They only have your best interest at heart. (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Two ex-Mensan posts in one day???

  2. The only thing this video is missing is the slow motion replay.

  3. Are they speaking English? Seriously, I can’t tell. Is that Welsh? What is that language?

  4. As an engineer, I strongly disapprove of their rain gutter system. Also, that back porch was poorly design and that lady is probably really hurt, but what is up with that gutter system? You route everything into an ashtray or something? You guys go check on that drunk lady please, I’m still in a little bit of shock because of your exterior duct work.


  6. Ow-zie! get it?

  7. That’s not a fall. THIS is a fall.

  8. Somebody needs to lose weight.

  9. I wonder why the video is called “Drunk Chick Fail” when the other guy is not so great at friendship. “Haha, I just videotaped you horribly injuring yourself! I’m the best!”

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