Now make like a tree and STOP ASKING TOM WILSON IF LEA THOMPSON IS NICE! (Thanks for the tip, Huckabeast!)

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  1. Well I do count Ninja Turf !!!

  2. Come on Tom WIlson you’re supposed to answer these in a reddit ama

  3. Ah so he had some sort of accident and is now handicapped!!!!! Poor guy. Bless!

  4. You guys should all really go to Here’s a sample:

  5. Who’s going to win the Super Bowl next year? The World Series? Quit holding out, Tom Wilson!

  6. Was Einstein the dog nice ?
    Was Flea nice ?
    Was Elizabeth Shue nice ?
    Did you guys really go back and forth through time to film these movies ?
    What did all that poop taste like ?.
    Crispin and Michael both kick your ass. Is there anybody you can beat up ?
    Are you a rapist in real life too or is that just in the movies ?

    Eagerly awaiting next postcard.

    • I saw his stand-up act a few years ago, and it was pretty charming.

      - Everyone was nice.
      - They did not, in fact, go back and forth in time- that was all special effects.
      - The poop tasted awful, and actually led to a new SAG regulation that Guild members cannot be forced to eat poop. (They may still volunteer to eat poop.)
      - He is deeply ashamed of losing his fights with Crispin Glover and Michael J. Fox, and of losing each subsequent rematch. At the time that I saw him, he reported that he could beat up mushrooms and limbless dogs.
      - He is not a rapist in real life. However, you can catch him as a sexual harasser in the upcoming STARVING GAMES.

  7. Love is more important than material possessions unless you possess a time machine Delorean.

  8. Hi, Tom Wilson, my name is Frank Lloyd Wrong. I comment frequently on, the internet’s number one destination for trampoline accidents and contrarian points-of-view on Mad Men. You recently answered a bunch of questions about Back To The Future, but I have many, many more that you didn’t answer. So if you’ll let me indulge: What was your trailer like? Did it have a hot tub? What was your favorite thing to eat off of the craft services table? When they switched Jennifers, were you confused? Did Christopher Lloyd ever do a Reverend Jim impression on set? Did you get it or where you not a fan of Taxi? Why not? What was Elijah Wood like on the set of BTTF 2? Did you know he would grow up to be Frodo? Was Billy Zane cool? Was it his idea to wear the cowboy hat? Did mary Steenbergen have any cool stories to tell about ted Danson? Were they dating then? Did you pet Billy Gibbon’s beard from ZZ Top? How about Dusty Hills? Did you point out that Frank Beard is the one member of ZZ Top that didn’t have a beard? Why did you do that? Don’t you know that joke is hackneyed? How many Einsteins were there? Did they do any tricks? Did you ever do the Tonight Show when Joan Rivers was the guest host? Why not? Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

  9. Tom Wilson is actually a really cool guy. He created this postcard to hand out to people who ask him about the movies. Go listen to his Nerdist interview, it’s pretty interesting. He’s got his own podcast now, “Big Pop Fun” or something like that.

  10. Look Biff I watched the movie, I know you end up making less money than we all think

  11. But where does he get his ideas?

  12. He even made a song about it!

  13. He seems like a nice guy, and he rocked as Coach Fredericks on Freaks and Geeks.

  14. were you offended that Robert Zemeckis chose to work with a different Wilson for Cast Away?

    what do you think was in the FedEx box? A flux capacitor? A 1950-2000 Sports Almanac?

  15. I love how his own personal recollections are interspersed with universally-known facts like, “Steven Spielberg executive produced the movie, but Robert Zemeckis directed it.”

  16. Hold up.

    The hoverboards didn’t really fly??!

    Mind = blown.

  17. I saw Tom Wilson’s standup one time. During the show, he rapped on my head and said, “Hello? Anyone in there? Think, Michael, think!” It was the best.

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