Clear eyes, full hearts, can I talk to you about something. (Via A.V.Club.)

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  1. Okay, next can we have a supercut of Chet Haze starting sentences with “AYO” please?

  2. I just giggled through this entire thing.

    • Yeah, this didn’t even include any of Coach Taylor’s East Dillon days. That would add another 3-4 minutes to this thing, easy.

      PS – I finally broke down and started watching FNL on Netflix last month (I’m what they call an “early adopter”), and I just finished the series finale two nights ago. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but oh man FNL was such an amazing show! So my question is this: does it anger long-time FNL fans that someone like me can come in and digest the entire series in 1 month and talk about how much they love it even though they weren’t there since the beginning (much like people jumping on the bandwagon for a band after they make it)?

  3. Music by: Explosions From My Mouth
    Song: “Let Me Tell You Something, Gentlemen, The World is Not a Cold, Dead Place”

  4. “Don’t leave your uniforms next to the water heater”

  5. And that’s a wrap! Great week, folks. What a capper! What’s that? It’s Thursday? But… no one’s gonna top that!

  6. God I miss Eric Taylor so much.

  7. more like Friday Night Private Conversations

  8. It’s a shame that Gabe’s not around on the day we have a supercut of his dad.

  9. I just finished watch this series and It is the worst feeling

  10. I hate to point out yet another example of the robot takeover, but isn’t this more painful evidence that robots (utilizing a carefully selected bank of human quotations) are writing some of your favorite shows?

  11. kyle chandler looks like marcus mumford
    and they are both sexy
    i would allow them the honor to tell ME something, AYO

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