The regular television season is wrapping up. Even the irregular television season is winding down. There’s only two more episodes of Game of Thrones and a handful of Mad Men left. (The hell if I’m going to watch True Blood this year. Fairies and panther shifters and swamp mummies? I’M OUT! Although Breaking Bad comes back in July so we’ll have that.) Not to mention the fact that there’s just straight up F-All going on on the Internet these days. What are we going to talk about?! If I see one more thing about Dan Harmon I’m going to [insert outrageous and improbable example of self-injury here]. “Uh oh the fake Twitter for the show runner on Troy and Abed in the Morning got shut down by the EVIL CRIMINALS at Sony!” You guys know that stuff happens, right? This is not the first thing that has ever happened. Enough. So, let’s all take this opportunity to pick some things we actually enjoy or think we will enjoy but haven’t had time during the regular year to enjoy. See also: homework. Are you all caught up on Sherlock and Luther? Those are not even that new, but they are good examples of the kinds of things on which some people (stupid people who need remedial training) fall behind. I kind of want to watch The Sopranos again from the beginning. Oh! And two different people have talked to me about Southland in the past week. So, let’s check out Southland, I guess? What else, guys? BUELLER?! MCFLY?! Hahahhahaha. BUELLER?! MCFLY?! Hahahahahha. Great sitting next to you in Blog Class this year. Have a great summer. K.I.T.

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  1. Gabe,

    YOU HAVE TO DO THE TRUE BLOOD RECAPS. YOU HAVE TO. It’s what makes summer great!!



  2. Adventure Time.

  3. It would be rad if we could all, as virtual e-friends, read all the books of Pete Dexter, James Crumley and George Pelecanos, together at the same time, this summer, and yall can post comments and I can troll you. I have so far only read the Deadwood novel by Pete Dexter, loved it, it was kinda like getting an extra season of the deadwood tv show but totally different. Rad book. The other two writers come highly recommended and I am going in with huge expectations.

    Other things we can talk about: reasons not to see the new Bat-Man movie and why I was correct in walking out on the Avengers movie. Also we (you all) can post jpegs and gifs of K-Stew, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, Alison Brie and others. Which others? Discuss.

  4. I am waiting for “The Newsroom.” Let’s hope Sorkin’s gravitas-style works here as well as it did for the West Wing. And not as comically HORRID as Studio 60. (Dude, people don’t care about REAL SNL that much.)

    • Sorry that no one can mention “The Newsroom” without me bringing up the fact that there was already a “The Newsroom” on CBC and it was great, but you guys, there was already a “The Newsroom” on CBC and you can watch the first episode of it here and it is greeeeaaaaaaaaaat

      • Agreed, pretty great! And I just googled it to remind myself of the guy’s name…and I found out that Ken Finkleman wrote the screenplay for Grease 2. Whaaaaaaaaaat?!!?!

        • He came to America and did Grease 2 and Airplane 2 and then went back to Canada and did this.

      • But was the CBC show a high-wire act of making every episode have a moment to STAND ON MORAL HIGH GROUND!! I bet it wasn’t… and I bet it was better for that exact reason.

        Man, even Sports Night was a little “After School Special” sometimes. (You’re watching track and field events, guys. Let’s just relax a little.)

        Nevertheless, I and going to watch Newsroom in hopes Allison Janey and Richard Schiff show up for a walk and talk.

        • Yeah but that track moment GOT TO ME. “He’s just running faster than anyone has ever run, my son.” I <3 U CASEY McCALL! The big issue with Sports Night was the spanish guitars and, conversely, the laugh track. Still, it was a good show.

          And The Newsroom has Allison Pill and Chris Messina. HOW CAN IT FAIL? (Please don't let it fail)

  5. If you are skipping True Blood recaps, will you be recapping Top Chef Masters?

  6. We can all re-read the ‘my teacher is an alien’ series and meet back here for discussion!

  7. I’m almost caught up on Sherlock. I have the final two episodes of series 2 to watch. Still haven’t watched Series 2 of Downton Abbey. Yeah, we get Breaking Bad but only for 8 weeks because of AMC being jerkfaces. If anyone has IFC then they can look forward to Comedy Bang Bang!

    In my Netflix queue I have Psych, the final season of The Whitest Kids U Know, and some other things I can’t remember because I’ve barely looked at the thing in the past month and change.

    I dunno.

  8. What about a little show called Lost? I know it’s done and such but there are a bunch of unrecapped episodes just sitting there to be taken apart.

  9. Can we PLEASE have WMOAT back. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaasseee. Sheesh.

  10. Definitely watch Southland. Now if only TNT would rescue Veronica Mars.

  11. Here’s what I’ve been watching on Netflix Play now, I think these might be good recappin fun:

    Kochak: The Night stalker (rad show just like 20 eps, has werewolves and such)

    The Twilight Zone (I wish Rod Sterling was my dad)

    Dark Shadows (Watching this as a family would be incredibly unrealistic since there’s a bajillion eps, but maybe a condensed recap?)

    Also, what about dissecting the entire filmography of an actor, say Michael Keaton or Topher Grace? IDK, my mom said I was smart.

  12. Also, I would love it if Gabe or Kelly started recapping the Bachelorette.

    • Even better is that train-wreck they put on around July-ish called “Bachelor Pad” where they have all the old contestants come back and fight with each other. I don’t even watch the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, but Bachelor Pad- I can’t say no.

