Try this exercise: watch the video again, but this time with your eyes closed. Can you even tell which voice belongs to the baby and which to the grown man? I know! It’s impossible! This is not a trick your ears are playing on you. This is because grown people screaming at sports on television sound like stupid fucking babies. (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. Really, trying to interact with any recorded image on a screen makes you look silly. And yes, that includes people who clap at the end of movies.

    • Clapping serves several functions, being a cultural expression of approval by the person doing it. One can clap to and for oneself. It’s not necessarily about the interaction with a performer on a stage or an athlete on a court/field.

      In the case of clapping at a film, the interaction is really a communication with the other film-goers. “I liked this movie/scene/line/actor and I approve!” That being said, I too am not a fan of clapping at movie theaters because it is dumb and needy. I don’t care if strangers approved of the film I saw with them, nor do I wish to communicate to them whether or not I enjoyed it. I’m not that desperate for strangers to validate my taste in movies.

    • I agree and also disagree about the clapping at the end of movies thing. I think clapping is silly, because we aren’t a bunch of walrus or something so why are we flapping our arms into each other to communicate? But I do think shared expressions of enjoyment should happen at the end of group activities like movies. I suggest barking and running in circles.

      • Embarassing reactions to media confession: I once shouted “Holy shit, you are evil!” at Gus at the end of Season 3 of Breaking Bad when he used the death of the Cousins as an opportunity to kill Juan Bolsa.

        I was alone at the time.

        • I mumble comments at the TV all the time when I’m alone. Usually they are like, “Oh, you gonna eat that cookie now. Yeah, eat that cookie. What’s that outside, go check that out. Whoa! Watch that car. Get back inside! Quick they are coming! Wait, where did the plate of cookies go? Stop moving buddy, where did the cookies go? Why are the cookies gone? Who wrote this garbage?”

  2. There’s a followup video where they’re watching the Travel Channel.
    It’s boooooooooooonnnnnnnnkkkkkerrrrrrrs

  3. This girl will no doubt learn a great deal of bad habits from her parents. For instance, I can just picture her as an adult, getting her own house and moving her couch in and then mounting a TV next to it in such a way that she has to stand in the middle of the living room to watch because it’s impossible to see from the couch.

  4. In this father’s defense, it was a fucking travel and it was bullshit.

    It’s kind of weird that getting upset about sports is for babies, but having everyone watch the same movie and sharing an event is “great.” Sports is like that! It is catharsis and joy and sadness and all these emotions that you share with hundreds of thousands of other people.

    Screaming at sports by myself, or with friends, or in a crowded bar is fun. Adult fun. The Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004 remains the happiest day of my life. Don’t be so dismissive.

    • True dat. Some of the most fun I’ve ever had is watching playoff football at a local sports bar. Everyone goes nuts at the same time. It’s camaraderie with complete strangers.

    • Totally agree.

    • I agree as well. I know I just got down specifically on strangers clapping in movie theaters, which is a form of camaraderie with complete strangers, but I do approve of all the laughing and gasping and reactions I have with other film-goers.

      Sports is entirely different for everything you guys just stated, and I concur that it IS fun to have such a simple pleasure as hooting and hollering with strangers over something with no stakes outside of pure competition for the sake of it.

      • When I watch sports at home by myself, I pretty much stay silent, and sit completely cold and emotionless, not wanting to get to happy about good things or upset about bad thing. That is, until the Kings score, then I pretty much go nuts for a few seconds.

    • One thousand times, yes.

    • I recently went through a stupid rough breakup, and one of my ways of feeling better was getting drunk and watching a NESN piece on the 04 season.

  5. That’s me every night watching Jeopardy!.

  6. Official minor league hockey team of Videogum:

  7. This probably doesn’t need to be said, but oh my god, that kid is adorable.

  8. I couldn’t see the tv well enough, so if he was rooting against the Celtics, then yes, sports are dumb and he is a child. If he was rooting for the Celtics, screw you Gabe, this stuff is important.

  9. Is it just me or does the little girl sound soooooo sarcastic when she’s all “a TRAVEL??? OH, NO!!!”

    …or maybe it’s just me projecting how I react whenever people talk about sports

  10. This guy, right? I bet the first thing he did when he moved out was put on sweats and sit too close to the TV but now he’s an adult so he puts on sweats and STANDS too close to the tv.

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