LES! LIE! KNOPE! LES! LIE! KNOPE! LES! LIE! KNOPE! Wooooooooooo! They really drew THAT conclusion out in every possible, kind of lazy way they could’ve! But yes, obviously, Leslie Knope is the new councilwoman and we all have to say goodbye to dumb-dumb Paul Rudd. Bye, Paul! You were great! I thought — despite the comically lazy drawing-out of the conclusion that I just mentioned — that it was a good season finale. Lots of new things to explore next season. Andy as a policeman? Come on. More drama in the Leslie and Ben relationship? That’ll be more interesting than just watching them be cute together, probably! And Paul Rudd was really great when he had to ask Leslie how to vote. A good time. Amen. 30 Rock‘s cobbled together collection of non-sequiturs is getting harder and harder to remain interested in, unfortunately. But Avery is back! That’s something! And they just got picked up for a shortened final season, so I AM looking forward to seeing how the characters end up. I bet it’ll be sweet. Community‘s new-clips clip show was silly. Kind of tiring, in the same was 30 Rock always is — jokes that don’t really have a purpose or base in anything — but fun enough, I thought! And they’re setting up the finale nicely! Mostly I just don’t want to complain about it because, honestly, I had a fine enough time watching it. Loved the mental institution scenes. Don’t worry be happy. The Office was, as it tends to be, The Office. But it was really great when Erin said that Andy only abused her emotionally. Really, Erin is always great on that show. As is Gabe, even though I think he only had one reaction shot in the whole entire episode. What did you guys think? HUH??

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  1. Out of everything that happened on Parks and Rec last night to set up for the next season the thing I am most looking forward to is Officer Dwyer.

    • Agreed.

      Also, the scene where Paul Rudd asks Leslie how to vote was funny, but I also kind of wish they’d let that emotional moment breathe for a little while longer.

      • Ah, yes, this. That was a monumentally touching moment, and I would have loved to live in it just a moment longer. Couple that moment with the “I never wrote a concession speech” scene, it’s really the best comedy on television.

    • I’m thinking it’s going to have to be Security Guard Dwyer.

  2. Everything was good! Well, I didn’t watch 30 Rock yet but whatevs. I was so happy for Leslie but annoyed that they’re still pretending Tom and Ann would ever be in a relationship. But besides that, I thought it was a very good season finale.

    Community was the best episode since Remedial Chaos Theory, IMO. I thought it was better than the last clip show they did because it actually moved the story forward instead of just being one big joke.

    But I really want to talk about how insane the finale of The Vampire Diaries was. HOLY COW! ALARIC! KLAUS! TYLER! ELENA!!!!!! I barely even cared that Elijah was there because everything else was so nuts and that’s really saying something.

    • YES! Community was SO GREAT!

      “Community‘s new-clips clip show was silly. Kind of tiring, in the same was 30 Rock always is — jokes that don’t really have a purpose or base in anything — but fun enough, I thought!”

      I about spit out my OJ at this. Because WHAT!? Jokes that don’t have a purpose or base in anything?! Come on! Almost every single joke on Community was either a callback to a previous joke from an earlier episode or a prime example of a joke expanding on a character’s personality. It also moved the plot forward and set them up to go save the real dean and Chang!

      I think my favourite little joke was Abed narrating Pierce’s life. “He said, oldly.” is exactly how I imagine the narration for Gabe’s life.

      • Since when do jokes have to have a purpose? I thought their purpose was to be funny… because, you know, that’s why it’s a joke.

        • That’s true, too. I really don’t get the weird arguments that happen against this show (but I guess it’s more of a backhanded compliment because people seem to like it, EVEN THOUGH those jokes have NO PURPOSE???) because one week, it will be super jokey and funny and people whine about how “there’s, like, totally no character development, maaaaaaaan!” and then the next week, they do an episode that takes place basically in the imagination of one character and people are all “But where were all the purposeless jokes!?” It can’t win. Even among its alleged fan base.

    • Didn’t have time to reply to this before work this morning but YES! Holy cow indeed. I didn’t see the twist at the end until doctor lady spelled it out for me a couple seconds before the actual reveal (trying not to spoil anything because it’s something you should see for yourself) and it was a total lurch-toward-the-TV-screen “Oh shit!” moment. I don’t think I’ve been so simultaneously blindsided and gut-punched by a TV show since Buffy. This season has wandered a bit too much for my liking and I wasn’t even sure if I could give much of a crap what happened to these characters anymore but apparently I can, and this last episode makes everything that lead up to it look a lot better in hindsight. Sad, but so so awesome.

