Summer is fast approaching, so you all better get this down quick. (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. But WHICH Summer is approaching? Roberts? Wheatly? Estherson?

  2. Hold up… is that a doll in the high chair? Great twist ending!

  3. Pretty sure no one is commenting on this because everyone is watching it infinity times in a row.

  4. Growing up, the older sister – the natural charmer, desperate to be validated – will always be in the spotlight. First, it’s the age-inappropriate malapropisms. Soon, it will be clumsy magic tricks (everyone will pretend that yes, that was their card), then glitter-covered cards for all her teachers. Then the boys will start to notice.
    But Avery has always known that she’s the smart one. She’ll go along with her older sister’s games and keep under the radar, but when everyone’s busy with her older sister, Avery is reading, learning, and planning.
    And she’s going to make them pay for overlooking her. She’s going to make them pay.

  5. Brought to you by the Pasketti Council

  6. ‘Popsicle’ is NOT how you say ‘pocket book’. DUH, mom.

  7. Tram-amp-paleen!

  8. was this filmed before Siri was invented?

  9. My niece pronounces Illuminati “Lou Natti”

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  11. old up… is that a doll in the high chair? Great twist ending!

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