Glenn O’Brien had lunch with Harmony Korine and wrote about it. A couple of lunch humpers.

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  1. I had to opt out after the author described David Blaine as one of the great magicians of our epoch.

    • After I read that I couldn’t read the rest as I am now dead

    • That’s probably the opinion of about 80% of the population, though. Mostly because they can’t even name any other magicians, except for Criss Angel. And I guess Tommy Cooper, if he’s of our epoch.

  2. What’d they have for dessert? Chloe Sevigny’s prosthetic cock? Wake up: Time to cry.

  3. Did it consist of them taking the tapped bacon off the wall and eating it?

  4. Japanese? I would have guessed Italian.

    • This has actually led me to a legitimate question: Who chooses to watch Harmony Korine films? I can’t even look at this screenshots without feeling dirty inside, much less the whole movie. It’s the same with Kids. I’m not sure about any of his other work, because I stopped watching after these two. Enough is enough.

      • I just did some pretty extensive research on Harmony Korine by reading his Wikipedia page, and I have come up with the following reasons to hate him (and a bonus reason to hate Johnny Depp:

        -Formerly straightedge, before Chloe Sevigny broke him

        -”Prior to Mister Lonely Korine had written a story about a pig named Pistachio. The film was to take place during a race war in Florida and have a boy who would saddle the pig, put adhesive on its feet, climb up walls and throw molotov-cocktails. “It was going to be my masterpiece,” Korine comments.”

        - He mest his first wife in 2003. He was 30. She was 17.

        -In 2000 The Devil, The Sinner, and His Journey premiered, which featured Korine in blackface as O.J. Simpson and the actor Johnny Depp as Kato Kaelin.

      • I like his movies. Trash Humpers was kind of boring but I liked the spirit of it. Gummo is my favorite movie.

    • There’s the bacon I was referring to (behind him in that luxurious dining spa).

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