Desperately trying to move our ridiculous baby bodies to a point where the necklace that is the weekend is within reach. Don’t give up, guys! I know it seems impossible, but we’re almost there! Someone just please move the necklace a little closer, I know we can reach it but it would definitely help if someone would just move it a little tiny bit closer thanks! (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. We know who left that jewelry on the floor!

  2. That kid’s gonna be pissed when he realizes those were fake pearls.

  3. God, this week can’t end fast enough. I’m Cage in Face/Off and this week is Travolta and I’m trying to kill it with a spear gun and willing it to die because this week swapped faces with me and we just fought each other while racing speedboats… OK, this got away from me quickly. Let’s just say I can’t wait to get out of work today.

  4. Any other Friday and I would be that baby, so finally happy to get to the pearls of the weekend. But THIS weekend my future inlaws are coming and staying at my house. So, I’m kind of like that baby but instead of getting pearls of happiness and accomplishment I get pearls of responsibility and obligation.


    • Do your inlaws like to drink? If so, buy a lot of whatever it is they like to drink. Makes things smoooooooooth.

      • Oh, there will be drinking. I’ve got a drinking course for each meal! I’m hoping everyone will be having naps by 4 thus giving me my personal time off to pretend my cat speaks in a french accent and read about lesbian pregnancies. My priorities are so sound.

  5. Every time I see a video like this, I thank some higher power that I was born several years before video cameras became affordable enough for my parents. My brother, on the other hand, not so lucky. Every waking moment was documented from birth until my parents stop caring around 7 years old.

    • My parents didn’t get a video camera ’til my little brother either. However, that means there are no videos of me as a dumb (but calm) little baby, and instead there are A LOT of videos of me as an insanely jealous, 3 year old, new big sister trying everything she could to ham-fistedly upstage every video of said little brother.

  6. Every time I see a baby, I am struck anew at how much they are like drunks.

  7. twilly is annoyed with EVERYONE today. And I’ve only been at work for an hour.

    So begin placing bets now, which will happen first: 5 o’clock or twilly stabbing someone with a pen.

  8. Making fun of babies is pretty much my new favorite thing. Good thing that the specific baby’s parents agree. Besides generally calling him an asshole, my particular favorite is making pop-culture specific jokes towards him, then following it up with, “Oh, sorry, before your time.”

    Needless to say, I wouldn’t have moved those pearls any closer.

  9. Baby Hitler is too short and chubby but already taking what’s not his…and rejoicing about it.

  10. Yeah, I’ll have to find a new job. You win, week.

  11. Baby can’t even crawl? Feed him to a lion and get a new one.

  12. “Stupid babies need the most attention.”

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