But he will slit your metal, whatever that means. New York local news station PIX did a story last night on a Queens man whose license plate reads “XXX Pert,” but who claims it’s because of his Expert Metal Slitters business. He says people stop him at red lights and ask him for adult movies. I don’t know why this is news, but I don’t think he’s actually joking when he says he drives around playing porn on his in-car TV:

If only someone in Florida would interview the person with the accidental Ass Orgy license plate, THAT would be news. (Thanks for the tip, Caleb!)

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  1. I like how the two shots of the reporter in that segment are him in a car and him responding to an old man watching porn in his car because relevant. Do you think he has a degree in journalism or communications?

  2. Man, great stand up Rob Hoyle. And that reaction shot? Totally getting you a promotion. See, guys, that’s the kind of great reporting that separates the boring news from the soul-shatteringly ham-fisted news.

  3. Not related (well…I could come up with a segue but I don’t want to)
    But are either of you guys watching RuPaul’s Drag Race?
    If not….start
    You can watch it on if you don’t have Logo (which I don’t think hetero’s do).

  4. All jokes aside, that was a joke. But put that joke aside (with all the jokes) because we’re joking… and that’s no joke!

  5. It just means expert 3x over, jerks.

    Also, one day I want a story about me to start “____ is not a dirty old man.”

  6. Alsek  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2009 0

    Gee, it sure seems to me that he’s the XXXpert!

    Love that the reporter looks at least five years older than the newscaster. Maybe he thought that by making his stories more “juvenile” he’ll get the chance to be the presenter just once.

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