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  1. Chloe, if it’s so painful that it brings you to tears, I think you’re wearing it in the wrong place.

  2. Pics or it didn’t happen, Terry Richardson.

  3. “She found very upsetting because she was worried men would no longer find her attractive.”

    Sure Chloe, you always look like you are about to sneeze and you blew Vincent Gallo on camera, but yeah, let’s go with the fake penis on why men might not find you attractive.

    • if she’s so worried about that, she should probably stop talking.*

      *not b/c im one of those ‘women should be silent’ guys – quite the opposite, actually – i just think chloe in particular has a terrible personality.

    • Plus she got AIDS from Telly, so there’s that, too.

    • I know many of you are very concerned as to which famous actresses I do or do not find attractive and so I am happy to oblige your curiosity by letting you know with this web comment note that I find this Chloe Seveigny (sp?) woman to be extremely attractive, particularly the scene in Gummo wear she tore the tape off her nipples. HOT!!!!

  4. This is the part that is most confusing to me: “Then again, if people can believe what’s her-name in ‘Avatar’, hopefully they can believe me as a pre-op.”

    Is she comparing prosthetic junk to motion capture acting?

  5. Chloe, go to South Sudan and then tell me about how hard your life is.

  6. I always thought a penis made Chloe more attractive.

  7. Guess this means that boys really Do cry

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