  13. The entire filmography of Judy Greer.

  14. I’ve been enjoying some Bob Newhart stand-up stuff. Can anyone weigh in on The Bob Newhart show vs. Newhart?

  15. Ok…I’m definitely in favor of bringing back WMOAT. I know there is also Videogum Movie Club. Is there another way to review movies? Maybe like Videogum VHS Club: Movies from Yesteryear. I love the WMOAT recaps…they are the best, but I also like hearing about things Gabe/Kelly like.

  16. I’m not sure why we don’t talk about Girls here. I’ve found myself strongly reacting to each episode differently, many of which furiously. That seems a lot less exhausting than True Blood recaps. Plus it’s not a bad show, which is what True Blood is.

  17. I’m not big on the tee vee, but I have my summer reading list all lined up! I’ve already started a book called “how to defeat your own clone”, next I have a collection of important letters throughout history. For fluffy beach reading I went to the thrift store and stocked up on historical romance and, JACKPOT, the novelization of every single one of the Star Trek movies. It’s going to be a great summer.

    • Oh yeah, plus loads and loads of Xanth, and Xanth fanfiction.

    • SUMMER reading FOR ME as OF RIGHT now:

      2666 (NEARLY done)
      Against the DAY
      NOTES From the Underground
      The BROTHERS Karamazov

      I’m open TO SOME other suggestions as WELL.

      • AND NONE of that HUNGER Games bullshit, THANKS.

        Or FIFTY SHADES of Oh Look I Spanked YOUR ASS a FEW Times How Racy

      • Hey, I bought Brothers Karamazov at a book fair a few weeks ago! I didn’t add it, because I mostly bought it to make my bookshelf look smarter. Not sure if I will take a crack at it because it is LOOOONG and my experience is that Dostoyevsky (and the classic Russian authors in general) is dry as toast. I’ve read snippets though, and it doesn’t seem too horrible. Maybe I’l high-brow my summer up and we can do a BroKar book club.

        • WHICH translation IS IT? I have BOTH THE Pevear and Volokhonsky and THE MORE traditional CONSTANCE GARNETT version, but SOME OF THE diction IN THE FORMER seems FUCKIN wonky and KINDA turns ME OFF. I’VE HEARD it’s the BETTER, though, SO I’M JUST gonna go the fuck AHEAD with that. I read IT FOR an hour OR two ONE evening AND GOT 100 or so pages INTO it, but HAD TO drop it FOR SOME OTHER shit. DEFINITELY wanna get back to IT.

        • There are some recent Gogol translations that are pretty great. Long live The Nose.

      • You are in for a serious treat with The Brothers Karamazov. On the other hand, while I have nothing against Against The Day, I started reading it three years ago and I think I’ve started it from the beginning again twice. Haven’t gotten past page 200 or so. Once you’ve read Gravity’s Rainbow, I don’t know how much else Thomas Pynchon has to say to you. But that is an uneducated opinion, since I still haven’t finished the damn book.

        Some other suggestions, off the top of my head: Remains Of The Day, The Idiot (after The Brothers Karamazov), War and Peace, The Unbearable Lightness of Being (that’s a good summer book), Freedom by Jonathan Franzen (I included the author’s name because there must be some other book called Freedom, it’s not a very complex title), all of the His Dark Materials series (also good summer reading), and, hmm… Excession by Iain M. Banks.

      • Well I’m a day late to the party, but you should add “Arc d’X” by Steve Erickson to your summer list. I’m not done with it myself, but so far I think it is up your alley.

        Currently I’m also reading “The Midwich Cuckoos,” which I scooped up in a 99-cent sale of Kindle books that later became more well-known as movies–in this case the book became “Village of the Damned.” It’s creepy enough, though very English and 1950s.

        Then I’m going to read “Dreams of My Father” to get pumped for the election.

    • I’m gonna reread The Great Gatsby.

      Picture me saying that in a nerdy voice while pushing my nerd glasses back up my nerd face.

  18. Let’s watch foreign versions of Law and Order and try to figure out what’s going on.

  19. I’ll just be driving a lot. Alpha Romero. VROOM! First to four in under 60 seconds. Gears. Dig it.

  20. I will be learning the ukulele this summer…And playing Doctor Who The Eternity Clock…and going to ComicCon….but as for watching tv, I’ll be happy when Leverage comes back because I like a good heist..or a bad heist. Any heist, really.

  21. My kids turned on “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23″ last night, and, I grudgingly admit, it was pretty darn funny.

    • I caught a snippet of that and was pleased to see Eric Andre as a barista guy. I’d never heard of him before his Adult Swim show premiered and made it OK that Check It Out!’s season had ended.

  22. Also, I’m going to treat this like a caption contest:

    “OK, class! Who here has no fucking idea what this stuff on the blackboard means?”

  23. i say we watch “boardwalk empire”, i gave the first season to my brother for his birthday and he finished it and now its sitting next to my first season of “game of thrones” so it gives me a reason to start watching it

  24. How about Veep?

  25. why don’t we rewatch The Sopranos from the first season? that sounds like a capital idea!

  26. What if you guys covered indie and some hip-hop? Maybe post Mp3s and videos.

  27. X-Files! Every episode!

  28. I’m going to rewatch Watch What Happens Live from season 1.

  29. The Sopranos does not hold up very well. It’s very broad and the dream sequences seem tacky. I SAID IT.

    Deadwood is still good.

  30. I think Episodes is coming back. I thought that show was great.

  31. Twin Peaks would be a barrel of fun, yes?

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