This seems to be the only thing anyone on the Internet is talking about, and since it seems that finding something new to talk about would require actual journalism, which would require actual pants, we might as well talk about this. Leonardo DiCaprio! Tobey Maguire! Baz Luhrmann! Carey Mulligan! The roaring ’20s! Indecent Proposal! Watch The Throne! Oh, here’s a bummer: F. Scott Fitzgerald died in relative obscurity after whiling away a number of years trying to write screenplays in Hollywood, and The Great Gatsby was actually much less successful during his lifetime than a couple of other books he wrote, and it was only after his death that he secured a real foothold in American literature and that this book found its true audience (high school students?) so already this morning, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, and Baz Luhrmann have all enjoyed more “success” and acclaim for The Great Gatsby on Tumblr and Facebook than F. Scott Fitzgerald did in his lifetime. Congrats, guys. Looks great. Voulez-vous barfez avec moi, ce barf? Moulin Rouge!

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  1. When I read the book in 9th? grade, all I kept thinking about was how awesome the movie would be in 3D! I’m sure that’s going to add a whole new level of badassery to Gatsby’s swinging parties.

  2. Did you guys read the YouTube description? It says that Nick Carraway is a “Fitzgerald-like” writer. LOOOOOOLing forever at that.

  3. no, no, no.

  4. A movie made by the 1 per-centers for the 99 per-centers with all profits going to the 0.01 per-centers while also cashing in on the #occupy momentum. Well done Hollywood.

  5. Filled with faces dead and gone. Filled with friends gone now forever. I can’t forget so long as I live the night they shot Rosy Rosenthal there… they shot him three times in the belly and drove away. NOW LET’S PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sooo, first they tried to make my childhood into a series of movies by adapting all of the board games that I had under my bed (except for Stratego; a rare miss, Hasbro), and now they’re trying to do it with all of the books I skimmed through in middle/high school? Well, if that’s the plan, better this than anything by Steinbeck, I suppose.

    • but the grapes of wrath is THE BEST NOVEL OF ALL TIME.

      • Best novel of all time is Catch-22. Grapes Of Wrath was SO BORING. There was a whole chapter about a turtle crossing a road!

        • i am ashamed to admit that ive never read catch-22. we had a copy of it at my house in college, but it was missing random pages and i didn’t figure that out for a really long time and was reaaaalllyy confused at how unreadable it seemed. so. i cannot counter point on that. but the turtle! it’s a metaphor! for the workers’ struggle against capitalism! and the terrible monotony of the great depression and how it rendered individuals like the joads further into mere beasts of labor pushed across the plains in search of the promise land that does not exist!!!!!! and the prose is really so very lovely, y’all. sincerely, my 11th grade AP literature teacher.

        • I love both of these, but clearly Jane Eyre* wins

          *although it would have been even better had Bertha (spoiler alert) and Jane moved to London to be private detectives

      • yeah but the grapes of wrath was actually a pretty great movie (whether you like the book or not)

  7. I could’ve sworn Gabe has written a joke about the future which includes a trailer for a 3D Great Gatsby featuring Tobey Maguire and a Kanye West soundtrack.

  8. wow. this shit actually looks hot!

  9. i read this interview with margaret atwood the other day about her documentary film on debt and revenge, and she had this really good insight about books like the great gatsby- how when you read them when you’re young, the frame of reference tends towards the romance side of the story and plot because that is what is scandalous and interesting to you at the time, and when you read them when you are younger, it shifts to the insidious role of money in the story. which yeah, when i first read it, i don’t think i really understood what all the fuss and scandal was about.

  10. I’ll probably see it, but my favorite Gatsby reinterpretation is and always shall be courtesy of Kate Beaton:

    • lbt, I WAS ABOUT TO POST THIS! We narrowly avoided a Donna Darko.

      • We are two ships passing in the night, screaming praise of Kate Beaton to all and sundry.

        We are clearly the best ships.

        • Kate Beaton is my spirit guide. I have both her books sitting on my bedside table at this very moment.

          • She’s the poor man’s Ryan North THERE I SAID IT.

          • facetaco, you can just go jump right off a cliff. (She and Ryan North are buds, BTW.)

