The first episode of the eight-episode first half of Breaking Bad‘s fifth and final season will premiere on JULY 15TH! Goodnight until then! Everyone go to bed until July 15th! I AM THE ONE WHO IMPATIENTLY SLEEPS.

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks that a sixteen-episode season split across two summers isn’t really one sixteen-episode season, but rather two eight-episode seasons?

    • Exactly. I hate it. I am angry. AMC sucks for doing it like this and advertising it like that. It’s not even a mid-season break (also dumb) Walking Dead-style. It’s straight up:

      “Here are 8 episodes. Now wait a year. Here are 8 more. Now you’ve seen the whole season. That’s called a season of television.”

      NUNH UHH, AMC, you bunch of bitches!

      • Is there a reason they are doing this outside just wanting money and prolonging the inevitable? I mean, can’t they be a little less obvious about it?

        • Probably so they can charge $55.99 (list price of the season 4 DVD set) for the “Season 5″ DVD set, whereas people might not be willing to pay as much for an 8 episode season if they sold them separately as season 5 and season 6.

      • It’s going to be 8 episodes, a 4-month break, then the final 8. Personally I’m glad they’re prolonging the inevitable…a world where Breaking Bad is over.

  2. Thank god, the lack of nail-biting anxiety in my life has really been getting me down!

  3. I’m trying to find something to fill the void between the end of the current seasons of Mad Men/Game of Thrones and the premiere of Breaking Bad. Any suggestions would be more than appreciated.

    The entire final season will comprise Gale flashbacks.

  5. Sweet dreams!!

  6. I’d say we could all do meth until July 15th in honor of the show, but something tells me that’s not a good life choice.

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