Some people, like me and, I’m going to assume, you, like to be careful with the lives we are given. We don’t let people give us piggyback rides, we yell at our friends when they fall asleep on the subway, we always assume someone is going to push us onto the subway tracks and stay constantly aware of what’s going on around us, we wear seat belts, we literally run away from bees, genuinely terrified, even though we are so old, etc. It certainly not the “coolest” way to live, sure. Certainly we’d be much “cooler” if we DIDN’T think someone was going to push us onto the subway tracks all the time. But it’s OUR way to live. Other people, though, like professional stuntman Gary Connery, like to jump out of airplanes wearing only a wingsuit while attempting to land on a fairly modest pile of the foam cubes they use at, like, fancy skatepark camps. People are just different.

I’m not sure why the entire video is silent, but if I had to offer a guess it would be because the screaming inside of our heads was already VERY loud. (Via VVV.)

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  1. Are those foam cubes or cardboard boxes? Stunt men usually fall into massive cardboard box stacks.

  2. I think I’m hallucinating. I swear that pre-jump picture looks like a menacing ninja turtle.

  3. Two things: 1) Who is the other person that jumped from the helocpoter and where did they land? 2) He never got up. So I’m not calling this a success just yet.

    • Helocpoter? Who are you, self-aware adorable child from yesterday?

      • haha…I wish! The epilepsy medication I take makes me prone to typos and forgetting words…so I while I am very diligent about checking my writing for work; I tend to not be as good about proof reading my Videogum comments. Sorry Monsters!

        • Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey! I have TERRIBLE verbal aphasia, I wonder if it is because of my epilepsy medication! I have so many things to google now.

          • Well “difficulty finding words” is a side effect of Topamax. My neurologist always asks me about it when I see her. It also causes tingling fingers, inability to taste carbonation in drinks, and, as can be seen on class action commercials, birth defects!

          • Inability to taste carbonation? Yikes! Side effects of mine include weight gain and yes, the highest incidence of birth defects of any commonly used anti-convulsant!

    • The other person was filming, but due to cowardice brought a parachute and USED IT.

  4. I’m surprised he made it. I was SURE he was skyaking up shit creek without a skyaddle.

  5. I’ll be more impressed when a slinky freefalls without a parachute.

  6. There aren’t enough things we could die from? This guy went looking for more? Also, doesn’t he look like one of those flying squirrels?

  7. This is the greatest video since the one with the kids on the too-large rope swing, aka the best thing I ever saw in my entire life. Xtremegoofingaroundgum 4 life.

  8. He didn’t get up at the end.

  9. “Gary had gotten really obsessed over Nolan passing on him for all of Batman’s flying scenes.” -Gary Connery’s Widow

  10. Isn’t this just called suicide?

  11. You guys, I know you barely know me, but I want you to make me a promise. If I ever decide to do something like this, just shoot me in the head and throw my body into the ocean. Roughly the same result, but more cost-effective.

  12. “…attempting to land on a fairly modest pile of the foam cubes they use at, like, fancy skatepark camps.” HAHAHAHA! As a kid, I always wanted to go to a fancy skatepark camp. But my family is just middle class, and FANCY skatepark camps are reserved for upper-middle class kids whose parents are trying to stay hip. So my skatepark camp was just my little brother, a neighborhood kid, and I all taking turns on one ramp someone’s dad made.

  13. OMG are the foam cubes okay???

  14. those rotten teens on the jungle gym are so over it.

  15. Well… There were a pile of foam cubes next door. This was a pile of cardboard boxes holding my very excessive nail and glass collection.

  16. There’s actually sound, it’s just really faint. If you put some headphones on, and turn your volume up, you’ll hear it.

    Now that we’re all on the same page…

    What’s with the audience’s reaction? Is that a normal way to react to this? I don’t even know.

    On the one hand, I guess you have to do something when a guy is jumping out of a plane. That thing might as well be cheering? But it’s a little strange that when I pretend the guy is being served some sort of medieval punishment for raping puppies (if medieval times had airplanes that bad people got pushed from), the video all of a sudden seems to make *more* sense. Like that shouldn’t happen… I think? The guy sitting nonchalantly on the scaffolding,… it was his puppies. Thinking those things helps me to process this is what I’m saying. And that seems wrong.

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