Do you even care what this is from? Does it even MATTER? Just Kristen Stewart doing her thang. Punkers gotta punk. Girls gotta be in dresses that are very similar and not so pretty. Middle fingers gotta be up in the air in front of Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth when you’re on some grass somewhere at the world premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman. The point is that you just gotta do you. Do you and caption it!

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. (Via WWTDD.)

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  1. K-Stew mistakes Charlize Theron for her dad.

  2. Charlize Theron continues to be bullied.

  3. Lilly Collins just flipped off Julia Roberts but nobody cared about it

  4. “How much did YOUR last movie gross? Really? Well fuck yooooouuuuuu!”

  5. Kristen solves for the equation of her IQ plus her number of facial expressions.

  6. It’s official. Flipping the bird is the new universal symbol for “Help! I need attention! HELLLLP!!!!

  7. I’m still very confused by the casting department of this movie. Kristen Stewart is pretty, but the idea that her beauty will “surpass the queen” is ridiculous when the queen is Charlize Theron.

  8. Also in news ‘Kristen Stewart develops second facial expression’

  9. In her defense, Charlize Theron And Chris Hemsworth have been driving round town with the girl she loves.

  10. ‘And I used this one for the prostate massage’ – Kristen Stewart

  11. Careful, if he can’t protect Charlize, he will avenge her.

  12. I’m not saying you look like Nazis, I’m saying you are Nazis.

  13. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses.

  14. Kristen Stewart mistakes Charlize Theron for the designer of her dress.

  15. I wish I was this Chip Hemsworth fella as I would very much like to be in the middle of a Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron sandwich.

    • As you wish.

    • I wish I was this Chip Hemsworth fella as I would stare at myself in the mirror all day.

      • As a sidenote, a totally normal thought I just had: Do people who are really really ridiculously attractive, not just like “the hottest woman you know” or “the hottest man you’ve ever seen in person”, but one of the most gorgeous people on the planet, are they ever satisfied with a partners looks? I mean, obviously I know so much more goes into sexual chemistry than objective beauty and facial symmetry and the like, but on a certain level, isn’t it sorta like Michael Jordan being forced to play one-on-one with a variety of Lukes Walton his entire life?

        • As one of the most attractive people in the world I can tell you: we are just like everybody else. We just go for the most attractive person currently available. Just because you’re the hottest person alive, you still can’t have sex with yourself. We all just have sex with the best thing we can. Forever!

        • Thank you for correctly pluralizing “Luke Walton.”

  16. caught in a state of arrested development, a young adult breaks the cider house rules and leaves her panic room, goes on the road and into the wild of adventureland as a runaway at twilight to avenge a monster of the north country in the valley of elah and Chris Hemsworth was there too.

  17. Guy in the back, first time using a camera: “Stand back, everyone, I don’t know how powerful this thing is.”

  18. Kristen Stewart is not part of your system.

  19. She just pranked Kate Beckinsale and they are totes jeal.

  20. “So I went like this and told them ‘No, why don’t YOU caption it?’”

  21. “People can’t stop talking about it Michael!”

  22. “Take it easy, Kristen. First of all, I was talking about Chris. Second, I said I’ve never worked with such ‘a gigantic Huntsman’ before.”
    - Charlize Theron

    • I dont get it

      • Damn you. Well the premise was that Kristen Stewart thought Charlize Theron called her the biggest cunt she’s ever worked with (thus the double-bird treatment), but in my attempt to avoid actually saying the crass pun that everyone else either didn’t think of or (more likely) simply avoided, I ended up forcing it and missed the landing. So there you have it. The full anatomy of a failed joke. Now it’s only a matter of time before The Alliance of Magicians catches wind of this and kicks me out.

  23. Parents just don’t understand.

  24. Mirror mirror on the wall
    Who’s the most garish of them all?

  25. Her life really is Twilight!

  26. Whoaaaaaaaa. Snow White so punk rokk now, yew guis!

  27. fuck you guys, I’m pooping

  28. Charlize just told her that Fifty Shades of Grey started out as Twilight fan fiction.

  29. “No, I didn’t fucking play BLACK SWAN.” – Kristen Stuart

  30. the guy to the upper right of Charlize has a mean ‘taking a picture’ stance.

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