Looks like everyone bought those industrial stockpiles of cold mud for nothing. Back to work! (Via Neatorama.)

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  1. So… who won?

  2. Guys, don’t freak out… but I think Vader is in the bottom right hand corner… Conspiracy? I think so.

  3. I hope Arnold knows about that guy’s anus fixation!

  4. Thank god. Now we can all go out and celebrate with an intergalactic massage.

  5. That alien looks weird. And the Predator can do better.

  6. More believable than LMFAO and Hamm.

  7. “Don’t let go, Arnold. I’ve been looking for that guy for years!” –Chris Hansen

  8. Intergalactic? I always assumed the Predators came from another system within the Milky Way galaxy! I’m reeling here, you guys.

  9. I wonder why my telephone isn’t ringing. Maybe it’s broken? I’ll just turn it off and turn it back on again. I’m sure they’ll call. Who wouldn’t want to shake Glover’s hand? Hmmm, still no messages. Maybe they called when I turned it off. I’ll just call Pred and leave him a message. Let him know I’m home in case he thinks I’m not home.

  10. it’s nice to see that him and the nanny he knocked up are on good terms.

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