The story, or the small part of the story that has been revealed SO FAR, is that Maxwell’s opponent in the high school election got Gus Fring to do a campaign video (which is not yet online) for her, because first of all, yes, of course, and second of all if you’re going to somehow get a character from Breaking Bad to be in your high school campaign video it should definitely be the scary, evil, SPOILER ALERT villain, so then THIS kid got Walt and Jesse to do his campaign video for him. Sure. Called them up, I guess? Sent them a DM? “@walt W8 can u b in my vid, parents can $$$.” Who knows. I have no idea. Sometimes the best part of a story is the part that’s left unexplained and I think we can all agree that this is NOT one of those times, but let’s try to enjoy it anyway. JESSEEEEE! (Via reddit.)

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  1. are teachers even allowed to endorse student government candidate? has this Mr. White no ethics?

  2. I see what you’re doing there Walt. Sitting there all casually in the backyard where you made your son barf tequila and grew your kid poisoning plants.


  3. The sound of lightbulbs turning on over the heads of everyone in Mitt Romney’s campaign.

  4. “I won.” -Maxwell


  6. Maxwell is the one who knocks!

  7. Charles Dance needs to do something like this, stat!

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