WELL?! WHAT DID YOU THINK?! I mean, I know you saw The Avengers this weekend. Your mom saw The Avengers this weekend. Let’s put it this way: so many people saw The Avengers this weekend that if it had been an election, the turn-out would have been suspicious and some of the voters in the toss-up districts would probably turn out to have been dead for 15 years. (On a sidenote: you should really read The Passage of Power, the fourth book in Robert Caron’s Lyndon Johnson biographies, which came out last Tuesday. It’s great.) I went to a 1:30PM screening by myself which is NOT EMBARRASSING. It shows that I’m a fully actualized adult who does whatever he wants and if he doesn’t go to a movie with friends it’s because he doesn’t WANT TO, OK? And not because he DOESN’T HAVE ANY. Whatever, who’d YOU see it with anyway, hot shot? Your dad? Did you make your daddy take you? ENOUGH! Let’s get to it: my audience was very pumped for The Avengers and I was also pumped but they were a little bit more pumped, which I could tell by the part where they applauded all the way through the Expendables 2 trailer, and then also this one guy in the row in front of me who every time someone had an even mildly funny line, like when Thor said that Loki was adopted, would clap like a total spaz, which is theoretically fine except that he wouldn’t stop clapping for awhile so you’d definitely miss at least the next line or two of dialogue because Comedy’s #1 Fan was still clapping and turning to his friend and going “HE’S ADOPTED HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” But so they were pumped is the point. And now that we’ve talked about the audience, let’s talk about the movie.

It was so fun! All our old pals, together at last. Robert Downey Jr. kind of steals the show in terms of just straight up charisma, as usual, but that’s not to say that Mark Ruffalo wasn’t very good as The Hulk, and I still maintain that Chris Hemsworth as Thor is the first dude I’ve seen in a movie in a long time where you are just like oh yeah, totally, no you should for sure be in movies. No HOMOSEXUAL. (Just kidding, I would totally fuck Chris Hemsworth. You should try everything once before you die.) I’m a big fan of Dame Jeremy Renner, in general, although I didn’t love how he was always snapping out that bow. Minor quibbles, but quibbles none the less. Every time he snapped out the bow it reminded me of this. Something something Captain America? All of that being said: hi pals! Love you, pals!

Action: great. That part when it zoomed around between all of The Avengers doing their different Avengers things? Great. The fun little arguments and snapbacks? So fun. And obviously people just lost their mind when the Hulk did that NO SPOILERS to Loki.

There were a couple logic issues, which I know is kind of stupid to even bother spending any time on when you’re dealing with a superhero movie because it’s like OH NO DUH THERE WERE SOME THINGS THAT DIDN’T ENTIRELY MAKE SENSE?! WAY TO BREAK THE CASE WIDE OPEN, INSPECTOR GADGET! But, I think it’s kind of lame that Loki’s deep space dark magic hypnosis spell just goes away when you get bonked in the head. And what about when Loki stabbed Thor and Thor got kind of sweaty for a couple of fights but then I guess is just fine and they never had to take him to the Hospital of Asgard or anything? And Tony Stark was so convinced that at a certain point The Hulk was going to gain control of his powers and be a superhero and then lo-and-behold that’s exactly what happened except that they didn’t ever really explain how/why. Oh, sure, he was awake when he fell out of the sky and we’re supposed to believe, I guess, that he purposefully didn’t crush Harry Dean Stanton into the rubble, but for the most part it was just like, that he didn’t have control and then now he has control. Control and a moped. That being said, the part where he says he’s always angry and then punches the thing is obviously a very good part.

In conclusion: good job, The Avengers. You were good.

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  1. Wait, Loki was adopted? How about a spoiler alert next time?!

  2. I did not see this, as I prefer my Avengers Toxic.

    • I wasn’t sure why that chick looked familiar until that one conclusion scene where they were talking and then all of a sudden it was like, OH, IT’S ROBIN SCHERBWDJFJZSKY! I had a similar epiphany during Inception when they were in the snow fortress and I finally figured out the chick was Juno

  3. passage to power is the fourth book! path to power is the first book, which i’m sure everyone HAS read, because it is canon, right?

    i think i just won / lost the nerd thread.

