Speaking of The Avengers — which I also saw this weekend along with everyone else in the world — and I also thought it was good — but then also: how did Thor break out of that thing he shouldn’t have been able to break out of? — MARK RUFFALO’S TWITTER ACCOUNT GOT HACKED! Where are The Avengers when you need them?! Wearing PLAINCLOTHES somewhere? On vacation, I guess? Call them, Dr. Jackson! SEND SOMEONE TO BRIEF THEM ON THIS NEWS! From The Hollywood Reporter:

The first suspicious tweet came just before 3 p.m. PT and was followed by a series of posts promoting a website called mylikes.com, which appears to be an ad platform for social media. The hacker also changed Ruffalo’s username from its original @MRuff221 to @Mark_Ruffalo.

“The women of hollywood sure have some great boobs. Here are the top 15!” reads one tweet, while another says: “Who has the best booties in Hollywood. Check out the top 15.”

“It’s kind of hilarious me getting hacked today,” Ruffalo apparently responded. “I got to hand it to the hacker. Kind of genius.”

I got to hand it to Mark Ruffalo. Kind of a genius response to his Twitter account being hacked by someone who posted “the women of hollywood sure have some great boobs.” You seem great, Mark Ruffalo! And you are legitimately one of my favorite actors and DO YOU OR DON’T YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED? It is unclear at this moment whether or not Mark Ruffalo has regained rightful control of his Twitter account, and we’ll for sure keep you up to date on any and all news about the situation as soon as it comes in just kidding, but I just hope that this security breach hasn’t made Mark Ruffalo too ANGRY if you know what I mean. We wouldn’t want him to get too ANGRY. DO YOU GET IT? Hulk smash! #hulksmash!

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  1. What, which part is genius? The part with the boobies, or the part with the booties? Or is it just everything taken as a whole that’s exhibiting genius-level intellect here?

  2. “Mark apparently responded” I appreciate the Hollywood Reporter’s use of caution.

  3. Don’t make him tweet…. You wouldn’t like it when he tweets.

  4. Mess with the best booties in Hollywood, die like the rest of the booties in Hollywood. #hackerstweets

  5. Wait…so who are the top 15 boobies/booties in Hollywood? Don’t leave us hanging Mark!

  6. Mark Rufauxlo

  7. If he can’t regain control of his twitter account, you can be damn sure he’ll avenge it.

  8. I was a bit suspicious when the hacker tried to get #youcancountonmesux trending.

  9. Is there any way I can explain how Thor broke out of the un-break-outable thing without looking like a giant nerd? No? Maybe?

  10. Nice to see he didn’t get his feathers ruffled over the whole affair. Shit! Wait! I meant his feathers “Ruffalo’ed.” Ah, crap!

  11. Ruffalo just thinks the hacker’s gotta be a genius for guessing his Twitter password: “EricBanaandEdNortonSuuuuuck!!11!”

  12. Celebrities are on Twitter now??!?!

  13. So what if he has a small penis.

  14. 15 is literally an odd number of something that usually comes in pairs.

    1. Christina Hendricks, left
    2. Christina Hendricks, right
    3. Scarlett Johansson, right
    4. Sofia Vergara, right
    5. Scarlett Johansson, left

    and so on…

    Or are the first 14 all matched pairs, and 15 is the odd duck, because, duh it’s a Top 15 list, dum-dum. You can take your Top 16 list and Katy Perry’s left boob straight to hell!

    • And before you “flame” “me” over my taste in celebrity boobs, know that I am actually an asexual space-angel, sent to earth for… not sure why, but I think it has something to do with the electric bass. Anyway, because of my “condition (asexuality, thanks for making me spell it out.),” I had to rely on the internet for info about boobs.

      On a related note, has anybody ever noticed that the internet is a veritable font of information about boobs?

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