It has been a while, for so many reasons, since we’ve checked in on what Courtney Stodden has been up to in the spontaneous photo shoot department, but since Mother’s Day is right around the corner we thought it’d be appropriate to share this sweet, candid mother/daughter moment caught on film. Awww. Look at these two. I know we all lead busy lives (with our photo shoots at pumpkin patches, photo shoots walking the dog, and our nonsense web series about god knows what, and really just remembering to make what we understand to be sexy faces just whenever) but Mother’s Day should be a day when we all just take a few moments out of our own lives and celebrate everything our mothers have done for us (allow us, as children, to marry aging, 100-year-old bit-part actors; never question our completely inappropriate and regretful over-sexualization, again, as a child, which will absolutely have an incredibly negative impact on our mental state as adults; pose in horrifying photos with us in lingerie and what are for sure lucite heels while we make sexy faces with things like baking powder). Moms, you know! They’re just the best. Every single one of them. There is no mom who is not the best and certainly not this one mom in particular, I don’t even know whom I was referring to when I said the thing about “this one mom in particular” because that’s how difficult it is to think right now of a mom who maybe hasn’t done the best job raising her daughter. (Via TheSuperficial.)

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  1. No, Courtney. It’s a virgin in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom.

  2. Are they going to show us how to make meth?

  3. What might she be making to eat for Mother’s Day?

  4. Sooo…which one’s older, again? It is impossible to tell.

  5. mrs. stodden looks like she’s the type of person that says she’s “proud” of her daughter and smiles, but then looks away and subtly holds back tears.

    • What makes you say that? I mean, this is exactly how my mother and I cook together.

    • From everything I’ve read about her, she actually IS proud of her, and is a big part of the reason that Courtney turned out so awful.

    • I’d be inclined to agree because she looks pretty normal, but she definitely contributed to the hyper-sexualization of her underage child for profit and encouraged and approved of the sexual* relationship between a 15-16 year old and a man in his 50s. I want to wish all sorts of bad things on her parents for what they’ve done to her, but I really can’t think of anything worse than watching your little girl be horribly victimized and exploited in front of the entire world so I’m at a bit of a loss…

      *even if they didn’t have sex before marriage (when she was 16) as they claim, I have a hard time believing there was nothing sexual about their relationship prior to that.

      • Let’s not forget, she’s also the one who said that women were reporting Courtney Stodden’s Facebook page because they were jealous. Clearly, she has her daughter’s best interests in mind at all times.

  6. Let’s not forget Mom of the Century…

  7. What kind of stories must she have read to that child? Snow Ho and the Seven Perverts? The Runaway Chika?

  8. What, you mean it’s strange to stand around a kitchen in your underoos with your mother, pretending to bake, in a completely useless apron and 17 inch clear heels? I don’t know, I think you all are the weird ones. Normal bonding stuff. Too normal, maybe.

  9. Her mother looks younger than her.

  10. I could have sworn this other mother-of-the-year was her mom:

  11. But the real question is…is she MOM ENOUGH?

  12. This whole comment thread is NSFW!!!!!

  13. All I’m gonna say is that the Stoddens apparently have a thing or two to learn about sanitary food preparation.

  14. I was going to comment sooner, but after looking at the photo of Courtney I had to invest in a braille keyboard first. Because I am now blind. Also I forgot what I was going to say.

  15. i’m guessing the secret ingredient is silicon tit milk? either way, she is gross.

  16. UGH I am so late but I’VE SEEN HER IN PERSON because she has come into the coffee shop at which I work and she is RIDICULOUS and wears those clothes around ALL THE TIME. She does not look 17 IRL, which is PRETTY obvious from the pictures. She wore a tiny shirt that might’ve been a dress(?) that said “looking for a little ~tongue~”. DOUG complained to me about his iced tea – he ordered Southern but it tasted like Tropical Passion (even though it was CLEARLY Southern).

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