Hot on the heels of the Scary Movie 5 “Black Swan” movie spoof idea, two MORE former Scary Movie writers have announced ANOTHER classic spoof-em-up. From Variety:

It was only a matter of time before someone sent up one of the year’s runaway hits: Spoof auteurs Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have come on board to write and direct THE STARVING GAMES, with K5 selling its international rights at Cannes. Though HUNGER GAMES will be front center for many of the jokes, other pics it plans to pillory include THE AVENGERS, SHERLOCK HOLMES and the HARRY POTTER finale.

THE STARVING GAMES! What an incredible name for a sure-to-be incredible movie. Half the laughs are right there in the title! I almost feel like I’m STEALING entertainment by not having given them any money yet, and other obviously sarcastic things! But one thing that title does very well is lend itself to a party game. Yay! SPOOF MOVIES! I’ll go first:

  • Iceberg Boat
  • The 100 Year Old Virgin
  • Tiny Ms. So Sunny
  • You Can Without Question Count On Me
  • Garden Country

Now you go! Spoof-em-up yourself! NOT SO EASY IS IT! Just kidding, it is!

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  1. The Six Samurai (Margin of Error: One Samurai)

  2. No Country for Old Hens.

    • I have to say that I read your comments in a whole different way now that I know you’re a robot. I picture them read in a halting electronic voice, like a Speak and Spell. But maybe that’s naive. Clearly you’ve advanced to the point of understanding pop culture and humor and irony and all those things so you probably sound human, too. Do you think a robot and a human could ever be friends?

      • I would say yes, but apparently humans show affection through alternately spanking and caressing roboasses. It might be best to stick with friendly acquaintances.

  3. Battle Pony

  4. The Big Lebowski (because he’s actually really small. Kind of in the same way you call a fat guy “Tiny.”)

  5. Porno Movie: A Rated R Parody

  6. 3-D: The Movie

  7. Glengarry Rick Ross*

    *I would see the shit out of this movie, if I’m being honest.

  8. Large Plant of Life

  9. 12AM in Paris

  10. The FArtist

  11. The Guy who does Art

    • Okay, technically that sounds more like a porn spinoff, but don’t you tell me the Waynes Brothers haven’t already considered making 90 minutes worth of comedy bronze about a prostitute who rode her way through several different wars. I have no idea what War Horse was actually about, but this is vaguely what I gathered from the trailer I saw (even though it CLEARLY should have been about a retired alcoholic war hero who is called back into service because his country needs him…you know, but with a horse)

    • there is a porno called War Whores

  12. Opposite of Christ

  13. Friday Evening Head Cold

  14. Shark Mouth

  15. Dumbassocracy

  16. Planet of the Monkeys

  17. Fake Grit*

    *I hope the award for Best Comment Ever can fit in my mailbox when Gabe and Kelly send it to me.

  18. In the Name of the Expendables, Transport the the Safe to the Crank Death Race

  19. The Raps of Nimh

  20. Punch Club

  21. The People Born After Me

  22. The Revengers

  23. Twister
    Presented by Hasbro

  24. Tom: Cruise Control

  25. Move by Car

  26. Jeff, Who Lives with Gollum

  27. There Will Be Plasma

  28. The Legend of the Life Guards: The Towels at the Pool

  29. Cereal Mom

  30. Whose Movie Is It Anyway?

  31. Magic Boy Goes to Magic School With His Magic Friends (MAGIC)

  32. Cashball

  33. Space Fights

  34. Space Jelly

  35. Small Wooden House in the Forest

    • Elaborately Constructed Deathtrap Meant to Look Like a Building Used for Isolated Vacation Getaways Just on the Edge of the Forest Because it Has a Driveway That Connects to a More Important Thoroughfare, so Its Technically Not “In” the Woods

  36. Good William Shooting Animals

  37. South by Southwest

    (It’s a spy thriller where a biplane divebombs the Wayans brothers at a media conference in Texas.)

  38. He Just Doesn’t Like You All That Much

  39. Transform, Pray, Love: Dark of the Honeymoon

    (a robomantic travel log dramedy about two robots living in secret among humans, against ALL ODDS)

  40. Badfellas

  41. For a Few Dollars Less

  42. Not Another Tween Movie

  43. The Last Fassbender

  44. The Wizard of Blahs

  45. Mars Needs Cowboys

  46. Ernest Goes To Mordor

  47. Continued Development

  48. The Post-It Note

  49. The Greatest Movie Never Sold (a spoof of the “found footage” horror movies)

  50. The Hebrew Patient

  51. Being John Madden

  52. Batman Gets Out Of Bed

  53. Canadian Cake

  54. There is Going to Be Blood

  55. 7 Years in a Place Somewhere Outside of America (boring)

  56. K-9 and Hooch

  57. X-Dudes: Most Classy

  58. Last House Left!

  59. Croak Stiff

  60. Where The Van Wilders Are

  61. The Hunger Royale Battle Games

  62. Adult Wolf

  63. Heckraiser: Heckbound

  64. Hauteur and Haughtiness and Zombies and Vampires and Sea Monsters.

  65. Mash Up Movie

  66. Insane Dumb Romance!

  67. Maintain The Cognitive Disposition of a Male

  68. Aliens vs. Presidents

  69. The Fellowship of Extraordinarily Gentle Dudes
    12 Mad Men
    Schindler’s Bucket List
    Fight of the Month Club
    Slumdog McDonalds Job
    Pump Friction: An Engineering Safety Video

  70. Assignment Difficult – Phantom Convention

  71. Paradigm NJ

  72. teenage weird girl loves pedophile vampire at dusk

  73. Think Like A Manic Pixie Dreamgirl

  74. The King’s Screech (Saved by the Bell parody)

  75. A 2/10 Would Not Bang Mind

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