We have four movie trailers for you today, which may seem like not enough to satiate your deep hunger for movie trailers, but I will tell you that all of the movie trailers we have for you today are NOT GARBAGE! Can you believe it? Four fine-quality trailers! It’s a miracle! And one thing you should never do to a miracle is keep it waiting, so LET’S GO!

Gangster Squad

Yes, obviously. Ryan looks great. Emma looks stunning. The whole thing looks like a nonstop thrill-ride. But I will say that watching Sean Penn did make me think, “Oh yeah, you play pretend for a living.” Right? That guy is really going for the play pretend in this trailer. “Look at me, I’m a reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaal gangster.” – Sean Penn.

Killer Joe

This is not a movie for me, but it looks like a fine enough movie for someone for whom this IS a movie! And it’s by the director of The Exorcist? Actually, I thought that was really strange until I looked at his IMDB and he’s spent the last few years directing episodes of CSI. A man’s gotta work. But, yeah, sure, Killer Joe! Dont’ hire him to kill your mom, he seems mean!


Unfortunately, I think I’m doomed to a lifetime of thinking any movie with Byan Cranston in it is going to be a good movie. “Even Rock of Ages?” Well, no. “Even THE LINCOLN LAWYER???” NO, I WAS BASICALLY JUST LYING, BUT BRYAN CRANSTON IS ALWAYS NICE TO SEE! Love that guy! And this movie DOES actually look good. I’ll see it. I mean, I probably won’t, just because it’s hard to get to the movies sometimes, but if someone asked me to go see it with them and I didn’t think the theater had bedbugs I would definitely go!

The Campaign

I know this may be just me, but I don’t particularly enjoy jokes where the person is supposed to be dumb, and the joke is that they’ve said an incorrect word that kind of sounds like the word they were supposed to say. And it looks like this movie is going to have A LOT of that kind of joke. But with that slightly bitchy point out of the way: ALL OUR FRIENDS! Zachy, Willy, the whole gang. And the IMDB says Heather Lawless is going to be in it at some point? She’s the best! Obviously we are all going to see this. Vote YES to seeing this.

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  1. Based on the mustache and the vocal inflection Zach is definitely playing Seth Galifianakis in that movie

    • I always worry a little bit when comedians do big screen versions of sketch/stand-up characters. It can wear thin after a while. Da Ali G show characters all got movies and now we are done with them. Now Cohen will retread and repurpose his character catalog.

      Ron Burgundy is similar Robert Goulet. Ricky Bobby is similar to George W. Bush. They are different enough though to still be funny and new (similarly , Cohen’s french racer was also different for Cohen).

      Zach, on the other hand, has a great stable of characters but they are ostensibly just 1-and-done punchlines (the Pretentious Illiterate, the Timid Pimp, etc), or sketch characters (Frisbee on Reno911!).

      His twin brother Seth is the only fleshed out character of note who goes on as a Tony Clifton-esque entity, and he is great in that way (I loved it on ‘The Comedians of Comedy: Live at the Troubador’ where Zach went on relatively early, then shaved and got a haircut backstage, and came back out as Seth later in the show). Zach gets cast as a lot of ‘dumb’ characters, but I have always enjoyed his darker, more-nuanced and thoughtful performances (The Visioneers, Bored To Death). I was hoping for a new character here.

      I’m assuming a lot from the trailer, and I admittedly might be worried about nothing and Zach’s character is great. What I am saying is that when comedians repurpose already hilarious and well-known characters, it always makes me feel a little uneasy. It is not an indicator that it will be bad– plenty of comedians have bucked that stuff– but when it’s bad, it gets really bad really fast.

      Fingers crossed!

  2. You know, I wish the Lincoln Lawyer had been made into a tv show instead of a movie. I think it would have made a good tv show…it just didn’t feel like a movie to me. There were lots of potential for recurring characters too…yay motercycle guys!

  3. if any of these are as good as they look, this is looking to be a pretty great movie year.

    • Agreed on all counts. VERY excited about Gangster Squad, even though Sean Penn looks/sounds like a character from Dick Tracy.

      • not to mention other to-be-released movies….

        moonrise kingdom, beasts of southern wild, dark knight rises, Django Unchained, This is 40….those are just the ones off the top of my head.

        • This is gonna seem weird, but I sometimes wish the Avengers was terrible instead of wonderful, so that I could bitch about not being able to see Beasts of the Southern Wild instead of this mega-explosiony blockbuster (one that happens to be good and not particularly sexist, as opposed to anything Michael Bay even looks at). It would help preserve the illusion that I am a serious, intellectual adult, goddamnit!

          On the up/downside, Battleship looks terrible.

  4. Is Gangster Squad basically LA Noire with Ryan Gosling? Yes. Is that OK? Absolutely.

  5. The Campaign looks fine enough, but if I hear Taking Care of Business in one more goddamn movie trailer I’m gonna get really fucking stabby.

    • “Taking Care of Business” : Movie Trailers :: “We Are Family” : Wedding Receptions

      Which brings me to my real pet peeve: the fact that 99% of all wedding bands play the same music. And 99% of that music is from the 70′s (with the other 1% is “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”, which, sorry, but it’s the fucking worst of all time).

      • My DJ allowed us to walk in to the Jurassic Park theme and play movie themes throughout the dinner. Then he took over but fielded our requests for “Cecelia,” “Mr. Blue Sky,” and “Whoomp! (There It Is).”

        What I’m trying to say is you just have to know the right people and have the best possible taste in music and a very persuasive expression on your face AT ALL TIMES.

      • In an era when a wedding playlist can be made on a computer, the only reason to hire a DJ is for the sound system lights etc.

  6. After I finished the last trailer, I definitely listened to one of the suggested videos: “Tomorrow Never Knows” MONO MIX. Excellent recommendation, YouTube. Would YouTube again, A++++++.

  7. Gangster Squad looks ridiculously awesome but man do I hate Sean Penn.

  8. Emma Stone is so pretty it literally hurts me.

  9. That’s so weird, I thought the cokehead in Die Hard got SHOT IN THE FACE.

  10. Nick Nolte and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are starting to look dangerously alike.

  11. Thinking Sean Penn looks pretty great in that film as a pulp-era villain. That movie looks awesome.

  12. Ryan Gosling in a fedora? I’m sold.

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