    • If there were dwarfs and dragons in the Caro books, they’d be on HBO by now.

    • Yes the Carson books are so excellent! I have been telling everyone to read “Passage to Power” forever, but they all just keep going “shut up, nerd” and go back to discussing the realism of superhero movies. Sometimes videogum feels a lot like my real life.

    • Yes the Carson books are so excellent! I have been telling everyone to read “Passage to Power” forever, but they all just keep going “shut up, nerd” and go back to discussing the realism of superhero movies. Sometimes videogum feels a lot like my real life.

    • How big of a nerd am I that I read that whole, long, well-thought post about a superhero movie (that I’ve seen!) and the only thing going through my head was OH GOD OH GOD THE NEW CARO BOOK IS OUT MUST HAVE NOW!

      Sorry for shouting, that’s just how I feel.

  4. Did you guys stay for the two after-credit endings? I missed the second one.

    Scene one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkyBhRbcBq0 (For an explanation of who that character is, check out http://www.vulture.com/2012/05/who-is-that-in-the-end-credits-of-the-avengers.html ).

    Scene two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLnNP2xh8Ho

  5. The actual line was he was aborted. He walked out of his mother’s vagina with a coat hanger stabbed in his eyeball. Hence the decision to choose the path of evil.

  6. My biggest quibble was that I really didn’t buy that the whole reason Loki was evil is because he wanted to show people that freedom is bad. Cool reason.

    And I also could’ve gone without the taking the ship scene; movie was a little too long and they didn’t really need that scene (the main goal is to pull a lever so they can put the engine back in place? WOAH!!)

    and LOLOL ScarJo don’t bring a pistol to a GIANT SEA TURTLE FIGHT!

    But the movie had a few good yucks (Shawarma etc.) i guess…

    • (the main goal is to pull a lever so they can put the engine back in place? WOAH!!)

      And also save everyone on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier from dying! And they also prevented the Helicarrier from turning into a GIANT Great-Santini’s-third-act, saving everyone on the ground from DYING!

      The Helicarrier would’ve caused a lot more damage than that one jet that crashed into those old folks’ apartment complex in the beginning of April!

      That being said, it was a little long for Cap and Iron Man to just straight up be repair men. Still enjoyable though!

      • That’s why they pay you the big bucks (I suppose you’re right, but agree most with your last point :) )

        • Yeah, they probably could’ve served up a bit more suspense by doing a ground shot or two of the Helicarrier getting closer to the ground and buildings or whatever, but it’d just be a big cloaked mess of invisibility and black smoke… and they were still really high up in altitude throughout the whole thing. But they were over land for the majority of the scene, illustrated by Thor in Hulk’s security jar smashing on the sea shore.

          The film is not devoid of problems, but it was a really fun superhero movie! And that’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, especially when it’s a giant team origin story.

  7. 1) I want some Shawarma.

    2) “Better Clench Up, Legolas.”

    3) Black Widow had actual depth and was well acted? Surprise?

    4) I went to a 9:30 AM screening on IMAX, so no judgemento.

    5) I interpreted Banner being able to become Hulk so quickly and being able to direct it the second time because he wasn’t fighting the other guy. In essence, on the Helicarrier, it takes longer for him to change and he’s so psychotic because Banner is fighting the other guy and this manifests itself as just absolute rage and no control. In Manhattan, because both Banner and the other guy are angry, he is actually at peace and able to control it, with some breakdowns, namely, punching Thor in Grand Central, which got the biggest applause at my screening.

  8. Loved it front to back. Wish that there were more cameos.

  9. I really enjoyed this movie. I wanted to say something more thoughtful, but I just really had fun while watching this movie. It was funny and sort of sad, it never felt like it was dragging, the action was fun, everyone in it was great, and we FINALLY got a decent (if brief) Hulk story.

    I also saw another Joss Whedon movie (well, co-written movie) this weekend that I really enjoyed. I know everyone has probably already seen Cabin In The Woods, but if you haven’t seen it, do so right now.

  10. My one complaint had to do with the audience. There’s been LITERALLY a thousand of these movies and every one has an extra scene in the credits and people still get up, leave, and then come back in to watch it. I have to imagine these are the same people who leave concerts before the first encore and then come running back in.

