“This steamed salmon is delicious. How is your glass of ice water and finger bowl of cocaine?” “Great. I love all your movies which I’ve definitely seen for sure put me in one I love them so you should put me in one we it’s so crazy how we are like totes the same person. Also I will def blow you.” “Check please!”

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  1. He’s like a magnet for people with daddy issues, huh?

  2. Spielberg came too, but left after finding out there was no kid’s menu.

  3. I guess I should have guessed from her lesbian phase that Lindsay Lohan would get the steamed salmon.

  4. “Move over Scarlett Johansson … Woody Allen has a new buxom, young muse in his life … and that muse is Lindsay Lohan.”

    1. (esp of a woman) healthily plump, attractive, and vigorous
    2. (of a woman) full-bosomed

    Lindsay Lohan is none of these things!

    • Unrelated, but you just reminded me that Yahoo has a story up about Megan Fox being maybe pregnant and getting mad at an interview because they brought it up. The story then goes on to speculate on the pregnancy rumors, stating that “Though two inside sources have confirmed the baby news with hubby Brian Austin Green sounds like we’ll still never know the definitive answer!”

      Umm…yes we will, Yahoo reporter. In fact, I’d bet we’ll have a definitive answer in nine months, at most.

  5. …then this happened and she was sooooo pissed.

  6. I’m all for people turning their lives around, but the idea of Lindsey Lohan returning to some former glory seems so bizarre to me. She was never a good actress. I’ve watched enough replays of Mean Girls on TBS to come to this conclusion. Admittedly, I have yet to watch her entire oeuvre, so maybe Herbie The Love Bug will drastically change my opinion.

    • Is this a thing? I think this is a thing, but you don’t see it THAT much…

      You know, where a former star is basically being crushed out of existence and then a director “saves” their career and thus pumps up their own resume by being listed as their savior on their Wikipedia page in perpetuity (see: Quentin Tarantino and John Travolta: the success; and Quentin Tarantino and Kurt Russel: The Not Success). Nothing, I don’t think, comes out of the Hollywood press mill unless it’s supposed to, so it’s suspicious to me that BOTH Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen would have fawning “experiences” with Lindsy Lohan IN THE SAME WEEK.

      I feel like, outside of Tarantino, Woody Allen tries this gimmick more than anyone else. Scorsese seems to do it sometimes but I think it’s more about latching onto an actor and never letting them go for him. ANYWAY, my point is: this is FAKE and GAY and I agree with Gorgy that it won’t work because Lindsy Lohan isn’t going to return to some former glory; Georgia Rule is as glorious as it was going to get.

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