Obviously we’re all on board with the blobby robot torso with vibrators inside (to simulate hugs) (and heartbeats) (OF COURSE) (!!!), but can we get a few more human-baby-looking torsos hanging from the ceiling? We don’t want to feel TOO comfortable at the robot showcase. Unless you want us to NEVER LEAVE? (Thanks for the tip, Gideon!)

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  1. People with foot fetishes are shit out of luck.

  2. I feel like I’m staring into the depths of crushing loneliness. Very unsettling.

  3. shouldn’t a robot that hugs have something more substantial than t-rex arms?

  4. I’m worried about Real Dolls, you guys.

  5. I approve. – Ari Gold

  6. This is so unfair. You have to have another person to talk to on the phone to use it? What if some of us, hypothetically speaking of course, don’t have anyone to talk to on the phone?

  7. I’m so not lonely and the last thing I want is one of these vibrating robot torsos to spoon with and the heartbeat thing wouldn’t even remotely fill my soul with joy.

  8. Dude on the left, totally feeling it. Totally.

  9. Jennifer Aniston must have like a TON of these.

  10. The pink one kinda reminds me of Kirby.

  11. What with these and the kissing robot pigface things, I’ll never need human contact again! Huzzah!

  12. This is all just a scheme for the inventor to get out of visiting his elderly mother.

  13. I don’t know what the fuss is. Don’t you have all your in-person conversations with them sitting on your lap, buzzing in your ear?

  14. It’s Pit Pat!

    He loves us, guys!

  15. “No officer, I wasn’t talking on my cell phone while driving, I was just hugging this inflatable vibrating tadpole. Don’t tell me that it’s illegal to drive while hugging an inflatable vibrating tadpole now.”

  16. Does anyone know where I can get some of those floating baby things hovering in the background? Asking for a friend…

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