Last night the season finale of Fox’s New Girl aired, and I know we haven’t really talked about New Girl here that much, but, uh, did we all watch it? Throughout the whole season? We all should have! Such a delight, that show! The first bunch of episodes didn’t really hit the mark for a few reasons — it seemed unsure at first of what kind of comedic style it was going for, and the roommate characters’ personalities* — Schmidt’s especially — seemed pretty undefined at the beginning, both of which are fine and normal problems for a new sitcom to have, but then also it would’ve been hard to get behind any show with that advertising campaign — but the show really got its footing after that first bunch! It’s very funny! And the characters are all distinct and fresh and the writing is smart and worth your time, and do trust me that it’s very hard to sell a sitcom that you guys may or may not have watched, but I am trying to sell it! SUCH CHEMISTRY BETWEEN THESE GUYS! But if you did watch it: What did you think of the finale? SPOILERS ahead, but aren’t you glad that Nick and Jess haven’t gotten together yet? Wouldn’t have have ruined the whole show and we’d all probably never watch it again? Aren’t you so happy that Nick didn’t move in with his ex-girlfriend because that would have been both awful for the character and a little too real and disappointing? And then he wouldn’t have lived with the group anymore, which is a big part of what makes the show so fun? Did you like when they all danced in their rooms by themselves at the end? Haha. This is why you DON’T recap sitcoms, but I do think it’s worthwhile to bring up how New Girl actually turned out to be pretty great, despite everyone being wary of it at the beginning. Right? Do you guys think so? Let’s talk about it!

*I read New Girl‘s wikipedia page last night because BACK OFF, and it says Nick is supposed to be loosely based on the singer of the band Lawrence Arms? Brendan Kelly? And a lot of the reason why he got the part is because he kind of looked like that guy? And he DOES? This barely has anything to do with what I was talking about, but it maybe does speak to the idea that, at the beginning, the characters’ personalities had a lot of traction to gain. Right? I think it does kind of speak to that idea. Otherwise it’s just a fun fact!
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  1. I was oppose to watching New Girl at first on account of the advertising campaign, which made it look awful. HOWEVER! My wife made me watch it, and as is often the case, she was totally right. This show is kind of great and very funny.

  2. I think next season there should be more of Martin Starr’s character.

  3. New Girl is very funny and at times hilarious. Yes Zooey is “quirky” but that’s just one part of her character. People shouldn’t judge it by its stupid ad campaign.

    • The best part of the episode was Zooey being angry/hostile toward the new roommate, calling herself a cutter, etc. Can we just eschew the whole quirky stuff and have that Zooey, instead?

  4. My girlfriend (hold the applause, please) keeps telling me I’d actually like this show, and I keep on not believing her. But would I maybe actually like this show?

    • I’ll put it this way – I found myself liking it despite being very prepared to hate it. And when I’m prepared to hate something, it’s really got to be good for me to get past that.

      • List of things I was ready to hate but loved instead
        by R2D2, Esq

        Curly fries (for the same reason that I don’t like crazy straws)
        Wings–Season 1
        Babushka Dolls (if I wanted a smaller doll, I would have bought one)
        Snow Dogs 2, not 1. I hated 1.
        Nike Pumps (it’s like having your feet squeezed by a very weak child; a surprisingly good feeling)
        New Girl

  5. So are they going to keep bringing in new girls every season, or is that title going to become outdated very quickly?

  6. I haven’t seen this show, but I have no idea why we aren’t having this conversation about Suburgatory, instead.

  7. I liked the New Girl a lot! It was much funnier and much more likable than I ever imagined it would be.

    You know what other show is great? Best Friends Forever. You know what sucks? They released four episodes and then benched it. That is stupid.

  8. I really like the show! Not a big fan of the finale though. I think it’s at its best when it’s just trying to be quirky and fun instead of sweet and emotional.

    SPOILER WARNING: I expected Nick to actually move out and that would be the hook or cliff hanger to end the season. Then next year in the first episode (or few) he would come back. When they just had him come back at the end of this one I was like, “oh. bleh” Not bad, but coulda been better IMHO

    • “IMHO”

      I’m more interested in the guy who lies about his feelings on the finale of ‘The New Girl’

      • Is it “honest” opinion? I thought IMHO stood for “in my humble opinion.” Anyway, that’s what I meant .

        I DO know a guy who lies about everything though. I’m sure he watches this show and I’m sure I can get you two together.

  9. I was so nervous during the coyote scene that Nick and Jess were going to have a classic Near Death Experience Makeout, but they didn’t! It’s a miracle! I know they will probably get together eventually, but it would have been so annoying if it happened in this episode.

  10. Love the show. Hate this commercial.

  11. fucking love this show. that is all.

  12. This the perfect show to unwind with after a long day working at the cupcake shop and a hard workout at cheerobix!

  13. I want Nick’s drunk voice to the voice of my GPS.

  14. Thank you, Kelly, for finally validating my love of this show to my husband. Take that, Jeb!

  15. So when’s Gabe gonna chime in and ruin all the fun? ;) I kid I kid!!!!

  16. wait. so this show has Zooey Deschanel AND one of the characters is based off of Brendan Kelly? and i’ve never watched it? and the lawrence arms were just mentioned on videogum?

  17. New Girl is the show my roomie and I watch because we’ve gone through every episode of Parks and Recs twice in a week. It’s fine enough, but half the time we get up and start making dinner or surf the internet. Not something you really need to put effort into.

  18. I wasn’t entirely sold on the show until the episode where they played True American. That alone made me like it.

  19. Any other Yung Humma/Turquoise Jeep super fans out there notice “Sex Syrup” by Slick Mahoney feat. Yung Humma playing during CeCe’s photoshoot?

  20. I was prepared to hate this show on principle, then I started watching it and begrudgingly liked it but continued to talk shit about how I liked it “in spite of my better self” AND THEN I saw the episode where Lizzy Caplan hates Jess for the same reasons I was hating the show and I felt bad for being such a dick about it. And then Jess said my favorite of her lines, something like “And now I’m gonna pay this fine, and my checks have baby farm animals on them, bitch!” So now I just love the show because it’s great. Yay!

    • I felt the exact same way, Commentatrix! Although I still think she is the weakest part of the show, I don’t hate her as much as I did in the beginning. That quote was just perfect.

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