This girl doesn’t even need a packed auditorium of eager minds to demonstrate the CORRECT way to live. You go, baby genius! Teach that dog how to poop! Byebye! (Via Buzzfeed.)

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  1. I thought the correct procedure included a child chewing on swimming goggles.

  2. Thank you for immediately addressing my request for geniuses’ suggestions for how to do things correctly.

  3. Back to the drawing board for me.

  4. “I know how to poop. I just prefer to do it on your carpet.” –that adorable puppy

    • My bulldog is 10 months old now and (mostly) house trained, but 6 months ago she was probably thinking the exact same thing. #petgum

      • When our dog was a puppy someone gave us the best advice ever. Get your dog outside, and when they go, give them a treat and say “good potty.” Then later you’ll be able to ask them to potty and they’ll know what you want.

        (It’s basic dog training 101, but at the time we knew absolutely nothing and it was revolutionary. Also, my dog has progressed into the “I hear ya, but I really want to do this other thing instead” phase of life. Fucking terriers, man.)

        • i’ve got a boston terrorist…i heard about the “good poopy” thing and he was such an asshole about it…to the point that at night he was on a leash attached to my arm and when he was about to sneak away to do his business i’d have to get up and take him outside in a high rise building in the middle of the night. terriers are stubborn to the core…to this day he knows the command “come” but refuses to do it with me, ever. he was a gift from an ex and my first dog…my second is a rescue and amazingly intelligent and far easier to train. terriers are terrorists.

  5. A lisping little Cindy Lou Who teaching a 3 month old bulldog to poop? Well done, Internetz. You’ve officially shattered the cutedometer. Everybody just go home. We’re done here.

  6. I eagerly await lesson 2.

  7. I wish I had been as tolerant when I was house-training my dog. To be fair, though, it was December in Canada, so mitigating circumstances, maybe?

  8. “I’m pooping.” – that little girl

  9. *Unless you’re Josh Hartnett, in which case you call 911, not your mom. #TMZBusTour

  10. She really nailed Michael Bay’s creative process. Somebody get her a producer’s credit.

  11. That girl in 30 years. She’s going to be real life I Wanna See You Poop sketch from Little Brittan.

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