    • Um, some people really have to go to the bathroom? That’s usually why I come crawling back for the extra scene…

    • I have no problem with people leaving them coming back, my problem is with people who stand up, notice there’s still something going on onscreen, then just continue standing in place!

  11. I saw Cabin in the Woods instead because the Avengers was overrun with 12 year olds and sold out, and also because it looked good and I will give Joss Whedon my money in whatever form I can. Good weekend for Joss though, right? Cabin in the Woods was spectacular. I don’t think we need to be told to see the Avengers because of course we’re all going to go see the Avengers, but go see Cabin in the Woods guys! It was really, really good!

    • YES! I loved it so much (see my comment above)! It was so great! I want to say so many things about it, but I can’t because it’s impossible to talk about it without spoilers.

      • No spoilers, the Japanese kids were my favourite! Also, Helmsworths everywhere! The guy from Cabin (Liam? Tom? It would be literally the easiest thing in the world for me to look up his name right now) is certainly no Chris, but holy crow what a good looking couple of men!

        • I’m just as shocked as you are that Chris Helmsworth had time to be in both the Avengers and Cabin in the Woods but it was him, Luke and Liam must be getting pretty jealous at this point.

          • Cabin in the Woods was actually filmed 3 years ago and it just sat on the shelf because of whatever was happening with MGM at the time (I think they went through bankruptcy or something). It was actually while they were filming Cabin that Chris Hemsworth got the audition for Thor.

        • Chris Hemsworth certainly is no Chris Hemsworth.

  12. I ADORED the space scenes…not necessarily for content, but for the fact it was the perfect mixture of special effects, costume, and make-up. George Lucas take note. Also Joss Whedon can you make a He-Man movie because that was some straight up early 80′s realness you were serving with those scenes?

  13. I’m very confused: am I the only person in the world who does not have any interest in seeing this movie? I hate all these superheroes SO much. Maybe I come from a very D.C. headspace, but then again…I have no qualms with Spiderman or X-Men. I just feel like…where is all this hype coming from? Did I miss something? Is Iron Man really that big of a deal? Am I a minority in thinking Iron Man is just very bleh? I love robots, don’t get me wrong and the idea of a robot suit, well it’s pretty neat, but I wouldn’t say either of the Iron Man movies were better than Robocop, so right there why would that be reason to get all pumped about the Avengers? Was ROBOCOP in the avengers?! If so please ignore everything i just wrote.

    • I have a robocop google alert, I feel like I would have heard about this.

    • I also have no interest in seeing this movie. Mostly from a place of “i hate joss whedon but not because i’ve seen his stuff because i haven’t but just as a knee-jerk reaction to how much everyone who likes him won’t shut up about him” even though I liked the first iron man and that’s the only one of these movies i’ve seen.

      but seriously, everyone who likes joss whedon: i’m glad you like him but enough already.

      • “Abraham Lincoln, sure, he was a president, but enough already”–truckasaurus

        “The Beatles, they had some songs, but enough already”–truckasaurus

        “Great literature, I get it, it’s good, but enough already”–truckasaurus

        • Holy mackerel, truckasaurus. hotspur just got you good.

          Still, I feel you though! I worked at a Borders when Whedon’s film Serenity– sequel to his tv series Firefly– came out, and I HATED this one girl at work who would never shut up about Joss Whedon. My Internal Monologue: “That’s great that you like the the Buffy guy, but I HATE your enthusiasm, and whatever this movie is you’re excited for? Probably REALLY shitty, because you are the worst.” Then I waited 4 more years and watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog during the Writer’s Strike, then I watched Firefly and Serenity and Buffy and Angel and Dollhouse and I was like “SHIT! That annoying chick was really justified in being excited about stuff Joss Whedon does, and I am glad I never have to admit that to her!”

          Anyway. You should check out literally any of his stuff.

        • Ah, but unlike the things you listed, Joss Whedon is overrated.

        • It’s okay if you all want to like Joss Whedon, really.

          But the fact that you just compared him to Abraham Lincoln says a lot about his fanbase.

          • Yeah, I think that’s maybe a perfect example of exactly what you were talking about.

