Lena Dunham appeared on The Colbert Report last night to promote her HBO show that no one has ever heard of and I can’t even remember the name of it, and the interview is delightful!

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  1. Is she kidding that she’s never had sex? Because if that’s true, then knowing that she’s never had sex REALLY just explains a LOT of my misgivings about this show. No wonder so much of it seems so forced and unrealistic. I don’t think she is an unlikable person or anything, but it does sort of annoy me that she’s telling me what “becoming myself” is all about when she doesn’t know! It’s like when my 25-year-old friends call me “kid”. (I’m 31).

    • I don’t buy that she’s a virgin. At 24/5? Please.

    • This explains why her character seems to know that guys like to “c_m on her t___s” but doesn’t seem to understand that guys don’t like to be badgered in a monotone voice during sex.

    • I don’t think this can possibly be true, but I’d imagine it’s a fairly awkward question to be asked on national television in your early 20′s?

    • She wrote about losing her virginity on one of the upstart girly-blogs (not meant as a pejorative), so maybe she meant she’s not “doing the sex” at present? It was a weird line.

      I mean, Tina Fey and Paul Feig are both on record that they didn’t have sex until 24, so maybe… homage?

  2. I hope that at some point Michael Cera guest “stars” on Girls and has a sex scene with Lena Dunham. Even if it had close ups of nude genitals I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart. It would be a bland mess of androgyny with a lot of ambiguous moaning; someone sticking something somewhere topped with a lot of humble mumbly mouth questioning.

  3. Ok we’ve established she’s a virgin, but can she drive? If not Cher will have some company.

  4. My main problem with the interview was the lack of black, hispanic, and asian people.

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