It looks like next fall you’ll be able to catch Community on FRIDAY nights, between Whitney and Grimm, your two other faves, and it also looks like Dan Harmon may not be the one producing it. Our whole world! It’s CHANG-ing, GET IT?!

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  1. I don’t care anymore. I gots my DVR.

  2. Can NBC buy the rights from ABC for TGIF?

  3. The Friday night thing is no big, I have an iTunes seasons’ past on it. But not produced by Dan Harmon? Will it even be Community as we know it?

  4. Guess I’ll have to Dean-Vee-Arrrr it.

  5. Friday night will theoretically be good for the show. No one expects ratings on Friday so the pressure is off to an extent. I think Community has all the fans (loyal as they are) it’s ever going to have. It’s too insular for Thursdays. I’m not sure about Harmon, but everything I’ve read/heard from him seems to point to the possibility that it’s not just the admittedly dickish Chevy Chase who has a problem with him. So we’ll see.

  6. “The upside: Community will now have the perfect hit comedy lead in: Whitney!”

    Sarcasm or bad taste?

  7. Grimm is a really good show and it’s gotten pretty amazing in the past month or two. Highly recommend. And the only reason it’s still around is because it was on Fridays. Might not be the worst move for Community, since the people who watch live TV don’t watch the show anyway and … Rant about how archaic Neilsen ratings are.

    Also: Grimm is actually an enjoyable show. And so much funnier than Portlandia when it comes to jokes about my new town. They get it. And one of the show runners behind Angel is doing this. And Pilates Wolf is the best. And the Grimm house is down the street from me. Yay Grimm!

  8. Ehhh, this isn’t really good on any level. Friday is a graveyard for good shows like this, especially ones that needed the great time slot Community had on Thursday with similar shows (30 Rock, Parks, etc.).

    Also, whether he is a knob or not (all signs point to Chase being the knob) Community will not be the same show without Harmon involved. He has a ton to do with what makes it great.

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