Which year of law school is it that they teach you the “I’m not racist BUT” defense? 2L? Do they teach that to 2L’s? In no other instance can an entire case be rested with a single word. Usually, it requires at least four words (“I rest my case”) to rest a case, except in cases of Race Law. Obviously, this sad, old racist is just a sad, old racist, but she does make a pretty good point (she does not make a pretty good point) about how white people are discriminated against at race track betting lines when they are taking too long and there’s also a black person there and the security wants everyone’s daughters to go downstairs. That story checks out. Good story. Other things that check out: that white people don’t discriminate against anyone anymore FACT, that no one is allowed to use “the other word” even though she is telling a story in which she used it and clearly uses it all the time, and also Indian War Cry. You love her. You want to marry her. You want to pray for her. But you’ll prey for everything that moves. (Via IHeartChaos.)

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  1. I’m not racist, but that lady can’t be my girlfriend because I’m not into white chicks.

  2. Fun fact, that chair ins’t actually rocking. It is struggling to run away.

  3. Well obviously black people are the only reason she’s not participating in a beauty contest.

  4. More like racIST track.

  5. I say this with no intention other than to speak tha truth, but dear god woman, your boobs are distracting.

  6. Does anyone have Sherman Hemsley’s number? I have something I want him to stand on real quick.

  7. Not sure why I thought of this, but does anybody remember that Commander Keen game where the primary antagonist was named Boobus Tuber?

    • This would be more effective if it didn’t use a picture of a guy who captured and enslaved an entire race.

      • But…he saved them from the Vermicious Knids, Whangdoodles, Hornswogglers, and Snozzwangers…

      • he also gave the prize to the whitest little Aryan boy ever!

        • Not only was he super-white, Charlie was a total dick. Everybody’s always raggin’ on Grandpa Joe because he only got out of bed to go on a tour of a candy factory, but Charlie was WAY worse! The kid’s family couldn’t even afford to eat, and when he finds some money, the little fucker spends it on secret chocolate for himself!

  8. Guys, why do we keep dating such racist, homophobic jerks? Is there something wrong with us? We should believe in ourselves! Bring back that video from the 80s about how to get a date or something.

  9. -Commenting on Miss America pageants. Irony, or something.
    -A house that’s obviously situated on a major highway. Perfect
    -Racetracks with her daughter. More perfect.
    -That word that she won’t say? It’s nigger.
    -Ethnicity is understandably difficult to pronounce with no teeth.
    -She’s not racist, except for the entire video where she was pretty racist, and specifically at 2:50 when she was REALLY FUCKING RACIST.

  10. Can someone please explain what a Honky is and how is it an insult?

    The only time I’ve ever heard the word Honky used was in a Xmas carol sung by former Maple Leafs Goalie Johnny Bower called “Honky the Christmas Goose” (Spoiler Alert: He got so fat that he was no use. Till he learned how to blow his nose, honk the way a goose nose blows).

    • It’s a racial slur for white people. Back in the Jim Crow south, when black people weren’t slaves anymore but pretty much just had to work like slaves, rich white people would pull up where the workers were and honk to signify that they had work to be done, almost assuredly for very little money. Hence, honky.

      At least, that’s the way I’ve heard it. The internet actually has a lot of different origins, so take your pick, I guess. Probably mine was the correct origin pre-crisis.

  11. Is this Ginger Kid’s grandma? I’m serious, it looks and sounds like the lady who told the internet to “quit trolling my grandson”. Does anyone know?

    • Wait, yep. This is totally Ginger Kid’s grandma. He is the one FILMING THESE VIDEOS. And his videos often talk about discrimination. The tactic of “well, actually its us that are discriminated against, not them” is a particular favorite of Ginger Kid’s, and now we see where he gets it from. I think I’ve seen more than enough from this family. Disgusting people, really.

  12. I haven’t had a chance to do one of these yet, and while I recognize that it’s not very good I want to GET MINE before this shooting star of comedy fades away into the night.

    Toothless Frowney Jr.

  13. I listened to her entire awful sermon with this 8-Bit MIDI version of Radihead’s Ok Computer album playing in the background. It was pretty epic, and lessened how much I wanted this woman to shut her undoubtedly halitosis-ravaged mouth.

    Gross-ass, ignorant people are some of the worst people.

  14. She can’t be racist. She said she wasn’t!

  15. whenever someone starts any conversation with ‘i’m not racist….’ i brace myself to hear the most racist things ever.

  16. I am sorry, but she is not my girlfriend. I am still with that lovely woman in Lincoln. And it’s not in any way related to me being honestly scared about what she will do or say if we break up. Not that I want to… She’s a keeper.

  17. Can you be racist towards bras? Because I think our girlfriend definitely is that also.

  18. Race Track? More like Racist Track.

  19. I was very distracted that she had a very nice manicure, like save some manicure money for some teeth pls.

    • There’s a good reason that my girlfriend doesn’t have teeth, and me likey. So, thanks for the suggestion, but we’re okay.

  20. I would just like to inform everyone that my girlfriend is definitely not a homophobe either, because I’m a lady too.

  21. I only have eyes for her Olive Oyl hair.

  22. Man y’all, I told Uncle Jerry Jeff, I said “Jerry Jeff, next time you got that video camera on Aunt Lo-Rene MAKE SURE HER DAMN TEETH ARE IN.”
    The boy don’t listen. Bless his heart. Now bring me another Sun Drop.

  23. Also: Ethaticity. I’ll use it in a sentence: “Honkies are the best ethaticity according to that lady probably.”

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