Download it to all of your telephones so you’re ready at your next summer event! (Thanks for the tip, Marty.)

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  1. A love song to a corporation? We really need to get Citizens United overturned, you guys.

  2. Remember in Social Network when the character of Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook was becoming popular because it was cool? This song pretty much kicks the last nail in on that notion.

  3. That woman makes those singing Santorum girls sound like Sam & Dave

  4. I prefer the b-side: “Fuck You Friendster”

  5. I just read that 1/3 of divorces filings in 2011 contained the word Facebook. I guess it’s the virtual equivalent of lipstick on the collar.

  6. That’s Your High School Music Teacher

  7. They are spelling “OK Cupid,” wrong.

  8. 2.25
    Somebody better open a window….. IT”S TOO FUNKY IN HERE .. OW!!

  9. They just dropped this song and everybody’s getting down! Like their stock!

  10. They had me at the dial-up modem sound. Very 2K12.

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