• This is a tumblr featuring screencaps of people eating food on Law and Order. WHAT A WORLD. It’s almost as if you can make a tumblr out of anything you want these days. -Law&Order&Food
  • Tiny Fey is the most recent guest on the web series “7 Minutes in Heaven,” and it’s pretty fun! You should watch it if you have a few free minutes! -Yahoo
  • Apparently it’s possible that there is going to be a Hook prequel centered on Rufio, but the only person reporting this news is the actor who played Rufio in the movie Hook. So. -FilmDrunk
  • Since the big Kristen Wiig sendoff on last week’s SNL, there has been word going around about how Jason Sudekis and Andy Samberg are ALSO leaving this season and WTF and why didn’t they get their own sendoffs where they got to wear something nice? Lorne Michaels spoke a bit about that to Vulture, and it turns out maybe they aren’t leaving? (Or, like, maybe they are?) -Vulture
  • Here is the trailer for the first season of IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang. It looks good! All of the people in it are people whom I’m pretty sure every one of us likes! -PopCultureBrain
  • The Office has gotten two new executive producers. Ooooh. What do you think? About that? Good, bad, don’t even care at all? All of the shows are changing, how are our heads even still on our bodies?! -TheWrap
  • Jorme Taccone says there’s a MacGruber 2 in the works, and you might even be able to watch it someday! Dreams DO come true.-Collider
  • Speaking of dreams coming true, here is a behind-the-scenes video about the third season of Walking Dead. Oh good! -AMC
  • And, finally, here is another behind-the-scenes video, featuring Bill Murray hosting a tour of the set of Moonrise Kingdom, which comes out this weekend I think. Are you going to see it? Do you see anything Wes Anderson makes WITHOUT question? -TheDailyWhat
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  1. I can’ttake these Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show desire feelings much longer. Stop teasing me IFC! Now that the Avengers is over this is totally all I care about writing about on my tumblr, so why have you been putting out a million comercials for it since like Christmas? You bought me dinner, got me drunk, and felt me up so what the hell?

    The Amy Poehler episode is supposed to be on Hulu Thursday as viralmarketing or something, so I guess we’ll call that just the tip?

  2. I was thinking that about the Kristen Wiig sendoff, too. Like, not just her leaving, but LOTS of people have left SNL in the past. Literally several dozen of them! Has ANYBODY ever had a sendoff before?

  3. “Do you see anything Wes Anderson makes WITHOUT question?”


  4. Mike O’Brien and Jorme Taccone: two of the creepiest guys ever.

  5. Why WOULDN’T Andy Samburg leave SNL? He has a movie coming out with Adam Sandler that, based on the billboard alone, is certain to be a huge hit. It’s gonna be bigger than Jack and Jill, I heard.

  6. Frankly, I expected this comment thread to be wall-to-wall chants of RU-FI-O! RU-FI-O!

  7. I took Lazy Sunday 2 as Samberg’s send-off, specifically the last line: “On these New York streets I honed my fake rap penmanship, that’s how it began, and that’s how I’m going to finish it.”

  8. The best part about the Law & Order thing is how it screams AUTHENTICITY when every character is constantly eating Chinese take-out and food truck hotdogs because in NOO YAWK nobody ever eats, you know, a salad or an orange or something they made at home.

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