      I’m talking about Vampire Diaries, in case that wasn’t obvious.

  3. Why do we always have to discuss this on Friday? Won’t somebody please think of us time travelers shifters?

  4. Did anyone else think that Ann was gonna smack Tom upside the head at the end of her drunken rant? She can’t be serious about them getting back together.

    “I think we should date it all!”

  5. Yay Leslie! Yay Friday! Yay today’s my baby’s senior prom!

    • Based on my ignorance, I’m not sure if it’s the person you’re dating’s senior prom, or your child’s senior prom. If it is the latter, then I am jealous of your baby’s freakishly rapid social development, and I am feeling that this was sort of a competitive mom thing to brag about. Just saying. But congratulations either way.

      • My little boy (and avatar with the blue frosting mouth) has grown up on me. He’ll be wearing a tuxedo this evening, and no blue frosting.

        • KATE. When I was trying to figure out what to do for you for the Secret Santa thing, I did an image search on your avatar to see what it was and this is what I got:

          I was like, “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

    • She said, oldly.

      (My third baby’s prom was last week.)

    • i JUST now realized after watching this gif for 10 minutes that it was a hidden gun book! i thought it was a pencil drawing of steps or something. (not funny) they showed it too fast for me last night to get it. thanks for posting this so i can enjoy the joke now! ha ha ha ha i’m slow. :(

  6. I loved the scene on Community where they went through went through moments of the three seasons with the group in an asylum, just typical Community being hilarious. I also liked that they didn’t dwell on the idea that ‘Greendale isn’t real’ for too long, it was clearly a ridiculous idea.

    Parks and Rec though was close to perfect, what a great moment between Ben and Leslie when he told her that he never wrote the other speech. The episode could have use a little bit more Jean-Ralphio, not much, just a little more.

    • It got real dusty in my house when he said he never wrote the other speech. Also when she got to vote for herself. Real dusty.

      • Same thing happened to me. Apparently there was some sort of Thursday night dust phenomenon.

      • i will take a moment here to point out what a testament it is to the writers and actors of this show in that they are able to make viewers feel that much for the characters while making the most hilarious thing on earth.

        Lesley in that voting booth was just perfection.

  7. How has no one mentioned that the rumors are flying that ALL of the shows are being cancelled next year. 30 Rock is for sure and probably both Parks and Rec and Community as well. There are not enough sad faces in the world.

    • I heard Community just got picked up for a half season (13 eps).

    • Isn’t is sort of weird that NBC would say, “Hey guys, you get one more season but then that’s it, you’re cancelled”? That seems like the best way to take the wind out of the sails of the creators/writers/actors/everyone involved. I know with 30 Rock it seems like a mutual agreement, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the case with Community and Parks and Rec, although they will probably get shorter seasons so NBC can air all the new comedies they picked up as well and see what sticks, I guess.

    • They’re not necessarily being canceled. They’ve just been picked up for shorter seasons of 13 episodes each instead of the usual 22. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, or set in stone. NBC has done that before, picked up a show for 13 episodes then extend it to 16 or 22. Also, this is not the first time that Parks and Rec and Community have been on the chopping block like this. It’ll be fine. And if it’s only 13 episodes, I bet they’ll be 13 really great episodes.

      Also, 30 Rock has been setting up to end for at least 2 seasons now. Both of the main characters have been saying that they are ready to do something else. Tina Fey put it in her book, and Alec Baldwin talks about it pretty regularly.

      • At this point, I feel like NBC is fucking with everyone. They know if we think it’s going to be canceled everyone will work hard to spread the word and get people to watch. This is all part of their marketing plan.

        Let’s all pool our money and start a new network.

      • And boom, full season pick up for Parks and Rec.

  8. I think I might have ran out of kleenex while watching the finale of parks and recs. Stupid allergies.


    • I don’t get that movie…those writers/directors played a much different board game than I did growing up. They must have had a deluxe version or something.

      • I think that the problem there is that we were playing the game from a human perspective. Based on the title of the movie, it must be told from the Battleship’s perspective (like War Horse?) I’m thinking, based on the trailers, that this Battleship has a hell of an imagination. But, then again, how is a Battleship to process giant plastic pegs falling from the sky? Must be aliens!

        But also you’re right about the deluxe version because Rihanna’s there and she was never even on the box at my house.

      • Honestly, had they just called the movie something generic like “Aliens at Sea” or “Ocean Melee 2012″, I’d be more inclined to see it. But no, I now have to deal with the thought of some character yelling “You sank my battleship!” during the movie, and proceed to take a drill to my temple.

