You probably don’t even feel like watching Andy Samberg’s Harvard Class Day speech since he’s not on anyone’s Commencement Dream List, but it happened anyway.

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  1. Also, here is Neil Gaiman also doing a commence address:
    That’s two commencement addresses! What are the odds of this? Astronomical?

    • I walked past him on Broad Street in Philadelphia the day before this happened! It was super exciting for me!

  2. I mean if you’re not going to get any real wisdom from a commencement speech, you might as well get a free comedy show.

  3. And we all know what’s cooler than that.

  4. is this where we congratulate all the monsters who just got degrees?? CONGRATULATIONS! i just got my master’s! i think. i skipped my commencement, but my thesis got approved, so hopefully i’m in the clear and my degree shows up at one of the five houses i’ve lived at in the past two years. i forgot where i told them to mail it. whooooops! i am obviously super smart!

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