          • Oh come on, truckasaurus. You can’t take hotspur’s extremely hyperbolic joke seriously. Nobody thinks Joss Whedon is as great as any of those things listed, especially the super-specific ‘great literature.’

            He makes tv shows. They’re fun. He also champions powerful female characters. Nothing wrong with any of that.

          • It’s good to know there’s a Kajus out there. Or ten of them, if the X is Roman.

    • We have a Hulk

    • When I kept hearing people I didn’t otherwise think were into comics announcing how they had gone to see it – “of course!” – I was taken aback. I was never a fan of the superhero groups (aside from X-Men, but I mean like Justice League, etc.), but esp. not the Avengers. Iron Man? Bob Downey Jr.? Not sure I get it either.

    • Haha. Usually when people complain about the popularity of a movie like this it’s because they just don’t like superheroes in general, which makes sense, but I like that you just hate THESE superheroes. X-Men are cool but Iron Man can go fuck himself. I’m not making fun of you, I genuinely appreciate that you feel this way. Good luck!

      • Well I don’t have to like everyone. It just seems very conspicuous that everyone all of a sudden is like “Oh cool the Robin Hood and the Scarlett Widow and Hammer God are very interesting characters!” I don’t know why they are interesting at all actually. Someone pointed out to me that they were adult characters learning how to grow up but also superheroes, but I’m like…”That’s EVERY MOVIE almost. All movies have character development. Jeez.” Jeez, I said.

        Anyways, I guess this issue is that, for whatever reason, I don’t identify with these people. I don’t find their struggles with their powers interesting. I dunno. It’s a genre movie, and I haven’t been given reason to like the characters in it yet, and based on history, I don’t know why I should. The same way history has proven that Hugh Grant is charming as a male lead in a romantic comedy but Michael Cera less so. Why would suddenly everyone be like “OH THE NEW CERA IS COMING OUT SO EXCITED LOL” what? It’s very strange.

        It should be noted that I’m also the one asshole who LOVED the Ang Lee version of the Hulk.

        • I think it’s just that people liked the movies that led up to this and are just genuinely excited to see a sequel to those movies. At least that’s my experience of it.

          For example, if it was announced that Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice were going to team up with Riggs and Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon to take down Michael Corleone from The Godfather and Tony Montana from Scarface (who turn out to be long-lost twins, naturally) I wouldn’t be able to hand over my money fast enough.

          And you’re not the only one who loved Hulk. Vern agrees with you: http://outlawvern.com/2003/08/31/verns-amazingly-late-summer-preview/

        • How odd you don’t identify with characters you admittedly know nothing about.

    • djfreshie, all the hype is coming from the past 6 years of these characters’ individual films with the little Nick Fury after credits cameo where he’s like, “Hey Iron Man. Avengers.” Seriously, they announced this film 6 years ago at the end of Iron Man. The Avengers is the ‘Deathly Hallows’ of Marvel’s film franchise (kind of, there are still more movies coming, including an Avengers 2). They’ve been building to it, and everyone has had it on their radar for a good long while.

      I can’t relate to your love of DC characters. I grew up reading X-Men comics. I don’t read any Marvel or DC comics anymore. And the Avengers have always been dumb. Back in 2006 (?) is when they ‘Disassembled’ the Avengers (No Thor, dead HawkEye, dead Vision, no Scarlet Witch, etc), and stuck in actual popular Marvel characters onto the team (Spider-Man, Wolverine, etc) mixed with newcomers and benchwarmers (The Sentry, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Spider-Woman), and the Avengers has been a pretty hot title since then, eventually reintegrating Thor and HawkEye and Iron Man and stuff. This is just comics talk. In the past half-decade Marvel films and the Marvel books have really generated a lot of material and excitement about The Avengers, and really made it what it was always originally supposed to be: The JLA of Marvel’s heroes.

      Anyway! That’s why!

      • I think this is an American thing? This hype has completely passed me by somehow. It’s just so strange how popular it seems, very suddenly, in mainstream culture. My Twitter feed went mental this weekend about The Avengers, with no forewarning. I have heard not one soul before yesterday say or type anything to the extent of “whelp, I’m getting pretty excited about the Avengers.” Conversely, everyone I know is ridiculously pumped for the Batman.

