GUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s unfortunate that Gus, perfect Gus from Breaking Bad, was in such a DUMB episode of Community. I watched that episode — the videogame episode — while a stranger was in the room, don’t worry about it, and this stranger had never seen Community before and kept saying things like, “So you never see their faces? They’re always just cartoons? That’s so weird!” Which is certainly not saying anything good about this person, because the episode was definitely EXPLAINED to them, but let’s lay off that person for a second and realize how yes, that would have certainly been confusing if that were the first episode of Community you’d ever seen. “But why would a show ever make an episode like that?” you might find yourself thinking. “Why waste everyone’s time with nonstop unenjoyable nonsense?” “What…is the point? Especially when they have Gus in this one?” NO THANKS. But the second two Community episodes were good! Very enjoyable. Very much made it seem like you were watching something that someone made with the viewer in mind. When Troy said that thing about the guy going to jail because he was a murderer? Perfect. It’s nice when the gang has to be normal in the face of weirdos. Good jobs all around. I’ll see you guys next season, ON FRIDAYS. 30 Rock‘s finale was also good, I thought! So much of this season has been limited to non-sequitur nonsense, it was nice to finally see a bunch of plots actually getting somewhere, even if they DID all have to be stuffed into one final episode. I’m excited for the final season! I hope Liz has a baby! Do you hope Liz has a baby? What do you hope? What did you think? Did you hate the videogame episode too, even though Gus was perfect in it?

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  1. The video game episode had some awesome lines and moments, such as

    but it was weird that unlike the other 2 episodes it didn’t really advance the general plot at all

  2. I loved the video game episode, but a lot of that is because I love video games. And also this:

  3. While I don’t think the videogame episode was one of the strongest, I was laughing almost throughout. The whole scene in the blacksmith’s shop had me in stitches (that’s still a thing that happens when you laugh a lot, right?)

    ‘I am the blacksmith’s wif – AHHHHH!’

    • There were a lot of things in the episode that rang true to how people actually play videogames, I think. Troy unnecessarily jumping all the time, killing people just because, Troy breaking all the pots in the bar and putting the beer bottles on the bartender’s head. It was just a very fun episode and obviously written by people who played games, I think.

  4. I think the problem with the video game episode was that it was probably aired out of order. Did anyone else get that vibe? All of the episodes before that followed an overarching storyline and all of the episodes afterward did too.

    It was pretty apparent that the episode was aired out of order from the end credits. They’re supposed to be expelled, but we see Troy and Abed hanging out in the study room. Pretty big plot hole, especially when you consider how locked down the campus is in the next episode and how Abed had already been banned from the campus in the previous episode.

    My guess is that it was probably supposed to air sometime during the fall schedule, possibly as an immediate follow-up to the episode where Pierce’s dad dies.

    • That seems to be the working theory.

    • Absolutely. It definitely felt out of sequence. I didn’t even think about the study room tag, but yeah, that was weird.

    • It was definitely linked to the episode where Pierce’s dad died, but at the same time I didn’t really have a problem with it airing at this point in the season, when they’re still expelled from Greendale (it could have came up while they were forming a plan – they were out of school for a while, according to the episode prior to this one). Also, a big theme of the episode was everyone working together because ‘friends don’t try to take your father’s money’ or whatever Troy said, and throughout this season there’s been some inter-group conflict that seems to have been resolved by the group banding together after they got expelled. I don’t think that teamwork would/could have happened earlier.

      • That was actually one of my favorite lines from the episode. “because when you’re friends with someone for 3 years it’s weird to steal their money” I dont think working together was a theme, especially when you look at the show as a whole. They always work together except when they don’t.

    • Problem? Is that really the word you would use?

  5. NERDS! TO ME!! I just got a new laptop and the audio doesn’t synch up with the visual. Which is super annoying as I don’t have a TV so just watch everything on here. Is there something I can do? Something I can download or uninstall and re-install? Not entirely off topic as I haven’t seen any shows this week because it’s too annoying to watch anything on here.

    • poor thing! All I know how to do is turn everything off and turn it back on again. If that doesn’t work, my backup plan is to cry.

      • That’s a solid plan, and it’s how I handle technical support in the office most of the time if Googling it doesn’t solve the problem.

  6. I really enjoyed the 30 Rock season finale! Surprisingly emotional and ended on a great moment with Liz. Also, Criss’s reactions to Liz trying to lighten the mood at the wedding were great and made me love him.

  7. I liked the video game episode. I didn’t love it, but it had its fun moments! However, I did think it was a little weird, like over the top weird, even for Abed, for Abed to fall in love with that video game character. When he came back and put the game on his flash drive, it skeeved me out a little bit.
    I REALLY liked the Ocean’s 11 episode! I think it was my favorite. BUT, but, I did really like the strange AC repair school cult. That was hilarious, all their strange ceremonies. Oh, and I loved that the closing title card was “#sixseasonsandamovie” acknowledging how hard the fans worked to keep it on the air. You could definitely tell that the episode could’ve been a series finale if need be.

    A BABY FOR LIZ! I can’t wait. I thought it was a little weird that they broke up Jack and Avery, since I actually never got the impression that they were anything but perfect for each other. But maybe they were too perfect? Also there were some pretty great lines tonight: “Ah! Skinny arm havers!” The Downton Abbey joke, Tracy’s ?uestlove and Tyler Perry stuff, Jack’s advice on baby names.

    • I got really frustrated with the Ocean’s 11 episode the second the gang was “captured” by Chang’s police. I understand this is a really stupid thing to say considering how silly and over the top the show can get, but they’re frickin’ kids. Winger is RIPPPED, so is Troy. Just push them the hell out of the way. Problem: solved.

  8. As a gamer, I appreciated the video game episode but it wasn’t “funny” in a general sense. Interesting, but not funny. Aside from Shirley and Annie killing the blacksmith and his wife.

  9. OMG “:)JEFFERY! :( oh hey britta”. – The Dean

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  11. I enjoyed the video game episode, and I liked how Jeff jumped like Mega Man.

  12. Anyone who’s read Ender’s Game and thought “I really want to play that game” probably enjoyed the first of last night’s Community episodes. The other two were great as well, plenty of great Dean moments, but I always like to see shows taking risks and trying new things.

  13. I can appreciate why some people wouldn’t like the video game episode * but I absolutely loved it. It was just a bunch of nonsense and little references, which is Community at its best. I didn’t even care that it was obviously supposed to air earlier in the season – I just thought of it as a bonus episode that didn’t influence my enjoyment of the last 2 episodes one bit.

    I thought the 2nd and 3rd were as good as Community’s been in a while. Can we get a .gif of when Troy whispered in Abeds ear and then Abed told them what he said? Loved that part. If this show doesn’t last six seasons and a movie ima cry for real guys.

    *No I can’t, it was amazeballs. I’m just trying to be polite

  14. Jenna’s line, “Now available on Sega Genesis” made me guffaw. Straight up.

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