          • I know. Ryan North and I used to be Twitter buds, although he never openly acknowledged that.

          • Face, you know how I feel about Ryan North. There is room in this crazy mixed up world for both of them. No, I am not saying that just in case they read this blog, see my comment, and decide that they want to invite me on a picnic. Not at all (CALL ME RYAN AND KATE!)

          • Exactly, lbt, they’re both fantastic! Dinosaur Comics and Hark! A Vagrant 4EVA. Let’s all go out for drinks! (Facetaco, can you hook this up for us since you are big Twitter pals with Ryan North?)

          • I ALSO was a part of a Posterchild project, who I am PRETTY SURE is really Ryan North. And yes, I can hook up the drinks, but probably only in a way that he doesn’t know. Like, the three of us follow him around and when he goes into a place that serves alcohol, we just sit near him and listen to his conversation and talk amongst ourselves like we were part of that conversation.

            P.S. I just had that idea and it is amazing and now I want to do it, but to some total stranger in a bar. That would be the best night ever.

          • Guys: also check out which is great but also has a lot of genitals so check it out when it’s ok to do that

          • So always be checking it out Patrick? Gotcha.

            Always genital oclock.

          • (oh, it’s in the middle of a longer story now, so maybe start from the beginning)

  11. I like how the editors of this trailer kept conscious of the popularity of auto-tune back in the roaring 20′s and held back on the dubstep, which was HA-HUGE in the 40′s.

  12. Classic Cranky Gabe Rant. A+++, would buy again.

    That said, I’m going to see this movie, you’re going to see this movie, we’re all going to see this movie… its like the Avengers, but with books (book books, not comic books… no literary value judgement implied, nerds). Blame your high school english teacher.

  13. ALSO: do you think Owen Wilson’s character from Midnight in Paris will appreciate this movie more than the rest of us, having met Fitzgerald and all? That’s assuming they even show American movies in France, where he lives now….

  14. The parties were bigger, the morals were looser, the hair was more emo-er.

  15. if i could bleach my brain and pretend that this wasn’t based on one of the greatest novels of all time, maybe the movie would look good. except for the 3D part.
    It just makes me want to read the book again (like all adaptations that fail to do justice to the source material)

  16. “i wish i had done everything on earth with you.”

    i think she means butt stuff.

  17. Not sure that the book/film needs a remake. The Redford version is pretty outstanding. I would much rather see DiCaprio as Dick Diver.

    • Ugh. That Robert Redford version is so boring. This, at least, looks like a movie.

    • I’ve never cared for that version either. I like Roger Ebert’s suggestion that you would do better to just read the book in the amount of time it takes to watch it.

      Agreed on Dick Diver though.

  18. I prefer the Vinnie Chase version

  19. Well, at least they’ve already got a videogame:

    They probably just need to re-score it with this movie’s score, MIDI-style.

    Did anybody notice if Gatsby threw hats at any butlers in this trailer?

  20. What is WRONG with Leonardo DiCaprio’s voice? I don’t mean the part where he’s putting on a British accent. I mean that every other time he speaks, he seems to be fighting the urge to break out into a “We are dooly appointed Federal Mah-shals” accent.

  21. You know that lady philosophy, that before you leave the house you should look in the mirror and take one thing off? Baz Luhrmann should do that with his movies.

    • I like Baz Luhrmann’s extravagance but from what I remember of the book, almost everything was gracefully understated, unlike a lot of Fitzgerald’s other stuff. I’m not sure what the thinking behind this particular director+literature match-up was. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t “Let’s really fuck it up!” but…. I got nothin’.

  22. When it started, I thought this was one of those joke videos, where someone narrates a video in a deadpan lisp, but it was just Tobey MaGuire.

  23. Could this be okay if we think of it as an adaptation that uses only part of the novel as source material? Like it’s just a spectacle of a movie about affairs and lost romances and murder? It’s obviously a ridiculous version of Fitzgerald’s novel, but maybe it’ll be alright on its own, as 3D roaring 20s eye candy.

    Also, what happened to Bookgum? I just read The Sense of an Ending and I want to talk about how I maybe didn’t like it even though I mostly did.

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