        And when I say “DC” I guess really what I’m saying is “Batman and Superman and Watchmen” because it’s not like I really have read much else. I think a lot of Moore was released through DC. But

        • Let me educate you really quick on DC’s JLA. You already mentioned Batman ans Superman. Aquaman talks to fish. The Flash has a treadmill that he can use to time travel. Green Arrow is the Robin Hood character you’re thinking of with boxing glove arrows. There’s a black guy named Cyborg who is a cyborg. Green Lantern is there. Wonder Woman cannot get anyone to take her seriously (which is a shame, because her comic is the only mainstream superhero comic I’m reading right now). She has her lasso, bustier and bracelets, and a huge wedgie.

          • Right, but I still sort of don’t mind all those guys. Well, Aquaman…

          • It’s been a while since I’ve read comics regularly, but I saw somewhere that Wonder Woman has pants and Superman has jeans. Is this still the case? Has Batman have any pant-related changes?

          • These changes are when DC rebooted their entire universe 7 months ago.

            Wonder Woman had pants for one hot second. Now she’s back in her star-spangled briefs. They changed the red on her boots to blue (and there are other minor alterations, but nothing too noteworthy).

            Superman started out in the Action Comics title wearing jeans, a blue t-shirt with his S-symbol on it and a red cape. Now he’s in his suit, but they nixed his red trunks and gave him a bunch of unnecessary details like piping on his suit and boots.

            Batman has the same unnecessary piping and they nixed his trunks as well. Oh, and he’s all gray and dark gray.

          • surprised you’ve stuck with Azarellos run on Wonder Woman. I found it lacked any sense of momentum and dropped it after issue five. Aquaman on the other hand has been damn good. The writers aren’t afraid to acknowledge how silly his power of talking to fish seems and in the DC universe he is generally regarded as a joke by the rest of the JLA and human population.

            Scott Snyders current run on Batman is easily the best of the JLA related characters on-going titles,as far as super-heroes are concerned. Swamp Thing and Animal Man are tied for best over-all DC title.

            this has been comic talk ill see ya next week

          • I have never regularly read any mainstream DC superhero titles, and decided I would check out the DCnU because some of the creative teams really caught my eye or had prove themselves on previous titles.

            I started out with Action Comics, OMAC, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, and Batwoman. Dropped OMAC after #1. Action was next to go after #4. Batwoman after #6. Swamp Thing at #7. Animal Man at #8.

            Swamp Thing and Animal Man were the stand-outs for me, but I just didn’t care enough to continue with any of the titles I mentioned, those two included. I was buying because of the creative teams and hoping for some really cool stories. The Swamp Thing book by Snyder and Paquette was intriguing, but I lost interest once Paquette started skipping art duties on every other issue or so. Same goes for Travel Foreman on Animal Man (although I understood why he wanted off the book on a personal level). Batwoman was great for the art when JHWIII (whose art I love) was drawing it, but JH’s story was boring without Rucka there to write it, and then when art duties switched over all I had was the writing to grip me, and it failed at doing that.

            Meanwhile, Wonder Woman is a book I have NEVER read. I loved Brian Azzarello’s 100 Bullets, and I have enjoyed Cliff Chiang’s art since it first caught my eye about a year ago, so i figured I should check out WW. It’s been a fun book. There were two fill-in issues by another artist, but the art was good and the story was strong enough on its own that I didn’t even notice. WW has been the only book to hold my attention. That’s just how the cookie crumbled.

            Animal Man was my immediate favorite, and I’m sure it’ll have a strong readership, being one of the breakout titles of 2011. It just takes a lot for me to read a superhero comic these days, and Swamp Thing and Animal Man tackling the Green, the Red and the Rot are things I’ve more or less seen before or can easily imagine.

            I think Wonder Woman gripped me for the same reason I love Hellboy: Characters dealing with their own messed up origins and issues with a broad-brushed backdrop of mythological influences and a desire to set things right.

            I didn’t pick up JLA or Green Lantern or any of that stuff for a few reasons: I don’t particularly care for DC heroes, I generally don’t like Geoff Johns writing style, I don’t like company-wide crossover events, and I don’t enjoy constant retconning.

