best known works. For Ford, it’s The Searchers. Huston, The Maltese Falcon. Capra, It Happened One Night and Wilder, Some Like It Hot.

“OOOoooooohhh.” – Linda from Bob’s Burgers voice. Although these directors ARE great and we probably DO like a bunch of those movies, or at least pretend to, I think it’s safe to say that none of us will be buying these stamps or caring about them or would have even heard of them if I didn’t choose to talk about them right now for some reason (the game). But obviously this leads directly to the question/game: WHO WOULD HAVE TO BE ON A STAMP IN ORDER FOR YOU TO WANT TO BUY IT? These are my honest choices: 

  • Vincent Gallo

Oops! That’s it. Vincent Gallo is probably the only celebrity whose stamp I’d buy. But it’s definitely safe to say that if Vincent Gallo were on a stamp I would buy A BUNCH of those stamps and probably even put one in a frame? It would be a very funny stamp! Soooo, how about you? When you thought about this in the past, what celebrities did you come up with? Ryan Gosling, probably? Dan Harmon? (Vincent Gallo?)

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  1. Do porn stars count?

  2. Skeet Ulrich.

  3. GEORGE Washington.

    or ROBOCOP.

    The only TWO ACCEPTABLE answers.

  4. I will probably buy these stamps. Thank you for helping me pick out a Father’s Day gift.

  5. I bought some stamps with Pixar characters on them. So I guess then my answer is Patton Oswald as a cartoon rat.

  6. I would for real probably buy a John Ratzenberger stamp.

  7. “Far out man. I’m on a stamp.”

  8. Macho Man stamps. Oh yeah.

  9. I’m actually gonna go a different route here, and say myself. I’m gonna pull a Kardashian: instead of becoming famous so I can get on a stamp, I’m going to become famous BECAUSE I’m on a stamp.

  10. Han Solo. Not Harrison Ford, but Han Solo.

  11. Kristen Stewart’s facial expressions – A series of stamps in 1 part.

  12. Ok, I know I am expected to say Tilda Swinton and James McAvoy doing the lindy hop on a stamp (which I mean yeah, duh, that would be awesome) but guys, I have a Colin Firth stamp that my sister got me for my birthday one year and I have no idea where it’s from, but man, it’s neat.

  13. Does Stephen Colbert have a stamp yet? In all seriousness, I would probably get that stamp.

  14. because i am a nerd, they already made stamps of famous people* that i bought.

    **stuff that designers made

    • I bought, with my own real money, a similarly nerdy sheet of stamps–Ray and Charles Eames. I planned on putting it in a frame but, 4 years later, it’s still sitting in a drawer.

      See you next move, Ray and Charles Eames stamps!

  15. Stamps currently in my possession:
    Bugs Bunny leaning against a mailbox
    Famous choreographers

    Why would I need anything else?

  16. Khia, so the lyrics to “My Neck, My Back” don’t seem so dirty.

  17. Whatever you do, don’t lick the Vincent Gallo stamp. Also, thumbs up on the Bob’s Burgers reference.

  18. I wish they would reissue my Simpsons stamps.

  19. Is that stamp worth $1,000,000? Like his sperm?

  20. Fassbender!!

  21. Um, I already have a bunch of Andy Serkis. There’s the ones where he’s an eagle, the ones where he’s the liberty bell, and my favorite: a plant.

  22. Why would I buy stamps when the USPS is on the verge of collapse?

  23. Im thinking a series of either the shirtless cast from magic mike OR the cast of Law and Order: SVU.

  24. Crispin Glover but just kidding because when was the last time I used a stamp that wasn’t my office’s postage machine?

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