  10. Sadly, I’m unable to join in the frivolity on this thread.

    With Australia being several thousand kilometres away, it seems to take a really long time for the film reels of all these shows to get here.

    I think they arrive on a dirigible via the Far East.

    • I make it a rule never to touch the thumbs over there——————————————->
      But you used the term “dirigible”, so what the hell? Thumbs Up, Up, and Away!

  11. That Paul Rudd character was so dumb but so charming. He seems so likable that I could almost see myself voting for him and OH MAN THIS IS HOW GEORGE W BUSH GOT ELECTED TWICE ISN’T IT.



    • I know, right? I have mixed feelings about the end because it’s such a huge, irreversible change. But much like when Alaric was waiting in the tomb to die a few weeks ago, I was weeping like a GD baby when they were cutting back and forth between the two Wickery Bridge drowning moments.

      • I told my sister, Elena is going to do something stupid and Stephan is going to let her. I did not realize it would be letting her die.

        I was also convinced Matt was going to bite it. He was in my death watch list.

        • Poor Matt spent too much time with Jeremy and caught the Stupidity Virus.

          When they staked Klaus I was just like “Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Tyler!!!!!!!!!” But I don’t think I like the whole Tyler-as-Klaus thing. I knew Bonnie was going to do something idiotic when Damon left her alone with the coffin. If they had to kill somebody off, why couldn’t it be her?

          • Matt punching the steering wheel after finding out about Tyler was the first time I actually heard myself sob. (I’m pretty cool!) Seriously, though, this episode was SO loaded and SO intense and seemed like a worthwhile finale.

            Also, yes, please off Bonnie and never, ever, ever kill Caroline, writer guys.

  13. Did John Hodgman’s character say “I think I have all I need to make my ruling”? If so, great shout out to all the Hodge-heads out there.

  14. I liked Gabe’s birthday party for one and Andy’s soup accident, but otherwise that was one of the worst episodes of The Office in recent memory. It’s been in the habit of doing this thing where the episode ramps up some kind of conflict and then resolves it in the most unsatisfying way imaginable. No payback on Robert California? Andy and Nellie are totally cool now, because of a stilted scene where she quotes Shakespeare? And then that arc with Dwight and Angela: That really went somewhere, didn’t it? (It did not.)

  15. I’m never against anyone getting a candy bar

  16. Man, I actually do work at my job and then I miss the Thursday night open thread?! Geez.

    I loved pretty much everything about both Community and Parks & Rec last night!!! So good. I knew instantly that John Hodg was obviously a plant and that the whole “Greendale Asylum” thing was just to throw them off, but I loved it! I loved seeing the Dean and Garrett as doctors in the asylum. Just loved the whole episode pretty much!

    And Parks & Rec! Man, I teared up several times. The moment when Leslie voted for herself? I agree with someone above me who said they would’ve liked just a teensy bit longer to let the emotional moment breathe, but that Paul Rudd moment was really funny so it’s okay I guess.

    The Office, ugh, what are we going to do about you? Mostly bad, except for 1.) all the adorable babies and children and 2.) everyone’s reaction shots to Robert California’s description of his “charity work.” Very good reaction shots, The Office cast! (Also David Wallace is always nice to see. I don’t why, but I like that guy.)

    Ummm….30 Rock was okay?

  17. While everyone is talking about what an emotional time they had watching Leslie last night, I really lost it when she slid her picture into the wall of former council members and it very pointedly showed they were all men. This is why this show means so much to me! There are so few television shows with honest depictions of women and their stories. Someone like Leslie – smart, successful, driven, but still funny and human – is so valuable every single time she has little moments like that.

    My other favourite moment in this episode? Jean-Ralphio! I missed your idiot swagger.

  18. I have been seeing all of this stuff about The Office that made me think they weren’t going to renew it. Things like Dwight getting his own spinoff show, Mindy Kahling getting her own show that BJ Novak is going to help write, Charlene Tate signing to do another sitcom, Spader leaving, Toby the horrible actual head writer for TO leaving, and so on….It’s a shame, because I had my fingers crossed that I would never have to fast forward through it again. Ed Helms story – ugh please, no mas.

  19. Kelly, I think you should stop writing the Thursday night open threads. You never like anything other than Parks and Rec! It’s hard to get excited about talking about this stuff when you just hate on it. 30 Rock was amazing, The Office is actually one of the most consistently funny shows on television, despite its age, and Community has earned its cult status. Also, please stop talking about Parenthood. Thanks. XOXOGG

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