            That actually might be another reason why I like Wonder Woman. I prefer self-contained comic books. There hasn’t even been a hint of another DC hero in that book so far.

    • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

      • eldave, I respectfully disagree with your ‘review.’ Simply listing Whedon’s network shows doesn’t make a case for anything. While no single series was perfect by any stretch of the imagination (few series are), they were all chock full of good character arcs, fun adventure, and truly touching moments of human struggles and truths.

        Buffy was a landmark series that spawned a number of copycat shows of heroines kicking ass, and had a number of really touching episodes with some great lines of dialogue and truly memorably, beloved characters. It took the show two whole seasons to really get into the good stuff, and there were occasionally clunky episodes in every 22-episode season, but goddamn, when that show was on, it was ON.

        Angel had a harder time getting going, it retread similar Buffy themes one too many times (and the Cordelia plots got SUPER-old and stale almost immediately), but the cast as a whole was pretty stellar (Lorne, Wesley, Gunn, Fred, and Spike in season 5) and kept things interesting. The final season of Angel was really damn cool in how it turned the whole world of the show on its head, and I would argue is one of the better single seasons of a network television show I’ve had the pleasure to watch.

        I really liked the larger themes at play in Dollhouse. I would’ve liked to have seen a third season. That being said, the season finales kept the show really interesting, and the second season was an improvement over the first. It as quite a challenge for an actor to play a different person every week, and that conceit kept the show pretty lively.

        Firefly was a great show. Period. Loved the cast. Loved the ship. Loved the universe in which it all took place. Firefly is the distant cousin of/spiritual successor to the unwritten further adventures of the Han Solo chaotic good spirit.

  14. I don’t know why they set up the line of Thor “falling for” that trick where Loki becomes insubstantial if they were never going to have him use that power again and fail.

    I also have no idea what was going on with the scene Clark Gregg’s fancy gun he didn’t know what it does? And then we find out that what is does is “nothing”? The film didn’t play that scene as subverting the expectations, though.

    • I agree with you that expectations weren’t subverted here, but 1) I think Loki’s trick and comment to Thor was in reference to tricking him in Thor’s movie(?), and Agent Coulson’s gun was also a reference to the Thor film (built with whatever tech they could glean from the Destroyer), and it didn’t exactly do ‘nothing,’ since it sent Loki flying through a couple walls and stuff, knocking the wind out of him. I’m sure that gun would flash-melt any human in an instant.

      • I forgot to notate point #2), but it’s when I start talking about Agent Coulson, for the record.

      • 1) I assume you’re right, but still I kept waiting the whole movie for Loki to get his because he showed his hand of all his powers… and he never really does. He just kinda forgets about his powers, which ties in with

        2)(renumbered) That scene where after he shoots you’re like “Fuck yeah that’s what it does! Oh Loki’s totally ok? That’s depressing” is just part of how the invincibility of Thor, Loki, and the Hulk(and the near invincibility of Iron Man and Captain America) really sapped a lot of the dramatic heft of any of the action sequences. That scene where SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS was probably the most cathartic and satisfying scene of the last decade… but everyone was pretty much fine afterwards?

        As godawful as it was as a film, Transformers 3(which has literally the exact same closing setpiece) did a much better job of making our heroes seem vulnerable. Also Bay really made it seem like he was really blowing up Chigaco instead of blowing up one side street of some random city over and over again intercut with establishing shots of Manhattan like Whedon did.

        • I have not seen Transformers 3 (or 2) but totally take your word on Bay’s ability to show massive destruction, as it is pretty much his only forte/skillset. I heard some comparisons this weekend between the two films, but the people doing the comparing said they liked Avengers more because they felt it was the film that made the characters seem more vulnerable/interesting, not Transformers 3.

          It’s all opinion and personal preference, of course. Seeing as I never ever EVER plan on watching Transformers 3, I was more than happy to get whatever it was touted for in Avengers instead.

        • I felt like this had some of the best fight scenes I’ve seen in recent memory. With Dark Knight, Transformers, etc. it’s frequently very difficult to tell what exactly is happening, who’s punching/shooting who. I didn’t have that problem once in this movie.

