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  1. Oh, you meant THAT guy? I thought it was an interview with the bank. Or the city. Or the rose.

  2. I’m fully convinced that the reason Chevy’s so bitter about Community, and in particular the character of Pierce, is that he secretly knows how similar him and Pierce really are: vindictive, self-absorbed, bored-with-wealth, well-past his prime, but ultimately insecure.

    I think he knows that he’s playing a sort-of-caricature of himself, and it bothers him. And also the fact that it’s an ensemble and he’s not the star – hence the constant “my brand of humor” BS.

    • Good one, That One.

    • From IMDB:

      “Turned down the role of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story (1995) because his agent greatly advised him against doing the project. He didn’t want to turn it down, as he was interested in the project.”

      Your agent sucks, Chevy.

  3. Of the two old curmudgeons we’ve talked about today which one seems the more lovable?

    Impossible to choose, probably.

    • Two? Today has been curmudgeon day here at Videogum! Here is a comprehensive list of all of the old curmudgeons on display here today:

      Chevy Chase
      Maurice Sendak
      John Travolta
      Dustin Hoffman
      Gabe Delahaye
      That guy from the TED Conference

      • I was trying to make it easy because, let’s face it, trying to pick between Maurice Sendak and Chevy Chase is hard enough as it is without putting John Travolta in the mix.

        They all just seem like such treasures.

  4. Yes, Chevy, your problem is DEFINITELY being “too funny.”

  5. Why won’t they just let Fletch LIVE!?!?

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