Sorry ma, forgot to take out the trash FULL OF ALL MY OLD PUNK CDs. (Via Uproxx.)

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  1. You keep using the word “Punk”. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  2. Nice try, but this is obviously fake. All of these songs came out long before Blink 182 invented punk in 1994.

  3. Huey Lewis? Huh, I thought he was heavy metal.

  4. Why would I pay for these punk classics when I can hear them all for free at my local mall hair salon?

  5. This is awesome, I was getting tired of my Sid Vicious album

  6. I feel like we’re all getting punk’d here.

  7. _unk Music?

    Sorry, the correct answer is Junk Music, Junk Music was the correct answer. But thanks for playing!

  8. This has no relevancy to the post but I just wanted to mention that I saw two sea punks the other day. I asked them straight up, “are you sea punks?” and they said yes and walked away. Then a girl wearing a teddy bear hat with ears and a single fuzzy glove walked by giving everyone high fives.

    • I have a photo collection somewhere of goths in extreme places. Basically it was dedicated to warm climate goths who made me sweat just looking at them. Places like Miami, Buenos Aires, Rome, etc. This was pre-tumblr, but I’m still obsessed with people who overdress in warm climates or in the summer.


        They’re not overdressed, it’s Helsinki, it gets very cold there. But they still look very, very silly.

        • I like to cover the left side of the screen and read the description of what they are wearing, and then try to compare reality to what I was imagining. It’s a fun game you should try it.

          Picture This:
          “Colours are my current obsession. Before I wore only black but now I’ve found colours with the help of this pullover. I own 7 leather jackets. This one I bought last summer. The shoes I’ve sprayed myself with silver spray.”

        • Love it. I do still think there needs to be a blog dedicated to over-dressers. Even the french tourists here in NYC will wear scarves all the way through July. It drives me insane!

          • One of the Portland papers does this and it is incredibly obnoxious. And I so very desperately want to get featured, ideally wearing my long wool house coat and pajamas so I can say that I was going for “amicable shut-in.”

          • “I’m really into scarves this season. And sort of fun caps. And playing in the sandbox.”

  9. Does anyone else remember Freedom Rock?

  10. punk?! that’s fucked up.

  11. My favorite punk band of all time? Easy. Devo.

  12. What’s a CD?

    • an archaic device that is commonly used today as a cup coaster for coffee table nowadays or as a weapon to whip at youngsters who question you when they ask who The Knack were.

  13. 800 number? And all this time I was participating in underground DIY culture like some kind of yuppie.

  14. LOL Oh my god. It’s been so long since I’ve seen these types of commercials, I was completely caught off guard when their postal address was Colorado Springs, CO. All of these commercials always have PO Boxes in Colo Springs for some reason!

    I grew up 18 miles west of Colorado Springs in the mountains, and whenever these things aired I was always like, “All of this annoying stuff is right down the hill?! Gross!”

    • I always wanted to go to Pueblo, Colorado because of that catalog you could get FROM THE GOVERNMENT that tells you how to get FREE SHIT IN THE MAIL. I used to imagine all the free stuff was just sitting within the city limits, waiting to be found by 5-year-old me in a scavenger hunt scenario that had a secret map that was hidden in the brochure.

  15. and those two hardcore punk rockers would go on to birth a little girl named avril lavine… and now you know the rest of the story…good day!

  16. True Story: I play in a cover band specializing in ’80s music (If you must know, we are called “The Definitive Collection”, for reals), and our setlist contains about 90% of these songs. I had no idea that the Davidson wedding this summer was going to be such a punk rock affair!

    We are cooler than I previously thought, and apparently need some new wigs.

  17. I laugh because my best punk friend who would go with me to a whole bunch of church basement straightedge shows also LOVED Huey Lewis. So we’d be driving home from something like Bane with Huey Lewis and the News blaring from the stereo. Good times. So don’t judge, people!

  18. Why do I feel like their Gangsta Rap CD was heavy on the El DeBarge and Lionel Richie?

  19. Gonna kick your door down to get to all of the punk CDs

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