I realize this may be a little unrelatable if it hasn’t been raining for the past million years wherever you live, but to be honest I can’t even IMAGINE a place like that right now because THERE HAS BEEN SO MUCH RAIN WHERE I AM RECENTLY! And I traveled to another place last weekend and guess what, it was raining in the place I traveled to as well! ME ME ME! RAIN RAIN RAIN! But one thing that is always enjoyable on a rainy day, and even NOT a rainy day, is a wonderful little BNPG to play with your friends. So let’s do it! Rainy day movies! Make lemonade out of lemoRAIN! I’ll go first:

  • Rain’s World
  • Inside Man, Because It’s Raining Outside, Man
  • Puss in Rain Boots
  • Wet Cold American Bummer
  • The Quick and the Damp
  • Probably Literally Waterworld Pretty Soon

Oh, perfect. Just all perfect entries into this perfect, mood-brightening BNPG. Let’s keep the perfect tRAIN going! Chooo choooooo! Next stop FUNTOWN! Don’t forget your umbrellas, because it’s going to be raining there too!

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  1. The Perfect Storm

  2. Strangers on a Rain

    (am I doing this right?)

  3. Raingo

  4. Cabin the Floods

  5. Any Which Way But Galoshes

  6. Donna Parka.

  7. Ninja Assassin.

  8. The Umbrella and the Butterfly

  9. The 5 Raingear Engagement

  10. Thank You For Soaking

  11. Little Less Sunshine

  12. Four Weddings and a Funnel Cloud
    (featuring the Grammy nominated song “Mud is All Around” by Wet Wet Wet)

  13. The Precipitation Agent

  14. Lord of the Rains

  15. Cloudy With A Chance Of Rainbows

  16. Anorak To The Future

  17. Think Like A Monsoon

  18. Mac and Me

  19. The Trench Connection

  20. Lady and the Don’t Tramp that Mud Inside

  21. Schindler’s Mist

  22. City Slickers

  23. The Three Deluges

  24. The Truth about Cats and Dogs and Rain

  25. I Love You, Monsoon

  26. Drizzle Impossible: Mist Protocol

  27. Rain? Man.

  28. Buffalo 66″ of Rain

  29. You Can Count On Meteorologists

  30. SlippeRe-Animator

  31. Rain, Rain, Go Away We Go

  32. The Rainmaker 2: Precipitation Bugaloo

  33. He’s Just Not That Into Humidity

  34. Sprinkler Hailstorm Torrential Sky

  35. Dame Judy Drench #rainyactors

  36. (It’s Raining so People in LA Can’t) Drive

  37. I Miss Thunderstorms

    (a documentary about a young girl from the Midwest who moves to the West Coast and faces great and minor disappointments that may or may not be weather-related)

  38. Rains of New York

  39. Rainfalling Down

  40. A Mighty Windshield Wiper

  41. Tropic Thunderstorms

  42. The Parasol-oist

  43. The Big Lebwaterski (on all these rain puddles)

  44. White Men Can’t Puddle Jump

  45. Coalescence & Sensibility

  46. Dew Point Break

  47. Shower Heist

  48. I-Rain Man
    Captain Amer-Rain-can
    The Rain-paging Hulk
    Black Widow (up the water spout)
    Hawk Eye of the Storm
    Nick Storm Fury

    I kinda got some other movie on my mind right now…

  49. Smilla’s Sense of Rain

  50. The Serpent & the Rainrain

  51. Friday Night Spritzes

  52. One Fine Deluge

  53. Wiper Blade Runner

  54. Princess Monsoonoke

  55. Citizen Hurricane

  56. Madea Gets Wet

  57. The Talented Mr Dripley

  58. Purple Rain. Oh wait…

  59. True Flood

  60. Thx for sharing

  61. Harold and Maude (Forgot Their Umbrella)

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