• Obviously Gilmore Girls was and continues to be the One Perfect Show. Of All Time. So we should all at least give Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s new show Bunheads a shot. Right? Even though it doesn’t look too good and it’s only on ABC Family? Watch the trailer! Let’s talk about it! -EW
  • Rush Limbaugh called out Anderson Cooper for going to “that bar” and the gym, and then Anderson Cooper called out Rush Limbaugh and it is kind of the best. -Mediabistro
  • Would you like to watch 20 minutes of b-roll footage from Wes Anderson’s upcoming Moonrise Kingdom? Probably, right? If not now then at some point this weekend? Here you go, just in case. -Slashfilm
  • Amy Poehler was on Late Night a few days ago and she and Jimmy Fallon showed a bunch of fake movie posters starring the both of them, and a lot of them are great. Look at them! -PopCultureBrain
  • Samuel L. Jackson is in a fight with the film critic from the NYTimes on Twitter, obviously. -Vulture
  • Oh, and Rob Lowe is going to be in the Lifetime movie about Casey Anthony, obviously. -Deadline
  • Here is the plot of A Little Bit of Heaven, whatever THAT is, created with lines from passive-aggressive reviews. -FilmDrunk
  • Apparently a girl who has her picture taking with a lot of celebrities is kind of a “celebrity” to some other people on the Internet, and she was interviewed this morning on Good Morning America? WHAT A WORLD! -TheDailyWhat
  • To close on a sad note, and although this isn’t normally in the Videogum scope, and I’m sure you’ve all heard already, the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch has died at age 47. Very sad news. He is in Heaven now, being the best with the angels. -Stereogum
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  1. All I want to do today is get high and listen to Paul’s Boutique. And I don’t even like pot anymore.

  2. That Samuel L, Jackson thing is confusing since I always liked him but it seems kind of petty to call out someone for not liking your movie, it’s something Kevin Smith does and he’s the worst

    • I saw the Avengers last night and I enjoyed it. I was hoping it was better than all the other Marvel films, and it was. Did it have some problems? Sure. A few clunky one-liners, some pacing issues, etc. But seriously, what a feat, meshing all those worlds together, and the good action scenes, character interactions, and fun dialogue far outweigh the negative stuff. I’d give it a solid A-, and put it right up there with Iron Man, which is a close call, but the Avengers finally succeeded in doing what has been my major issue with the Marvel films, Iron Man included- a satisfyingly, balls-out, action-y third act.

      RDJ really owns any Marvel film he’s in, shocker. His Stark is the best, and the dialogue Whedon wrote for him was great.

      All that being said, and getting to my Sam Jackson-related point– His Nick Fury was pretty uneventful. Not a lot going on there. A very Mace Windeja-vu vibe. He was so reserved and his dialogue was mostly expository, which as we know is not anyone’s favorite dialogue. Oh well. I like Sam when he’s playing actual people. These high-scifi-fantasy gigs never work out in his favor, ti would seem.

      P.S. Mark Ruffalo and RDJ’s scenes were always awesome, and Ruffalo’s Hulk stole every scene he was in. SO much good Hulk stuff. A cinematic first.

      • I am very glad to hear that! Not that I was doubting Mark Ruffalo because he IS the best, but I was worried that the treatment of the Hulk would be negatively affected by the recast and all of that malarkey. Also, I think I have too many feelings about comic book characters.

        • Recasting is always a hard pill to swallow initially, but it’s basically become a Marvel tradition with the Hulk! lol Hopefully Ruffalo broke that mold. Besides he and Whedon just doing very well at pitch-perfectly capturing Banner’s plight, I also LIKE MARK RUFFALO much more than Eric Bana and Edward Norton as an actor, and the fact that they put Mark’s face on the Hulk made both the doctor and the monster that much more likeable and endearing.

          I’m going to shut up now and give people a chance to see the movie (NOT IN 3-D, because 3-D is GROSS, obviously).

      • Hulk v. Thor was unexpected and extremely delightful.

    • He’s caught up in this one-sided battle to have been the top-grossing actor in history (he counts any movie he has been in as a credit). Hi foe? Harrison Ford. This explains a) his defensiveness regarding the review b) megalomania.

      On an unrelated, related note, it also irks me how he calls himself an everyman every chance he gets while doing press circuit events (I still walk places, I take the subway, I eat french fries, etc.) Hearing this, then seeing his iPhone commercial during the segment is simultaneously hilarious and infuriating.

  3. That Fallon/Poehler poster for Connect Four is amazing. So good. All of them are good, but I just love it when people parody the ridiculous boardgame-as-action-film trend.

  4. Aaaaaand once again I’m reminded why I don’t read comments anywhere on the web but Videogum. (RE: Stereogum’s MCA post)

  5. Every time there is a link to Entertainment Weekly I read it as you saying “Ew!”

  6. who is “mark pelpy”? looks intriguing, but you know I’m a sucker for anything Chronicles of Holkroft.

    Can someone explain Third for me? I don’t get the joke in that one.

  7. I grew up with an unfair dislike of the Beastie Boys, mostly because I associated them with the shitty jocky dudes that made my life hell (personalgum). This news makes me very sad though, and kind of makes me want to explore their discography. Cancer is the worst.

    • That whole frat boy nightmare party persona pre-Paul’s Boutique was to openly mock the asshole jocks *they* grew up with… and then in an ironic twist, their former bullies (or what would be the then-equivalent of their bullies) became their biggest demographic.

      *DO* explore their work as it is some of the most intelligent commentary on American culture done in popular music. It’s also amazing in the way that it was able to be subversive to those in the know and pop-friendly with mass-appeal to those in the not. They were able to tie together art, film, television, music and social commentary in a way that was honestly just fucking incredible. And at the time they were dismissed for being unintelligent… so basically the music version of The Simpsons (at least according to me, the pop culture academic of 1995-1999).

      And their albums are just great.

      And the music is really REALLY good.

      • I didn’t mean to repeat myself, but I’m a little choked up. Their music had a HUGE influence on my life and Paul’s Boutique… Oh man that is an amazing fucking album.

  8. I’d say Adam Yauch’s death is within VG’s scope, since he was a huge film buff and started the distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories, which brought us Wendy & Lucy, Exit Through the Gift Shop, We Need To Talk About Kevin, a great Scott Walker doc, and others.

    • I’d say even just from an angle of popular culture, Adam’s death is felt throughout. The Beastie Boys have been a musical staple for the past quarter of a century. My high school senior class song was ‘Fight For Your Right’ (infamously vetoed by the school administration because of the ‘porno mag’ line. The senior student body was asked to vote again, and everyone drew a line at the bottom of our ‘choices’ and wrote in ‘Fight For Your Right,’ so then it was decided we just didn’t get a senior class song, but we all know what our class song was. Fucking high school).

  9. yall see that sesame street mash up with beastie boys? its on boing boing. its pretty neat.

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