I looked through the comments of last week’s Thursday Night TV Open Thread recently, and it seems like a problem a lot of you guys had with the (otherwise good!) Community “Law and Order” episode was that there was a complete lack of stakes. (Aside from Starburns dying.) (Haha.) (R.I.P.!) And yes! That makes sense as a problem to have! And: Were you happier with this episode? MAJOR comedy stakes in this episode. Will the gang get to graduate? Will Chang something something? How much more handsome can Joel McHale get? WHO KNOWS! It was a fine episode, I thought. Normal. Easy to grasp. Right? There weren’t really any PERFECT Dean moments in this one, which was disappointing, but there were some good ones! Like the one right at the beginning that I’m now forgetting and I wish I wrote it down! Anyway. I couldn’t make it through all of 30 Rock. I watched the first half and said “maybe I’ll come back to it later” and then never did. As it turns out, faux-Bravo reality show is just as unbearable as REAL Bravo reality show! Parks and Recreation was good. No major LOLs, but it is nice to see the Bobby Newport plot moving along, and it’s ALWAYS nice to see Paul Rudd. He’s just going to drop out probably, right? Do you think? Or do you think she’s actually going to win? WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN ON THIS SITCOM? The Office was, as it usually is, The Office. But some stakes were introduced there, too! Right in time for the end of the season! Great! What did you think?!?!

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  1. “Come On I’m Dean, now my hands are clean…” etc. That was pretty perfect.

  2. I couldn’t stop staring at the Handsome Mr. Rudd last night.

  3. Can anyone else confirm that Community stole that Ave Maria bit from RENO 911? I seem to remember them doing a very similar thing, but could not find anyone on twitter that noticed.

    • I didn’t see Community last night, but I watched the Ave Maria episode of RENO the other day (it’s on Netflix watch instantly now). Dangle plays it on the banjo and Jones sings it while Clementine is getting married to some guy with a giant mullet.

  4. Is anyone else super worried about Community not being good anymore? Because I haven’t liked a single episode since it came back from hiatus.

    • the past 2 weeks have been the first time in awhile I didn’t hate it, if I never hear six seasons and a movie or Troy and Abed in the morning I’ll be okay

    • I’m not worried, cause I think this season has been amazing. I don’t really understand the season 3 hate – yes, a couple of post-hiatus episodes have been average, but no worse than some from previous years. (I’d rank Celebrity Impressions over Art of Discourse or Wine Tasting, for instance.)

      Virtual Systems Analysis was one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen of anything.

  5. When the dean patted Jeff’s stomach (abs) (or hugged maybe, I can’t remember the context…but it was a blatant attempt to feel his abs)…anyway, I almost died from laughter.

    • This might have been pointed out somewhere on here before, but every time the Dean touches Jeff, Jeff just stares at the spot he touched for like 30 secs. straight and I DIE.

  6. I find the whole Chang subplot tiresome. And I thought it was kind of annoying that suddenly the whole study group wanted to trash Greendale at the wake but then like literally later that day they were all “BUT I LOVE GREENDALE!! YOU CAN’T KICK ME OUT!!!”

    But those things aside I thought it was a pretty good episode. And I loved the Starburns tribute video at the end.

    • Yes, I thought the study group’s motivations for hating Greendale were shaky at best in this episode. They should have set it up better. I mean, we all know that they all have plenty of reasons to hate what is ostensibly a very crappy school. But just having it be “We hate it right now because we have to go to summer school, just because it is convenient for us to start this riot plot going,” was lazy to me. They could have shown some growing resentment about the school several episodes ago, and have it build up to tonight. As it was, it felt rushed. And then their turnaround so quickly! I don’t know.

      That being said, I still really enjoyed the episode, and thought the third act was good.

      • Ummmm … I think they were going the through the 5 stages of grieving for their lost summer (#2 being anger) – which is funny because they did not grieve sideburns, but they did their lost summer. I thought it was clever

  7. D’Fwan, control your dog!
    He controls me!!

    biggest laugh all night. I would love to share a bottle of D’fwine with D’Fwan.

  8. Dear Hollywood,

    I request more Dumb Paul Rudd. Dumb Paul Rudd is the best.

  9. Guy at the van rental place: “I thought a man was as good as his word??”
    Ron Swanson: “Yeah, but you’re an asshole.”

  10. Prediction: Leslie loses but Ben proposes.

  11. Parks always wins, overall, but the funniest thing last night for me was the moment in The Office when Andy is surprised that the secretary will actually let him in to see the CEO without an argument, and then immediately the CEO comes out and says, “Is there someone here to see me?” Secretary: “Yes, this man.”

  12. We frequently discuss “the calm before the storm” this time of year, when all the shows are gearing up for their season finale-type plotlines and the actual content of the shows is pretty sparse and unfunny. This week was that, for me. Very few laffs. Some real plot points coming down, but none of them particularly funny. Community was probably the best at making me care what happened in the episode, but that’s only because so much DID happen, where almost nothing did in the other shows. So, my conclusion: I love these shows but this week was boring omg I’m sorry I hope they still love me!

  13. Lol, Can i get a gif of the 1-sec appearance of the husky gay models?

  14. I’m guessing Ben Wyatt also loves Star Wars and was hoping for an opportunity to say “It’s a trap!”

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  16. My notes:

    The Office: Frank Sobotka joined a gym

    Parks and Rec: I’d Be Lying If I Said I Hadn’t Thought About It is in position.

  17. It seems like I’m alone here, because the only Commmunity episodes I’ve outright hated have been the ones with Todd in them. Nothing against Todd the fictional guy, but the characters get really mean-spirited and off-putting. Anyone else feel this way?

  18. Since no one else has said it yet….


  19. am i missing out on something? every week on community i think jeff is such a jerk – an old school LOGAN style jerk, KELLY – and the show still seems to act like he’s charming. he stood up to make a speech like 8 times this episode, and each time i was like, sit down jeff. YOU are the worst.

  20. Whoa, you liked this episode of Community more than the last? Are you serious? This one was so much less funny and was very abrupt and not very good.

  21. Sorry about all the tests, I went back to an old page to conduct more tests.

    My oh my.

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