We talk about celebrity pranks here a lot on Videogum, but almost always the pranks are that of the “on set” variety. Spoken about over and over again in the kind of interviews where celebrities sit in front of the poster for whatever movie their promoting and let hundreds of reporters in throughout the day to ask them the same questions (“Tell is about the on-set pranks,” “Are you guys friends off-set too?” “When that happened, was that real?”), these stories are fun, sure, but rarely give us any insight into the pranker’s personal prank history. And really, how dare they keep it from us, their DESERVING public! In a recent appearance on Ellen, Kate Beckinsale broke down this prank barrier and gave us a glimpse at her TRUE Ms. Pranky-Prank self. From IFPress:

Actress Kate Beckinsale loves to prank her director husband Len Wiseman when he’s asleep.

The fun-loving Brit admits her man is such a heavy sleeper she can stick beards and Halloween store novelty items all over his face at night after he drops off.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, the Serendipity star said, “Once I found out that I could do the make-up, then it got really crazy and I’d start gluing a proper Pirates of the Caribbean beard on … and then a bullet hole, all this stuff you can get in any Halloween store. It’s hours of fun for me.”

And Beckinsale’s late night fun is a nightmare for Wiseman: “He’s, like, the shyest person ever so the thought of being the centre of attention is the most horrid idea for him … I wanted him to have to go to work and then have to go to the make-up trailer and say, ‘Please can you get this beard off before I have to go on set?’”

Thank you, Kate Beckinsale. You seem like an absolute nightmare to live with. A beautiful, beautiful nightmare. (Thanks for the tip, Rogelio)

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  1. Putting a bullet hole in your husband while he’s asleep counts as a hobby, now?

  2. Oh, sure. She can do whatever she wants to her husband while he’s asleep. But one french maid outfit and a long range camera and I’m the one with the restraining order against him. Real nice, Kate.

    • A prank is only a prank if you can watch it later on in the comfort of your own house, in the comfort of your birthday suit, in the comfort of a hand slick with Vaseline, in the comfort of double ply tissues, and in the comfort of absolutely no shame about it after you’re done.

  3. I like how they refer to her as “the Serendipity star.” Is she still promoting that?

  4. I don’t think I’m saying anything too far out here when I say that getting pranked while sleeping, when you’re sleeping with Kate Beckinsale, balances out pretty well in the pro vs con department.

  5. Honestly, this is still probably better than my ex-roomate’s insomnia hobby of vacuuming at 3 am. #grudgegum

  6. Len Wiseman is getting off light. I had to IMDB who he is and he’s responsible for all the Underworld movies. If I was Beckinsale I’d be gluing werewolf cocks to his forehead.

    • I think you meant you’d be gluing LICHEN cocks to his forehead in Prankworld: Rise of the Lichen Cocks on Foreheads. Coming soon…

      • Lichen reproduces asexually through spores.

        • Gobblegirl, come on now. Come on now, Gobblegirl!

          You and I both know I’m talkin’ ’bout the werewolves from the Underworld films being called Lichens. It’s all very confusing (like plasma rifles), but we know what’s up. They are not– YOOPS! I just googled it and they spell it as LYCANS. Shut yo’ mouth. But I’m talkin’ ’bout Lycans. We can dig it.

          Carry on. God in heaven, carry on. It’s only Tuesday.

  7. he got her back by chaining her career to endless Underworld sequels for eternity

  8. How deep does this guy sleep? That seems like a lot to not wake up to. If someone were to blue a beard on me while I was sleeping I hope I’d know. Sounds like he has a xanax problem.

  9. Who knew being married to Kate Beckinsale is like living at a shitty frat house?

  10. So…when does SHE sleep?? Does this mean that underworld was a documentary?

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