ABC announced yesterday that it’s premiering an afternoon talk show this summer to compliment Good Morning America called Good Afternoon America. Very cool. Goes great with The More Views.

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  1. Drunks have to watch teevee in the afternoon, too!

  2. Taped With Kelly

  3. Watch What Keeps Happening Live

  4. Electric BoogaView

  5. The Tomorrow Show

  6. While You Wait In The Unemployment Line…

  7. Return To Dr. Oz

  8. Fox & Friends Strike Back

  9. The Talk: Keep on Talkin’
    The View: Keep on Viewin’
    Hoda and Kathie Lee: Keep on Drinkin’

  10. Meanwhile NBC just extends The Today Show by another two hours, making it a direct competitor for this show.

  11. One Life to Squawk

  12. “The Uncontrollable Diarrhea, Oh God, Why Did I Eat That Thing Mario Batali Gave Me?”

    (sequel to “The Chew”, airs two hours later)

  13. Jerry Summer

  14. Andergrandson

  15. Afternoon Yak was already taken

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