Don is back! Right? Don is back! He took his jacket off, so that means he’s back! (Joan is also back, I think. She threw a model airplane at a secretary, so she’s back.) Oh, and Kinsey is definitely kind of back. I mean, he’s gone again already, but he was back! The Hari Krishna storyline was…interesting. Never realized how much sexual extortion was involved. Good luck with your new job as a staff writer on Bones, Kinsey! Anyway, everyone’s back is the point. Also: advertising is back. Sometimes you kind of forget that this show is about an advertising firm, and that’s when the show is at its best. It’s a human drama! About the vicissitudes of love and work in a rapidly modernizing world! Also: the hair! But mostly the vicissitudes. But last night put a pretty strong emphasis on the capital A advertising part. (Before you start pointing out that there’s always a pretty decent amount of advertising business stuff in each episode see for example the Heinz plotline or the Cleo Awards, etc, etc, and also pointing out to me that this show takes place at an advertising agency so of course there’s advertising all the time can I please just point out that leave me alone and let me finish.) Yes, there was the holiday bonus embezzlement plot. And the aforementioned Hari Kari plot. OK, there was actually lots of non-advertising stuff, I’m realizing that now as I start to think it through. But every agency needs a car! And Don used to love his work, now there’s spaghetti on the wall! And that stupid play! So now Don is back and wants everyone to swim the champagne channel and they’re going to make a name for themselves and selling things to people is poetry or something. Are we excited about this part of the show? It’s kind of the least interesting part of the show, in my opinion, but maybe other people are like “Fuck Yeah, Old Ads!” The pride Don does or doesn’t take in his work is NOT the most interesting or appealing part about Don. (Or Roger Sterling, for that matter. Although the pride that Pete and Lane take in their work might be the most interesting and appealing part about them because it ends in FIST FIGHTS! More conference room fist fights please, television.) But he’s back! Hi, Don!

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  1. Least favorite episode. This season. Hari Krsna story line was borderline vomitville.

  2. Megan standing up to Don was the best.

  3. I kind of liked Don’s big speech at the end because to me it seemed more like Don desperately grasping at his former passion for advertising than Don getting his mojo back.

    Also, I wanted to LOL when he made that comment about how he thinks people miss Megan at the office, when clearly he’s the only one.

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  5. Worst episode of the season for sure. I was so excited to say the show played off like it was from a spec script* but then it started making spec script references and I thought it might be on purpose.

    *Bringing back old characters in ridiculous scenarios! Fan servicey will they/won’t they with two attractive leads!

  6. Harry Crane is a fool! I’m glad he was like, “Take my money and get to Hollywood so your dreams can be crushed proper!” But now that chick might be like, “Our best recruiter! NOOOO! You’re dead, Crane! Or at least your MARRIAGE is!” And then Harry’s going to eat a whole sleeve of cookies and be all like, “FINALLY,” and then jump down the elevator shaft. “My only regret is I didn’t bang Megaaaaaaaaaaaa-” *thud*

    • I think you’re onto something. Except the lady is going to come to the office with a gun and try to shoot Harry, but Pete is going to accidentally amble into the line of fire while drunkenly celebrating getting named a Senior Partner as a result of the company getting the Jaguar account. #RIPete

    • Considering this season’s boner for pop culture references I am REALLY worried we will see Paul with a swastika carved in his damn forehead to give Harry a moral quandry (for which he of course must deal with by rampaging the office with Pete’s gun and then jumping down the elevator shaft.)

  7. I said this on Facebook, but I’m going to take a page out of Joan’s book and yell “Surprise! There’s a _____ here to see you!” when I’m throwing something in anger (which happens about 4-5 times a week.)

