After playing hard-to-get for however long it’s been (YEARS?), Aaron Sorkin has signed on to write the screenplay for a Steve Jobs biopic based on the Walter Isaacson biography. PHEW. The only question now is: Will Hollywood’s Steve Jobs™, Ashton Kutcher, have room for it in his schedule?!

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  1. Thus doubling the New Balance shoes budget for all those walk and talks.

    • Also you should click on the Apple iPad Open Thread for a continuation of the great “What is a tampon” Videogum discussion, started back on the “Bill O’Reily is a douchebag” thread.

      • The iPad Open Thread is amaaaaazing. The majority opinion was that the iPad was going to be a stupid, useless product and no one would buy it. We were all so naive back in 2010.

        • That’s extra funny when you realize that the only thing that changed was perception. Every complaint and criticism made there is still 100% correct! But people are totally buying into it now! Apple fans will praise Steve Jobs endlessly, but the real genius is the guy in charge of marketing over there.

  2. I can think of few things more tortuous than watching Ashton Kutcher portray Steve Jobs… actually I could have just stopped at Ashton.

  3. UGH. Who decided that Steve Jobs was interesting enough to warrant one movie, much less several? Was it the same guy who thought that America was clamoring for a movie based off of Battleship?

  4. Ironically, the use of touch screens on the iPhone actually make it MORE difficult to walk and talk.

  5. More importantly, will Allison Janney reprise her role as Claudia Jean “C. J.” Cregg?

  6. There’s no way either Steve Jobs movie will be better than Mark Zuckerberg: The Musical

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