• What you are looking at is — brace yourselves — the first visual evidence of the return of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! Hoooly moooooly! I bet you had no idea when you woke up this morning that it would be the MOST INCREDIBLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE. -Vulture
  • Louis C.K. is currently offering his Carnegie Hall special, Word: Live at Carnegie Hall, which was recorded during his 2010 tour, on his website for $5. Hey! You like that! Why not, right? Why not get it and watch it and laugh and enjoy. -LouisCK
  • And Louis C.K. is doing another reddit AMA right now! -Reddit
  • Smile! -Dean Fleischer-Camp
  • Matthew from Downton Abbey is going to be making his Broadway debut soon! I bet Cora is so excited. I’m sure the Lord is super proud, too. And Mary? Please. I’m sure Mary is acting like she’s cool with it but you know she’s probably going crazy right now. -NYTimes
  • Here is a supercut of all of the gear shifting from every single Fast and the Furious movie. Hahah. Perfect. Thank you and you’re welcome. -TheDailyWhat
  • And HERE is a supercut of every “I’m a doctor, not a BLANK” line from all the Star Treks. My goodness. What is it, supercut CHRISTMAS? Where supercut SANTA knows exactly what you supercut WANT? And you’ve been very supercut GOOD this year? -ViralViralVideos
  • Do you think New Yorker profiles are the kiss of death for celebrities? Or do you think that maybe the New Yorker really just GETS IT WRONG sometimes, for example with that Anna Farris piece they did? Remember that weird thing? Look at what Salon thinks! -Salon
  • Will Smith gave Roger Federer an incredible, selfless gift this past weekend. -FilmDrunk
  • And, finally, do you have any questions for Jodie Sweetin? Let thisismynightmare know! -MOBFD
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  1. Ah! I want to see Matthew on Broadway!!! With David Strathairn! “Get out!” -Elaine Benes

    (Also, while we’re talking about Broadway, I know this is from a few week ago or something, but can we talk about Bunheads for a second? I didn’t know it had Sutton Foster in it! I love Sutton Foster, she is an AMAZETOWN Broadway actress. And EMILY EFFING GILMORE is going to be in it? And I love Amy Sherman-Palladino and Gilmore Girls! [Also, also, that guy she marries looks like Cam from Ferris Bueller even though it IMDB says, no, it's not.] So WHYYY doesn’t this look very good? It pains me to think that all of these awesome people are working together and it’s not going to be very good.)

  2. I miss Star Trek. I’m a geek, not a doctor.

  3. Wow, Arrested Development’s still got it! That picture is hysterical!

  4. That salon thing is annoying. It feels like they had no news to comment on, so they just invented some. “Hey, here’s a thing that no one is saying, but let’s pretend they are, otherwise there will be a tiny blank space on our website for an hour.” Eesh. Can’t we just agree that if there’s no news, that’s okay? You don’t need to make up news, Media People. Relax. Get a sandwich. Kiss your spouse. Take a nap.

    Also, what’s with the snide assertion that “John Carter” had terrible story structure? Did this writer even SEE that movie?? You can attack its marketing and budgeting and casting, but its structure?? Not to mention that it had three writers, one of whom was MICHAEL CHABON. Its structure was fine. Salon is a rag.

    • I’ve seen this elsewhere: people confusing John Carter’s box office numbers with its critical reception. I think because there was so much writing on the Internet about its promotional failures, a lot of people began using a more general “John Carter = failure/ bad movie” meme, even if they hadn’t seen the film. There’s a lot of piling on and groupthink in media journalism nowadays, it seems.

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