A lot of good points in this important video. Please share it with someone you love. (Via GotchaMedia.)

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  1. Did Trump just put out a hit on Sasha Baron Cohen?

  2. Will Smith is a great guy. Sascha Baron Cohen is untalented. NBC likes me. A human head weighs eight pounds. I like turtles.

  3. Always lead with requests for more gay panic. That’s Marketing 101.

  4. Let’s hope Romney picks him for Veep. The Cabinet could be picked Celebrity Apprentice-style. We could have Whitney as head of the Department of Energy!

  5. WWACRPD? (What would a CARTOON rich person do?)
    Put an internet video about sensationalist celebrity news blips where I tell everyone what’s what, and then plug my show. THAT’S a good idea.


  6. what is this? other than donald trump doing his own version of this

  7. Donald Trump Congratulates Will Smith FROM THE CENTER OF THE SUN.

  8. “…also that Howie Mandel guy just isn’t very funny anymore.”

  9. There is no way that’s his actual office; in fact I’m pretty sure that’s Tess McGill’s office. His office has got to look way more, I don’t know, like Vatican City humped the lobby of a Marriott.

  10. Seriously, this Arsenio Hall guy is going to be huge someday. I see him hosting his own show maybe. Maybe he’ll come up with some sort of annoying chant that becomes a cultural phenom.

  11. “Arsenio Hall was chosen over Clay Aiken.” are words that should only be uttered at Woody’s Dude Ranch* on celebrity look alike night.

    *brothel for homosexuality (though I know there must be a term for ‘gay brothel’ with which I am not familiar.)

    • I like how he says “they’re both going to go on to great success,” as if nobody knew who they were before and now they’re like “Oh yeah, he’s the guy from THE APPRENTICE, right? A household name for only that reason! Whoop whoop whoop! Wait a minute, why did I just do that? Why am I spinning my arm around over my head? I DON’T EVEN KNOW LOL”

  12. “If someone kisses you, smack them, Domestic abuse is A-O-K!” — Donald Trump for The More You Know!

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