  8. I LOVED this episode. LOVED it.

  9. I liked Don’s whole Jaguar arc. He doesn’t really care. He misses Megan at work. He goes to a play then makes a dig at Megan rejecting his livelihood and she snaps back with he loved advertising long before she came along. So they’re on the outs. Then Don decides to go see Jaguar and picks up You-Just-Got-Served-Joan and they play couple, take the car out and then just sling back drinks until Don’s good enough to drive while intoxicated (presumably he returned the car? Who knows!). Then it’s time for Megan to throw some food! And Don’s like, “Power play sexy time?” And Megan’s like, “NOPE. Shit just got real. I made spaghetti and I’ll CLEAN IT UP LATERZ!”

    I liked all of that. And I liked how Don used all that bizarre momentum to take his coat off and half-assedly rally the troops in a way Pete Campbell couldn’t do at his most inspirational. Better put some lipstick on, Jaguar. ‘Cuz you about to get Drapered.

    • i love this recap!

      on a side note, please don and joan don’t do it! (it = eachother) :(

      • Thanks! And totally. Don and Joan need to keep that shit platonic.

        Joan-related, it was cool to see her and Roger talk about their baby, and reveal to us all Roger’s attempts at involving himself with his kid by sending money and all that jazz.

        Also, Pearl Harbor Day and that shirt! Post-LSD Roger is having a blast and I think it’s wonderful.

        • Like how much money does Roger have? A majillion dollars? Seems like he’s just tossing it at every single chick he’s ever got quippy with if you know what I mean.

  10. More Joan smashing things, please.

  11. I love it when shows kind of drop the main character (Megan) for a week.

  12. Does anyone have a gif of Don throwing his coat on the lamp and knocking it over?

  13. it was great to see drunk, kind of mean don again! the worse don’s life choices become, the more i will enjoy this season.

  14. I really liked this episode. Don’s face during that play? Haha, Jon Hamm is amazing. Don and Joan talking about the past? It’s not a time machine people, it’s a carousel! And Paul Kinsey! That was AWESOME. Last time we saw Paul he was instinctively bursting into Peggy’s office to confirm his fears. He’s such an amazingly sad character. Talented but full of himself. I’ve missed his beard and pipe so much. And Harry helps him, despite the manipulative weirdo who tries to thwart him. Yay Harry!

    Anyone who doesn’t like this episode should go eat beans on the moon!

    • Negron! But the twist is they’re white!

    • I thought the whole Kinsey storyline was actually perfect. Of course he is trying to be a Krishna. And of course Harry is immediately better at meditating than Kinsey is.
      Poor Kinsey is always trying to be on the cutting edge of the counterculture, but really he’s too much of a square to be fully accepted by anybody who is actually counterculture. Again, I thought it was amazing and awesome.

  15. Remember when Gabe was legit funny in his reviews? And they were longer than 3 paragraphs?

    I miss the old days of sarcastic wit and sly insults, complete with screen shots and modern day captions. I was looking forward to them almost as much as the actual show itself returning. Balls.

    • What you’re describing is a recap. This isn’t a recap so much as a conversation starter or something. Recaps are usually titled like “Mad Men S04E08: Don Draper Writes Down The Bones” etc.

      I do concur tho. Gabe’s recaps are a lot of fun, and season 5 of Mad Men would be that much more fun, but whatevs.

  16. ahh. so where are the recaps?

  17. I can’t wait for the return of Conrad Hilton as a Black Panther.

  18. Was I the only one bothered by Megan’s dinner? I understand that Don should have called, but you were freaking out about some butter noodles? Really? And why did you put noodles in the oven? Is eating shriveled up hard noodles Don’s latest sex punishment? And why didn’t you make any sauce?

    Unnaceptable dinner Megan, no wonder everyone hates you.

    (But to be serious, I get where they were going with that but why would a girl who hitch-hiked home after like twenty minutes of waiting sit there with some blank noodles? She would have just used Don’s money and taken her sassy gay friend from the party out for a steak, right?)

    • PRO-TIP: When you make dinner for your spouse, but they’re nowhere to be found until 10-11PM at night, put a plate of food in the oven (heat off) to keep it warm so you can spitefully serve it to them later!

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