  15. Of all of these people you’re going to go gay for THOR? Here is the correct list of fuckability, straightey:

    1. Robert Downey Jr.
    2. Mark Ruffalo
    3. Chris Evans
    4. ScarJo
    5. Jeremy Renner
    6. Whoever THOR is – definitely way down here maybe slightly above
    7. Samuel L Jackson

  16. Gabe, I haven’t seen the movie, but quick question: If I want to read that Lyndon Johnson biography, can I jump right in or do I have to start at the beginning of the series?

    • You can jump right in, but you might be irritated that themes about Johnson (which have been built up and amply supported in previous books) are just flatly declared to be true. It’s not Caro’s fault; he just can’t rewrite everything.

      It also would help to have some kind of grounding about how the major political parties used to be much more regional/ less ideological, as it will help you understand why the 60s Democrats and Republicans behaved so differently from modern Democrats and Republicans.

  17. I wish I had human words to explain my rainbows and unicorns joy at this entire movie BUT I DON’T. I saw it at midnight dressed as Iron (Wo)Man (I’m the coolest) with my friend dressed as lady Thor (just get over how jealous you are of us already) and my boyfriend (dressed as himself, even though he is the biggest Marvel nerd to ever exist) and we were still pumped and wide awake at 4:30 in the morning talking about it endlessly. I felt like a kid again! Until I had to wake up and go to my job but luckily I work with other people who wanted to talk endlessly about the movie too! It was the best day!

    I also really want to read Caro’s next LBJ book since I have read Master of the Senate and loved it to pieces. No spoilers, Gabe!! I have to finish Colonel Roosevelt first.


  19. Also: can we praise the 10th Avenger in this film…. Alan Silvestri. Damn that man writes an awesome hero score.

  20. I think I’m the only person who wasn’t that impressed with this movie. It wasn’t horrible, but it certainly wasn’t amazing like people are saying.

  21. My one regret about not seeing the movie at a big multiplex on opening night (it was sold out so I had to go to a tiny theatre with sub-par sound and screen quality) was missing out on all the people in costume. For some reason I think it’s awesome that there seems to be more women dressing up as the male characters than as Black Widow.

  22. Oh Gabe… i just pictured you and Chris Hemsworth together. That’s going right into my mental spank bank.

  23. In regards to the Hulk v. Loki moment: this got the biggest reaction in the theater. Peopple were shouting, clapping, and laughing so loud, that you couldn’t hear Hulk deliver the punch line after. I actually youtubed it later to find out what he was saying. Finally, the mid-credits tease was amazing, especially the specific way it was written. If you know that specific character’s backstory it has so much more of a payoff. As someone with a Captain America tattoo, I very much enjoyed the entire film.

  24. I honestly loved my theater. I usually hate when people start clapping and laughing at inappropriate moments, but everyone was totally in synch during my showing (early Saturday morning). Both the kids and parents were on their best behavior. There was an equal balance of parents with their kids and just us lone adults going for the ride, even though only 7 people stayed through the end of the credits.

    What kind of superhero movie watchers are you people?!

  25. I nearly had a heart attack when Bruce Banner slammed his hand down on the table. I jumped straight up out of my seat about 4 feet in the air when that happened.

  26. Does anyone else think Jeremy Renner looks and kind of sounds like Jason Bateman? Cause I literally watched all of Mission Impossible thinking it was Jason and my girlfriend still makes fun of me for it.

  27. I would like to take a moment to recognize Jack Kirby, since his name has not appeared anywhere in this thread yet, nor does it appear in most write ups for the Avengers film.

    Jack Kirby had a major hand in creating these Marvel heroes, but because of ongoing litigating between Marvel/Disney and the Kirby Estate over the many wrongs Marvel management committed over the course of the legendary comic artist’s nearly 60-year career , Kirby does not get nearly as much recognition for the characters starring in these multimillion dollar films (I believe he got a ‘Special Thanks’ credit in Avengers’ ending credits).

    Jack co-created Captain America with Joe Simon. Thor, the Hulk, Iron Man, and Nick Fury he co-created with Stan Lee (as well as other contributors, artist Don Heck and writer Larry Lieber– Stan’s younger brother). Jack also co-created the Fantastic Four, is the sole creator of the Silver Surfer, and, well, the list literally goes on and on.

    Anyway. Just wanted to mention him.

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