So that’s how you do that. Does anyone have any questions about how you complete that task? If you do have any questions, I’d invite you to simply re-watch the video. It’s all in the video. That’s how you do it. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Is this how the elderly do parkour?

  2. I’ll be convinced of this method when he can open my beer without spilling any it!

  3. Your move, sabrage aficionados.

  4. I want to see him do this after he drinks the contents.

  5. It that a Grolsch? Looks like a Grolsch. Or maybe a Sella?

    Either way, I’m thirsty.

  6. Good to see Patrick Bateman keeping busy in his old age.

  7. Every time I see a video like this, I think about how there’s probably ten similar videos where somebody is horrifically injured.

    • I can’t believe he didn’t wear protective glasses! The whole time I thought “Here it comes, he’s gonna shoot his eye right outta his head.” I was so thankful he was able to successfully pull it off.

  8. I’ve seen more extreme ways to imbibe:

  9. Looks like that was good for the beer too, if you catch my drift.

  10. this dude’s got nothing on my family. at barbecues we open Steel Reserve tallboys with an M-80.

  11. Flying bottle caps are no joke.

  12. People keep trying to teach me how to open a beer with a lighter, but I already have a foolproof way to get my beers open: I hand them to a guy and say “Open, please.”

  13. This guys is GREAT! seriously! teach me more about life, old man!

  14. Montell Jordan already taught us how to do it.

  15. I learned a lot the year I spent renovating a home with carpenter friends. So far, the most used skill is opening beer bottles with anything on hand.

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